Kiara's Determination - a new unique flask coming in 2.3.0!

Pathfinser's endgame, or The Harvest perhaps
Awesome work!
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Now when I say "I wish there was a Stun Immunity Flask Affix" I won't get the "use the reduced stun duration one" as a response... xD

I've actually contemplated using those stun reducing flask affixes, after RIP'ing to stun..

This Flask seems really nice, and all around [pre-emptive and post-emptive?] "oh shit" button.

A one-stop shop for all your Flask Utility needs, as it were! ^.^
Great for builds that use tons of Uniques and struggle to get all of the Affixes they want on Flasks (if not Pathfinder.)
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sad that it has the reduced duration node on it it beeing a unique flask is enogh donwside for it imo rest nice
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If it wouldn't have the extra downside besides being a unique flask it would be used by 100% of the players and we all know what this means :P
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Nice flask =)
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People start to do some really good unique!
That is quite a sick flask.
super nice art to it too. how does it look with full charges!?
oh boy, what do I drop for this? I guess any other flask xD
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