Content Update 2.3.0 Patch Notes

i cant wait!!

love this game
Tormented Spirits now more strongly want to possess monsters rather than flee from you. OH MY GOD. THANK YOU.
I wonder if standard will ever get something new.

Princess Mononoke wolf amulets weren't added.
Slave of greed wont be added either, from what i understand. Or will it? :O
EQ and LA enchants nerfed GG Bois
I am him and he is I.
Why are you vague on when experience penalty starts and how much penalty there is? Is there a problem with players knowing at what level they should leave a zone?
CoC discharge is the meta boys, GG GGG :S
No CoC changes? What about 0.5sec CD and 100% proc chance that Chris mentioned before perandus?
>Removed Village Ruin as a possible Map type for Zana Missions.

Because Chris_GGG got BTFO and died to it.
Another Whirling Blades nerf, great. It's always fun to play dagger builds.

since Piercing through Frost wall was not address, safe to asume that the most broken builds will be still Lightning Arrow and wanders. But i will challenge them in clear speed hopefully.
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
I am not speaking on behalf of someone else and I don't get offended by things that have nothing to do with me.
ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
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Cast on Crit

it is mind boggling why this abomination is still in the game in its current form. what percentage of top ladder players has to be CoCS before you notice that this crap is crap?

Juggernaut - melee archetype that is best played as a cast on crit caster.. sorry guys but this is stupid.

sad to see you unable to understand how bad this is for your own game.

btw - melee. could you please make a poster or something where tou warn new players thay playing melee is stupid and should not be done? because there is NOT A SINGLE REASON to play this archetype if one is about efficiency.

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