Poisonquake Juggernaut Prophecy Updated, Beginner friendly, cheap to start, Uber Atziri/Core

Just an update, im using your build exactly, just overcapped my res so i can wear kaoms. sitting at 6.5k life and 17k tooltip in 5l disfavour. Currently number 6 Juggernaut in race.


For any of you wondering, this build is eze mode, do not go full retard and you will survive even the tougher red maps with beyond!
That's awesome man good luck! I am doing the build in the hardcore race but I'm just trying to hit 80, so I'm not going too hard. I'm almost level 70, gotta do merc lab and then its off to maps.
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Oak in normal/merc, and either Oak or Skill Point in cruel. I did skill point the first time around, but I did 3x Oak on my guy for the hc race.
I'm wondering why you don't go for the Bloodletting nodes? 50% increased damage over time and 25% more attack damage seems massive compared to that extra lefthand side Jewel Socket, for example.

I've been running this build for awhile and I would recommend Rapid Decay instead of Fortify on the 6L. Rapid Decay gives a 2-for-1 benefit to this build due to reduced Skill Duration *and* a large amount of increased Poison damage. Instead, I would put Fortify on Leap Slam to maintain the Juggernaut bonus. I know you don't like to hit a lot of buttons, but it's really not that much trouble to Leap Slam every now and then.

I would also recommend the often-overlooked Vaal Grace instead of Vaal Haste for its massive AoE bonus and defensive boost. (I'm not sure if Unwavering Stance invalidates this bonus, however.)
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I don't have room for leap slam so I have to put Fortify on EQ. If you ran this build as a Champion then Rapid Decay would be the 6th link. As for Bloodletting, it only applies to physical damage over time, it won't affect your poison at all. Also, jewel sockets are extremely important for this build - due to the large number of unique items needed, you must have jewels with + elemental resistances to cap. The fact that you can also get life and damage is just a bonus. If its something you wanted to try then go for it, but I generally don't like to give up defense for offense because the build already does a ton of damage, and doing a little bit extra damage (only to bosses, since everything else gets 1-shot already) isn't going to balance out the potential for exp loss from dying, or potential character loss in hc.

As for Vaal Grace, the things that are really dangerous to this build are large telegraphed attacks that can 1-shot you, so Vaal Grace won't do much to help. Vaal Haste, in addition to a large dps increase, gives movement speed to help you dodge those telegraphs, and higher attack speed lets you attack > move > attack faster against said telegraph attacks (Core Malachai, Atziri, Dominus Smash, etc).
Hey, nice build :)

any screenshot of your defence and offense?

edit : looks like you go for massive armour increase on the tree while on your gear you only have 1.1k armor :o
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I added screenshots for offense/defense both buffed and unbuffed. I don't specifically go for armour on the tree, I just happend to get it since there are some good nodes that have armour attached to them. The armour nodes aren't wasted though, since I do use a Lion's Roar flask which gives 3000 armour in addition to a huge damage increase.
Gonna have to try this one out
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I am going to be running this build again in Prophecy with a few changes:

First, I am going to drop the golem setup in favor of a Leap Slam 4L with Fortify and see how I like that. With the extra gem slot on EQ I will experiment with Faster Attacks and Rapid Decay. My planned helm/glove/boot setups will be as follows:

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Fortify

Enfeeble - Vulnerability - Blasphemy - Arctic Armour

Enduring Cry - Blood Rage - Vaal Haste - Increased Duration.

With the addition of two more ascendancy points I will be taking Unbreakable (double chest armour, stun immunity) assuming none of the Juggernaut nodes get changed much.

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