[2.3] Death Vortex - Dual Curse/Crit/CI Blade Vortex Build 1.0.1a

Hello guys,

I have to say that I was tested many BV builds and all are good. But we wanna make strong and cheap OpieOP build right ?

This is my idea for build which doesn't need much cash to spend and it's powerful.

LEVELING 32 Points

LEVELING 54 Points

LEVELING 87 Points

LEVELING 105 Points


Normal Lab (RED): Forbidden Power - 10% chance for gain Power Charge on Crit (req as quick as possible)

Cruel Lab (GREEN): Profane Bloom - 20% chance to explode monster with curses which you kill for 25% for their life as Chaos DMG

Merciless (YELLOW): Malediction - +1 curse nothing more to explain :D

ENDGAME Lab (PURPLE): It's our last points in ASC for flat ES it's not req but it helps get tons of ES

Well that it's the best part of this build, you can run with basically what you want.

Weapon: You want to get dagger. Divinarius is good for this build, it's everything what u need SpellDMG%, Crit, AOE radius I highly recommend this shit out. If you're rich guy u may invest in dagger which have nice Spell DMG, Crit Chance/Multi and some flat DMG for spells.

Shield: You want get 350+ ES Shield with resists or SpellDMG% or Crit for Spells

Head: 300ES+, resssss (The Vertex EV/ES head is good for your aura/curses)

Amulet: STR-DEX/Crit Multi/%ES/Flat ES/Ress

Chest: Here's the thing. You can run with high ES Regalia 600+ which give you lots of ES or perhaps choose more AOE radius and DMG when u get Carcass Jack.

Rings: U want Diamond Rings with ress/es

Gloves: There is so many choices... If u want get max DPS u take Facebreakers, they've got 90% Multi which is top of all gloves. On second place takes Maligaro and Voidbringers, well Maligaro got CritC and Multi which is hybrid and Voidbringers give you lot of Crit Chance and ES. Last gloves can be just high ES gloves to reach even more Shield if you choose Defensive path.

Belt: This is simple, u want get rare Rustic Sash with flat ES and dual/triple res.

Boots: High ES Boots with 20+ M.Speed. Ofc if you're lucky man you can running with Skyforths which are PURE BIS for every crit build.

Flasks: Atziri's Promise for DPS, Taste of Hate is great option for even more defense and a huge amount extra DPS, you also want to run with Silver Flask for onslaught, Granite Flask for Def and ofc Quicksilver.

Chest: In order: BV / Spell Echo / Controlled Destruction / Inc.AOE/Conc / Increased Duration / Crit Multi
Dagger: Whirling Blades / Faster Attacks / Fortify
Shield: CWDT/Immortal Call
Helm: Blasphemy / Warlord's Mark / Vulnerability / Enlighten (it's optional)
Gloves: Vaal Haste / Vaal Clarity / Increase Duration / Blood Rage
Boots: Open slots, you may lvl up your BV for vaaling or makin money on leveling Empower/Enlighten

Well that's all ! I wish u good luck in drops and have fun in clearing with this lovely shit :D !
Build will be regulary upadated
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Looks a really nice build, i'll try it in the 2.3. Was wondering which map mods cannot run,i think just BM? and how you deal with curse immunity maps/bosses , which gems you swap for life leech in that case?
Can you make videos please? i want to try out this build in 2.3 :D
And what about running discipline for this build?
What kind of end game defence stats / dps does this do? also what kind of numbers for life and/or ES?
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Yeah would like to see some map videos and maybe some stats before investing
Sounds good. I was looking for a CI crit blade vortex build. My question is though is this build viable for t15 (maybe even twinned) for the challenges? And u sure that this ascendancy is the best one? There were many changes but Occultist didnt receive any .
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Well Maps which you can't do is ofc Blood Magic, Physical Relfect and Immune to curses.
Why not Discipline ? Disc give u 1,5-2k ES, if u want to run with this aura you need to get Enlighten lvl 3(min) and put some nodes in passives for Reduced Mana. In that case u will have less %ES nodes and it will be simillar. There's another option in this case. You can swap Warlord's Mark for Disc and change Crit Multiplier in your Gem Setup for Life Leech. This build is very flexible.

Sounds good. I was looking for a CI crit blade vortex build. My question is though is this build viable for t15 (maybe even twinned) for the challenges? And u sure that this ascendancy is the best one? There were many changes but Occultist didnt receive any .

You are able to kill every boss in game with this build. Buff up with Vaal Haste & Vaal Clarity, stack up your BV to 45+ and boss will die in 2-3 secs even in higher maps.

Ascendancy is good cuz of Power Charges Generation which allow you make this build and have fun on high maps without boots for 45ex+. Other thing are explosions which helps you clear maps even faster.

If you wanna run with DISCIPLINE abandon node with +1 curse and take Vile Bastion for Stun Immunity and better ES Regen.

Videos are not possible to make atm, Prophecy start tommorow and my PC is not good also.
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Hmm thanks:) I will trust you that this build works and i will try this build tomorrow i guess:)

Btw should we use blade vortex as soon as we get the gem?
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Leveling start with Ethereal Knives till Blade Vortex. At start u can link BV with Faster Casting (lvl18), Controlled Destruction(lvl18) and Added Fire Damage(lvl9).

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