[3.9] CWDT build using Incinerate as main skill (with videos)

You mention that the point of this build is to use a shield, but that POB link you post where you mention it having "a far better setup" takes nodes for staff. Can you get the same effect using a staff?
Ah, sorry, I should have added a short explanation:

If you use a shield, it allows you to use the skill 'Tempest Shield'. This skill is triggered when you block, and hits the enemies several times, thus you gain circa 50 ES for each hit automatically, by just blocking.

A similar strategy is by using the staff 'Xirgil's Crank'. This staff has a 20% chance to start ES recharge on blocking. Recharging is done at circa 4000 ES/second and (because we are using the Occultist ascendancy) does not stop before reaching maximum ES.

So with the first strategy you gain a litlle ES each time you block and with the second strategy you gain a lot of ES, but the chance that this happens is only 20%.

However because you get hit very often in general, but certainly when delving, the second strategy is far better. Besides you still hit often with incinerate/firestorm, thus you do still gain 50 ES per hit there, just as in the first setup. You also still gain 50 ES per hit for all the skills triggered by cast when damage taken. And on top of that we now leech circa 1000 ES/second in either setup. Oh, and not to forget, you also regenerate a lot of ES thanks to 'Vile Bastion'.
Hey there,

i just started playing POE again for a few weeks after a break of serveral years. I tried your build and i am absolutely loving it (level 80 so far). Do you already have any thoughts on possible changes (i'm using the Xirgil's Crank variant) for the Legion 3.7 update?

Would really like to hear what you think. Thanks in advance and have a good time!

This build requires in my opinion at least 8k ES to do all the content, but I don't think this is possible anymore in 3.7.

Wicked ward moved from the Occultist Ascendancy to the skilltree and isn't that great anymore + the amount of energy shield you'll get on this build has been reduced quite a bit, which further reduces the ES recharge per second received when being hit.

I think it would therefore be better to make a 'mana Guardian' build (this has not be nerfed in any way) and then select 'Wicked Ward' from the skilltree, to be able to use 'Xirgil's Crank' effectively. Just sticking to a 'mana Guardian' build however (thus not using Xirgil's Crank & Wicked Ward) is probably better though.
A 'mana Guardiuan' build can still reach over 20k ES (just search the web for a build guide).

Updated the build to 3.7
Hey Mate,

thank you very much for your answer and the update! Really interesting approach with the Templar. I'll definitely try this and might even respec since i chose a frost totem templar as my starter and the passive tree is pretty similar so far :D

You are right that wicked ward and vile bastion will be missed but i think with your build you are compensating for it the right way.

So yeah, thanks again very much for your input i will give it a go. love that playstyle :)

please, make a3.8 update! This is the most funny build ever!
Updated the build once more
So I kinda wanna do Cyclone - CwC- Firestorm build and this build (the Guardian variant specifically) caught my eye. What do you think? Can I just replace Incinerate with Cyclone and keep the rest of build or would you change something for a Cyclone version?
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