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G'day! The State of Exile team has been hard at work putting together an all-in-one website for you all.


The site will have countdowns till the next episode (with start times automatically in your local time zone), all previous episode videos and iTunes, easy tag sorting for guests and pretty much anything else you could want.

We've really enjoyed putting this show on for you guys over the past couple years and appreciate all the support and enthusiasm you've shown us and we'd like to do whatever we can do improve your Path of Exile community podcast experience. Please feel free to send any feedback and suggestions you have via the feedback form! We hope that for a long time to come State of Exile can continue to bring us all together, provide awesome info like on today's episode with Chris and generally be a fun way for everyone to stay engaged with the game.

Example Prophecy Chain - The Deadly Rivalry
The Deadly Rivalry prophecy chain begins when it is granted by Navali in Act 1, as one of many potential prophecies she may see in your future. Somewhere along Wraeclast's coast, you'll come across a rogue exile. Unlike other rogue exiles, this one will have a powerful Nemesis mod. The exile will escape just before they're slain, but will drop their wealth. You'll encounter some familiar exiles with new powers, as well as some new faces!

Once defeated, you'll now have a chance to gain the second stage of the chain when your fortune is told by Navali at some point later in your character's progression. This time the Exile can be found somewhere in the forests of Act 2, and in addition to the Nemesis mod, the exile will also have Onslaught.

Once more the Exile escapes, and now waits in Act 3 when you have the third stage of the Prophecy. This time, they'll be possessed by a random Tormented Spirit, with all of the threats and bonus items that this entails.

On the fourth stage, the Exile will be somewhere in Act 4, and this time has the effect of a Shrine on them in addition to all previous effects.

The final stage can only occur in a map, and you'll have a chance to encounter the exile every time you enter a map. When you do encounter the exile, it'll be guarded by a group of other exiles, all bound together with a Bloodline mod. When you manage to defeat the exile, it'll drop a special unique item, only obtainable by completing this encounter.

Prophecies like these that affect level generation (by placing special events in the world) disappear from your Prophecy screen as soon as they have successfully created the area that the Prophecy affects. When you enter the area, there's a local quest in the quest tracker that indicates you need to complete the Prophecy in this area. If you are unable to find the exile or they are defeated when you're not in the area, or the exile defeats you enough times that you run out of map portals, you'll have to wait until Navali gives you the Prophecy again before you can try again. If you seal the prophecy into an item, you'll have to start the chain again, unless you unseal it.

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse at one of the many chains of prophecies that will be coming in the Prophecy challenge leagues on June 3.
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