Poisonquake Juggernaut Prophecy Updated, Beginner friendly, cheap to start, Uber Atziri/Core

Kumbo wrote:
Unless Unstoppable gets nerfed I am never not going to take it because it is probably the biggest qol passive in the game. I'll test out the accuracy node instead of the new fortify node, but considering how much damage the build already does I am leaning towards more survivability, but either one should be valid depending on playstyle. The great thing about Juggy is all of the passives are good but not necessarily build defining (although I suspect there will be some silly scold's vms discharge build with the new Unrelenting), so you can pick the ones that you personally like the most.

Edit - okay so you got me thinking a bit about the Undeniable node instead of Unyielding and after tinkering with my skill tree a little here is what I came up with. Assuming perma-IC, I can drop all the nodes that were just giving armour/phys mitigation and pick up some of the accuracy nodes. I can also swap out Stone Golem for Ice Golem, and since I am going to move my Fortify gem to Leap Slam I was also trying to decide what to use as my 6th link on EQ so check this out - a 20/20 Additional Accuracy gem gives a whopping 1000 accuracy and 20% increased accuracy. Assuming high accuracy rolls on gloves/helmet/amulet, I should be able to break 10k accuracy, which translates to 100% increased attack speed. Not only is that a massive dps increase, it would also greatly increase clear speed by making Leap Slam go much faster as well. I think that is probably worth giving up a little bit of damage reduction and life regen, so thanks for bringing that node to my attention.

Remember disfavour is +2, so 20/20 additional accuracy is 1132 accuracy + 20%. With that though it's still pretty shit. 1000 base + 1200 gear + 400ish base + 1100 gem, 3700 base accuracy overall. 740 from the quality on accuracy, then 3,505 from the gem. Comes out to 4,245 accuracy, 42% attack speed - it's not as good as faster attacks, and it's not like the build would need the accuracy, 95% cap should be cake.

Feels like a lot of the accuracy-related things are traps to watch for, but a 4L Leap Slam + Additional Accuracy + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic would make the build travel at warp speed. No fortify on it though, but 100% can't run it w/o BM. Definitely some interesting options though.

That said though, it's looking like 208% accuracy is doable with 3,700 base on Leap Slam, which would be +114% attack speed.
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Undeniable also makes Snakebite gloves much better, which allow the EQ 6l to be EQ + Melee Phys + Less Duration + Inc Aoe/Conc Effect + Faster Attacks + Rapid Decay.

With Snakebites and the above 6L, would be at about 2200 base accuracy, so after all the modifiers would be around 6k accuracy. If that isn't enough for 95% hit chance an Ice Golem can be used to bump it up to 6700; I usually play RT guys or casters so I am not familiar with how much accuracy is needed in endgame maps, but 60% increased attack speed sounds pretty good still. With Blood Rage, max frenzy charges, and the attack speed from passives/accuracy, should be able to hit 231% increased attack speed, which I think would give you about 4.6 attacks per second on a max attack speed Atziri's Disfavour.
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There has only been one change to the tree since we last released it. 1% increased Attack Speed per 100 Accuracy is now 1% increased Attack Speed per 200 Accuracy.

They nerfed undeniable. Now it isn't mandatory in every juggernaut build.
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Yeah, just saw that. Not sure if I want to still try Undeniable now or just go with Unyielding for the buffed Fortify. I think both will be perfectly valid with this build, so it will just come down to player preference which I think is a good thing.
Prophecy update: Build is crushing, about to start farming mid-tier maps to save up for Atziri's Disfavour. Atziri on farm-status with a 5L Marohi and only 6 Ascendancy Points. Will update again after I do Uber Lab for the first time and try the new Council boss fight.
Y not use rapid decay for more poison damages and quicker earthquakes?
Doesn't have room for it. You could use it in place of Fortify before you get a Kaom's, and use Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic in a 4L Kingsguard. But the build does plenty of damage anyway, and as you get better gear like 20% less duration gem and a helm enchant, rapid decay gets worse.
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I've been playing something very similar to your build and having a blast with it. Did you end up deciding whether to go for perma IC or not? I feel like the extra action overhead is not worth it. Also, what are your thoughts on Kaom's Sign? The health regen you can achieve with it is pretty silly.
I am using a leveled up IC in my cwdt setup and I like it a lot. I was able to respec about 8 nodes in my passive tree that were just armour/phys damage reduction and instead I was able to pick up a little more life. The new Kaom's ring is nice, but its not really needed once you have gear. Ming's Heart is essentially a 20% MORE damage modifier, so it is multiplicative with most of our other damage sources, while the life reduction is Reduced, which means it is additive with all our life passives. So wearing a Ming's cancels out 3 of our passive life nodes in exchange for a huge damage increase.

A lot of the new upgraded uniques are amazing for leveling though; Deidbellow (hat), 2 Kaom's Ways, Wall of Brambles, and good ole Geofri's Baptism carried me from normal a3 to merc a3.

Edit - Holy shit just saw the new Voidheart ring!!! This ring is sick for this build until you have Atziri's Disfavour, 100% chance to Poison and Bleed on melee hit. So yeah gonna be getting one of those asap instead of Ming's Heart. Ming's will still be better with Disfavour, but holy hell is Voidheart good until then. Or it is possible that Voidheart will allow you to equip an insane rare Coronal Maul/Vaal Axe and put out more dps than with Disfavour.
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hey Kumbo thank you for sharing your build,looks fun mate,i have on question if you don't mind,probaly will take some time until i put my hands on an disfavour,so my question is how is the dps using the marohi 5l?clearspeed wise,dried lake to T 10 maps at max,do you think if i do any EQ more dmg oriented (berseker/Slayer) farm,farm,and them back to yours after disfavour would be faster?

sorry for my english:D

And thanks again for this build.

ps : i'm asking this coz i did it last league,started as berseker EQ then in mid league i went to jugger + disfavour,but idk much about poison stuff ,that is why i would like to know from you.
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