[3.9] CWDT build using Incinerate as main skill (with videos)

there is any change to 3.9?
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Updated for 3.9
Hey! Trying this build out for 3.9 to have some fun. I was wondering where I should be going when. I am using the hungry loop pob but I am not really that good at judging what is better to get over other stuff especially for a build like this. Any tips would be great ty!

I usually switch to ES/CI once I'm around level 70; before that I work with a hybrid build. Some affordable gear could be:

- shield + weapon: Magna Eclipsis + Cerberus Limb. This will give ES + Elemental Aegis to increase your effective health + some armour.
- chest: Incandescent Heart. This will give ES + extra chaos damage + defense for elemental damage (note: assuming you are CI, otherwise chaos damage will hurt)
- belt: bated breath (for ES) or Cyclopean Coil (for immunity to shock)
- gloves: Painseeker (for dps) or Shaper's Touch (for ES)
- gems: Cast when damage taken with Steelskin to increase effective health
- boots: Fenumus's Spinnerets.
- ring: A ring with the mod 'Grants level 20 aspect of the spider skill'
- other ring: the hungry loop
- amulet: eye of innocence

Sorry, I do not have any advice for below level 70.

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