Poisonquake Juggernaut Prophecy Updated, Beginner friendly, cheap to start, Uber Atziri/Core

ikrst wrote:
Can i use conc effect with marohi, cause it has 15 lvl AoE support?
I'm asking this because of the reflection when fighting Atziri.

Yes you can.
JamesWorth wrote:

I don't know how effective it would be as I have not personally tried 1h/shield, but if tankiness is what you want I can assure you this build is quite tanky even with a 2h weapon. Unless you are getting a high amount of spell block, I am not sure how useful blocking is to this build due to the near-perma IC uptime.
Just want to say thanks for the build guide, definitely carried me through this league.

Not sure what will happen to Voidheart going forward, but definitely on my radar for the future.
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Hey, do you think still viable even after the hard nerfs on EQ and Endurance Charge generation?
I was planning to keep this build in Standard for farming uber labs in 5 keys days. I have Voidheart, so I will keep it for legacy version. Maybe use a more often charge generation method so have more chance to trigger the full endurance charges from Jugger? Or change the Ascendancy and fuck the Endurances?

Edit: And what about the poison? I think 8% still pretty nice for this build propouse, but not sure, if combined with all the other nerfs it will hit our clear speed too hard (Less Duration will 10% less bonus to us, and EQ will have pretty less AoE). I got some AoE Radius from skill tree already, so this will be quite compensated.
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same question, but mostly about Juggernout and lab traps

still the best ascendancy? I hate the lab
The damage nerfs aren't that big of a deal, and even Voidheart being killed isn't huge since I played the build in Perandus before Voidheart. I will probably drop Voidheart now though and go back to Disfavour + Poison gem instead of Rapid Decay. The big change is the Endurance Charge nerf. I don't know if I will be able to run cwdt + IC as effectively, which will make the build more vulnerable to physical damage. I might have to go back to the skill tree I used in Perandus which had a little more physical mitigation, and use 2 Kaom's Way instead of Voidheart/Ming's.

Basically, this build isn't nerfed too bad for farming yellow maps and the easier t12 maps, so I still think its a good build to start a new league. They just made it a little worse for like t14+ maps and if you are trying to really gear it out a lot. I won't be playing the new league right away as I am busy playing the new WoW expansion, but I do want to check out the league at some point.
waiting for the new update for 2.4
A very very nice build!
I play this since 2 leagues now.
You can save some points and get a +1 curse amulet.
And with atziri axe + linked poison you can save voidheart and youll get ur 100 % psn / bleed chance back.

What do you think?

Currently trying this build. Going strong at lvl 54 at the moment. Juggernaught feels fun tot play mostly due the unstopable ascendancy.

5linked a marohi in 30fuses. And 5socket/5linked the armour piece in 1jewler and 1fusing loool
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