Incinerate with two Shade of Solaris wands


Now that the Breach league has ended I've tested some of the new Breach items with Incinerate for two builds:

1. A hybrid build with the Elementalist Ascendancy using (described in original message below):
- two 'Shade of Solaris' wands
- the Red Nightmare Jewel
- the amulet 'Xoph's heart'
- a Snakepit ring
The damage is great (at third stage of incinerate max. damage of 2.5 * 120 = 300 kpds), however it lacks a good movement skill (Lightning Warp, it's terrible). Clearing mobs is a bit slow, but could be improved by switching to 'Obliteratiion' wands when necessary. Getting stunned/frozen is sometimes a problem. The damage from the amulet 'Xoph's heart' is not visible in the tooltip damage. Switching this build to low life doesn't make sense: it would lower the defenses, but it would barely increase the damage, because you will need to change Xoph's heart into a Chayula amulet.

2. A low life build with the Occultist Ascendancy using:
- a Shavronne's wrappings
- the amulet 'Presence of Chayula' (provides immunity to stuns)
- the Red Nightmare Jewel
- rare ES boots with a mod from the Warbands league: 'Cannot be frozen'
- two (legacy) 'the consuming dark' daggers.
- a Snakepit ring
Because it's a low life build it has a little bit less effective health (it has 9727 ES). The damage is thanks to the extra poison damage, an 'Anger' aura and the passive skill 'Pain Atunement' comparable to the first build. This build has arctic Armour as well. The movement skill is a lot better (Whirling Blades) + it also grants protection when used with Fortify. Clearing mobs is a lot faster thanks to 'Profane Bloom' from the Occultist Ascendancy. Getting frozen or stunned is with this build not possible.

I like the second build a lot more. I'll add this build to my Incinerate build thread:

The first build is less expensive, but it is for now in my opinion not good enough, because it's missing a good movement skill.

Tree for the low life build:



I've adapted my build ( to test it with the Shade of Solaris wands introduced in 2.5

This results in tooltip damage of 120 KDPS (see picture below) with a fire resistance penetration of 62% using the Elementalist ascendancy. For defense it has : 6.782 evasion, 6.366 ES and 3.701 life

Note: I proc Elemental Overload + the wands with the curse Assasin's Mark. The second curse I use is Warlord's Mark (for life/mana leech) + endurance charges.

Max. damage with the wands/elemental overload active is: 120kdps * 2.5 (stages incinerate) = 300kdps (not accounting for 62% fire resistance penetration)


The tree I use makes it possible to do this build with just one Elreon ring + it has one free jewel socket. Next week I plan to test it with (I don't have these on standard yet):
- the amulet Xoph's heart
- the jewel The Red Nightmare

This will raise the DPS quite a bit (20% more multiplier + 5% more multiplier) + it will add 6% block chance in my setup.

The main downside in this incinerate build setup is the movement skill: Lightning warp

Does anyone have a suggestion for a better movement skill?

The tree:

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