Content Update 2.3.0 Patch Notes

You didn't fix one of the most annoying bugs that forces player to carry currency in order to buy from merchant. A few months ago it was not the case.
Considering all the complaints from people that regard the new "balance" as nerfing quite a lot of builds they have invested so much time into, while still some people prefer change, I would like to make the following comments and suggestion:
While the changes may be good, especially for new builds, for people that invested a lot of their time (and possibly money) in specific builds, the changes might not be good for those specific builds. To be honest, the game, being so unforgiving in the later stages, encourages players to find those special builds. By doing so, they show intelligence and inventiveness. Instead of fighting against, you should rather praise those players and encourage them. Under these circumstances, changing the rules of the game is the most unpopular decision. Nobody likes too often changes anyway, especially when it takes a lot of time to get used to.
Why force onto everybody the changes, rather than giving the choice to the players? I suggest that the changes are made available in new leagues (that cannot merge with the older ones). Old players will be able to keep their special builds, while creating new builds under the new game changes. In earnest, playing with new game changes is in fact like playing another game (especially if players say so). In time, the better system will emerge as the more popular anyway. If these changes are spaced at more than 6 months, in order to keep a simplicity and server manageability, the unpopular version may be phased out (via merging) until the next version comes.
P.S. Fixes and improvements should be applied separately from the game changes, to all versions.
__REAPER__ wrote:
NICE FUCKING WORK, soundbugs, ok,
but running lvl77 maps on a 94 character now is like running lvl74 maps before...



Jeez, GGG get some high level characters before you nerf sh!t you obviously have no clue about.

devs don't have to grind like the rest of us. Why else do you think they don't really care? I've personally been off and on and this game literally puts me to sleep.

This game is constantly boring and a snoozefest for co-op. PVP is stupidly hard, so i don't even attempt it.

We need a new campaign, a new land.Something with more lore in it.
Just ripped my lvl 71 char on ascendancy trial in map. Purple shit from new trap + darts + cutting moving trap. Its no fun when playin prophecy HC :(( Is it really well tested? I feel salty

And prophecy league? Unimpressed, I dont like it. Bring back talismans or perandus.
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

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nil000 wrote:
The implicits on Sceptres and Wands have been increased in value... The highest Sceptre implicit can go up to 40%.

Unfortunately, the sceptres I already have, including the uniques have unchanged implicits. This is very unfair for people that already invested a lot in their gear.

Not such a big deal really, if it's that much of a concern for you, you could just drop a few blessed orbs on the sceptre in question.
Not such a big deal really, if it's that much of a concern for you, you could just drop a few blessed orbs on the sceptre in question.

Thanks you HoneyBadGerMan for info. Never thought to modify a unique. Cheers.
Thanx for the xp penalties...We struggle to get to high levels now just to do maps 20 levels beneath us...The trash tier map drops are way more often ad the tier 9+ ones are barely seen.Combined with the fact that you lose 10% on cheezy lag deaths makes this game more a burden than a relaxing activity.You probably want people to use the 3 map recipe from tier1 so they hoard more maps and need more stash tabs.It's pretty obvious for the last patches you ad more and more 1 slot items like cards and so on but don't increase the stash space.At least make the game subscription based your stash tab prices are ridiculous.I mean it's pay to play anyway.Or at least make the game not guzzle up the few maps that I find.
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Thanks for all the optimization! My game is loading much faster (seconds instead of minutes!) on our second computer and it's much easier to play together at home now :)
Game is Dead.

Too many useless junk Items, not even worth to Hoard them.

This Game is all about Buying Stash etc.

On another view, you can see that this Company works with RMT Sites to make more Money.
Exalt here, Exalt there, screw this.

Sorry but thats the Truth.

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