[Poll] It's been a month now, how much do you like the labyrinth/acendancy class/enchantments?

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I like Ascendency classes.
Don't think running labyrinth is fun so avoid it.
Haven't delved much into the enchants other than getting them for the challenge.
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Oh a strawpoll lets all give every single feature of POE the lowest rating because i hate this damn game i am playing all the time.

I mean sure - most people loose rational proportion when they act on the internet but the results sickens me. You know what would be a 1? If you just arent able to play the game anymore (And dont start with the Disconnect Rants that NOT EVERYBODY is suffering from). Or if this game would offer Eternal Orbs for 10 bucks now.

This just isnt the case with Ascendancy.

Normally i just keep that to myself thinking, that there is allways someone complaining. But those collective toxic complaints are really getting old. It is kind of hypocritical to continue to play the game and work the forums all day.
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The labyrinth stinks cause it gates AC that are awesome (and quite OP) and build defining. Enchantments are like every other content specific reward that has been implemented until now, you need to grind to get what you want.

If players werent forced to run the labyrinth (aka if labyrinth was truly optional like ALL non-core expansions so far) for AC points and the enchantment system was a bit less random then the labyrinth would be much more appealing and well made. (a much more deep analysis on the matter can be found here)

Labyrinth as it is 0/10

AC 10/10

Enchantments 4/10
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https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1609216 - labyrinth rework ideas/suggestions
Ready to give up playing HC. The Labyrinth claimed it's second character of mine.

1) Too much time is invested now in playing up a character... development happens too late in the life of a character for it to be that deadly. I know... get gud. But when it takes about a week of my time to play up to the point where I can try, it's too punishing for normal difficulty. Too long.

2) The game is being balanced around people who max/min to the point where the game is absurdly easy for them. "clear speed" is the new mantra. Well... that leaves my play style struggling too much to keep up. Balance is the key... but choosing your target audience is an important step. The 5% of the game that is "new" is always too hard for those of us that just enjoy playing the game. Cut it out.
Lab = horrible bullshit
Ascendancy classes = great
Ascendancy enchanments = ok (not as strong as the best corruptions but without the risk while using vaal orbs)
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The labyrinth is a chore, no doubt about it. Of course, following the "new" meta where you're supposed to move as fast as humanly possible, skipping everything that's irrelevant to reach the end, it's sort og less a chore.

The classes themselves are a very nice way to "finish" your build, specializing it further that previously possible. I vert much like this addition. But the implementation could have been done it a much more satisfying way. Same goes for the enchantments.

To brilliant new additions - built around a boring chore.
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Lab very easy to run with wirling blade but damn it take so long ... damn so fuck hard to run with ES

Ascendancy damn so op for shadow love it (don't know for other class)

Enchant damn fuck useless
Dont like it, i do it because i want ascendancy. Lab was fun and different experience for the first time, after third char it feels tedious as fuck

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