[2.4 VIDEO] #1 Pathfinder PHC - Blade Vortex flask build. Uber atziri video. Easy lvling

2.4 EDIT:
I get some people hating on the build cause it got slow and nerfed etc. So i just made a short 2.4 video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbKyhnCaGTA

I see a lot of questions regarding my decision to still go MoM and keep my 100% mana pool. It does give quite a bit of tankyness, makes no regen maps even more comfortable. Besides the jewel "Clear mind" gives a lot of spell power, but I'll just say it again. The main reason is the tankyness! (have in mind I made this build for HC)

I did edit the Gemlink-section to get rid of faster casting

I will keep updating in 2.4 as i test new things like flasks and ascendancies, so make sure to check back! If you have any questions regarding 2.4, just ask me and I will be happy to answer and add them to "Frequently asked questions".

Link to my profile (Character name is "BogokSorryBonde":

Video of tier 13 waterways. Full clear in 3:01 minutes.

Video of Atziri kill. All bosses done in 4 minutes

Video of uber atziri kill! First attempt ever

Video guide:
Sorry for the stuttering/not perfect english, it's the first time I record a video like this.

Video of T11 map with a 2L (by "Howlee") Super budget:

Short introduction

This build is nothing less than amazing and it doesn't take much gear to perform incredibly well in t13+. The only bad thing i can say about this build is how exhausting it can be after 8+ hours in a row. You have to make sure your flasks are up, your fortify, your curse blade vortex, your vaal haste and of course the main blade vortex. It really pays off and i personally like the fast playstyle and keeping everything up, but it's by no means a noob-friendly 2 button build where you just run and kill. Just a small disclaimer (:

Leveling gemlinks + tree(2.4 UPDATED)

Level 1-12

Until lvl 12 (where we can use blade vortex) you can pretty much do anything. I usually go with spark/freeze pulse/fire trap linked to added cold or added lightning

Lvl 12 tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIAAJuNCC7tgxmOAF7Tfn11_rrvevajFSAs6QDu

Level 12-18

When you get blade vortex at lvl 12 I assume you've found a 3L (Check the vendor whenever you're in town for those colours). It should be blade vortex linked with 2 of:
-Added fire damage support
-Added lightning damage support
-Added cold damage support.

Lvl 18 tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIAAJuNCC7tgxmOAF7Tfn11_rrvevajFSAs6QDuKk0_J1-YWW3PMkrIbqo=

Level 18-31

When you get lvl 18 you can chose different support gems (after weaver's chamber). I'll list them in order of what you want (but really, they all work):
-Controlled Destruction Support
-Faster Casting
-Added fire damage
-Added lightning damage
-Added cold damage

Lvl 31 tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIAAJuNCC7tgxmOAF7Tfn11_rrvevajFSAs6QDuKk0_J1-YWW3PMkrIbqq18jWS2L3-Crc-QYf56ILHHb4zhwPuKPq4kxzc6-4y0UVHwGY=

Level 31+

At lvl 31 you get to chose blasphemy. I would recommend taking that and linking it to warlords mark for some surviveability! At lvl 38 you get spell echo and increased AoE. My list of recommended support gems would now be 3 blue and 1 green:
-Spell echo
-Controlled destruction
-Increased AoE

You should work your tree towards this now: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIAAJuNCC7tgxmOAF7TfiSdfXXvemJa_rpEDfajyPAVICzphrMA7ipNPydfmErIWW1uqs8ytfI1kti9_gq3PkGH-eiCxyj6Hb64kzOHHNwD7uvujxp8g5rgMtERLUWdRUcsnFNSwGYFQgSzPAVBlqIAn9_vfK6z0PXwH0yzaPIEB5eVg9tSU1XGPV-X9G0ZCPTAVGpD

For the next tree go under "passive tree" section.

Late passive tree

Lvl 99

lvl 82

Ascendancy choices

#1 "Nature's Adrenaline" Not because it's best, but because we want "Master Surgeon" As fast as possible. If you have enough regrets you can take "Master Herbalist" and change directly into "Master Surgeon" after cruel lab.

#2 "Master Surgeon". It's very core for the build and will make you have much more uptime for your flasks while also having remove bleeding on all of them. A+!

#3 "Master Herbalist" The poison on hit is really nice for single-target dmg and it's also a very good way to gain some chaos resistance.

#4 "Veteran Bowyer" Gives good elemental penetration, and since we got added fire, hatred, phys to lightning vinktar and taste of hate - Elemental damage is actually what we do most



For weapon I use a divinarius. I feel like it's best in slot because it makes you able to use whirling blades and the increased AoE + spell damage is very good as well. Besides it got crit, so for me there's really no choice here. Until you get a divinarius I'd recommend using a Solaris eclipse


Here i use a carcass jack. I definitely think Carcass Jack is the best choice because of the increased AoE and area damage. Besides it gives decent life and somewhat decent evasion/energy shield. Until you get this i recommend using a 5L rare with either ES/armour or ES/evasion base. The reason why you want an ES base is because your colours will be BBBBG for a 5L.


Here i feel like Rathpith is the best choice both because of the high spell damage, but also the spell block is really nice, and the health is approximately the same as a rare shield with +100 health. The block you get when you also use rumi's is great though, but until you get Rathpith a rare shield with 40+ spell damage, life and resistance will do.


Here you just want rares with good life/resist and potentially some max mana. For labyrinth enchants I'd recommend the 8% increased Attack and Cast speed for boots and radius for your helmet, but it's not nescessary by any means.


For amulet you basicly want health and whatever resistance you need to be elemental weakness capped (169 if you're in your hideout). For the rest you want spell damage/critical strike chance/multiplier or cast speed.

One of your rings needs to be essence worm since we're using the Mind over matter keystone, so reserving mana is like reserving health, and we don't want a smaler healthpool.

For the other ring just look for health and resistance and potentially mana. If you have the currency you can buy a ring with cast speed as well.


Like all other items you're looking for high health here, but in addition you're looking for the 3 mods reduced flask charges used, increased flask effect duration and increased flask charges gained. I prefer the first 2, but flask charges gained can also be quite nice. Getting an armour roll/resistance roll is definitely a plus.

First priority: Life

Second priority: Resistance to get capped, Spell damage, cast speed, physical damage, area damage, increased damage - just all the damage you scale with

third priority: Crit multiplier and chance. It's a plus but don't aim to buy it.

Also get the jewel named "clear mind" (rolls 40-60% spell damage).

Gems and links

Main setup
4L: Blade vortex, Spell echo, controlled destruction, increased AoE
5L: Blade vortex, Spell echo, controlled destruction, Increased AoE, added fire damage
6L: Blade vortex, Spell echo, controlled destruction, Increased AoE, Added fire damage, Added chaos damage(phys to lightning if you want to save som money and not get the conversion vinktar)

For bosses you switch in concentrated effect instead of increased AoE and any boss will melt.

Curse setup
4L: Blade vortex, Curse on hit, Warlord's mark, Power charge on critical

This is how i generate power/endurance charges and the cursing is very effective since it will instantly curse mobs when you whirling blade into them with this blade vortex on.

Cast when damage taken
3L: Cast when damage taken, Summon chaos golem, Tempest shield
4L: Cast when damage taken, Summon chaos golem, Tempest shield, immortal call

Personally I don't use immortal call cause I don't feel like the physical hits are a problem with the amount of mitigation I get from taste of hate/rumi's/basalt/fortify/chaos golem. Tempest shield is nice for some extra block which will also grant extra spell block and the golem will grant even more physical reduction. You could also use an ice golem for more critical strike chance, i just don't feel like damage is a problem at all.

whirling blades
3L Whirling blades, fortify, faster attacks.

A very standard setup for travelling. You'll often be at a very close range, so the fortify should be up at all times.

Culling setup
flame totem, culling strike

You can also add in stuff like blind/faster casting/rarity if you feel, but none of those are needed. I simply use it to deal with big volatiles even though they usually aren't a problem with the increased resistance from flasks.

Flask setup

I think this is the optimal flask setup if you have the currency, but until i got the unique flask i played with normal flasks and that was just fine as well.
My setup until i had uniques was:
Surgeon's Basalt flask of grounding
Surgeon's Ruby flask of warding
Surgeon's granite flask of iron skin
A mana pot that keeps your mana at the same when you're casting (different mana flask for different mana regen)
Seething divine life flask og heat

Ruby or Basalt?
Well i play with them both, i change them depending on what map i'm about to do. I have the ruby flask for -max resistance since that will bring all 3 resistances at 83. I also ruby for bosses like crematorium and atziri.

Why don't i use a curse immune flask or Atziri's promise?
I simply don't think there's room for them even though i'm missing the curse immune a lot. I considered getting it on my life flask and i would recommend that for most, but currently i'm trying to get lvl 100 so i'm playing very fast and opening all strongboxes unid so the freeze immune is sweet as well. Besides i dislike having curse immune on an instant flask since it won't do anything vs hexfont, academy boss etc. (it doesn't grant immunity over time, it only dispels)

When upgrading your gear it's important to get the flasks relatively quickly since they are the biggest upgrade you can get. Play with a 4L or 5L rare chest and upgrade flasks before you go for a 6L or a carcass. I also bought flasks before rathpith and i even got Taste of hate before my divinarius. Flasks are important!

For bandits i chose Oak, Oak, alira.
You could argue skill point in better in cruel, but i liked the increased phsyical at the moment.

Feel free to give feedback and come with questions.

Offensive and Defensive stats

Offensive unbuffed: http://imgur.com/ixGjYBV
Offensive buffed: http://imgur.com/oW2Td6v

Defensive unbuffed: http://imgur.com/dM77Z21
Defensive buffed: http://imgur.com/Qs5oKb7

Frequently asked questions

Q: When did you start using Blade vortex and what was your setup?

A: I started with blade vortex as soon as you can use it (lvl 12)! -Note that you don't get it as a ranger, so buy it from someone else.
2L: Blade vortex + added fire
3L: Blade vortex + added fire + faster casting
4L: Blade vortex + faster casting + controlled destruction + spell echo (added fire if you're not a4 yet)

Q: I notice your mana dosen't get low at all. Wouldn't it be better to use herald of ash and replace clear mind with a yellow jewel?

A: Well currently my mana pool is what I need to get to 50 charges which is important for going in on hard bosses like atziri's trio etc. Also less mana is less life because of MoM and since i'm using essence worm with hatred, herald of ash would reserve more than 25% (see essence worm)

Q: What level to get mind over matter

A: I took Mind over Matter when i got essence worm which i think was around lvl 45

Q: What order of ascendency did you take?

A: Go straight for Master Surgeon! It's really nice to get charges on crit and it helps a lot with keeping flasks up at all times - especially on fewer targets where you normally struggle.

Q: Which map mods can't you run?

A: Well the only mod i would put in the category "Can't run" is no leech and that's a very rare mod! In general i avoided blood magic since it took my 1,8k mana (Rip MoM) but i did a few of those. No regen and reflect are no problem, but if you're new to the build i would recommend not taking reflect maps, cause if your pots are down you'll die really fast.

Q: Is Vaal pact necessary?

A: Well for atziri and other hard hitting bosses the leech rate would not be near quick enough to get me to full before the next hit, so yes i would say it's necessary.

Q: Master Herbalist over Veteran Bowyer?

A: I took Master Herbalist since it's better for single target with the poison, and i don't really need more damage for trash clear. Besides the 30 chaos res is the only i get, so i feel like it's pretty crucial.

Q: What should we be looking for in Jewels?

A: First priority: Life

Second priority: Resistance to get capped, Spell damage, cast speed, physical damage, area damage - just all the damage you scale with

third priority: Crit multiplier and chance. It's a plus but don't aim to buy it.

Also get the jewel named "clear mind" (rolls 40-60% spell damage).

Q: Armour or Evasion on the gear?

A: On the gear you can decide to either go for armour or evasion. I went for armour because i had a granite of iron skin (+% armour) so i wanted to scale with that. In retrospect i should have gone for evasion rating since it gives more from the tree, but to be honest it doesn't do a huge difference - 95% of our defences are from the flasks.

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Edit: I forgot to say, but I'm currently #1 Pathfinder in Perandus Hardcore, and i only need 60% to lvl 100! I never had a char over lvl 94 so i really hope I'll hit 100
Hi, playing a trapper pathfinder in HC Perandus and I rerolled most flasks chemists. Charge generation is usually high enough so I prefer the double use in boss fights, especially for flasks like basalt.

Nice guide, pathfinder is definitely an interesting class to play =)
D4vEG wrote:
Hi, playing a trapper pathfinder in HC Perandus and I rerolled most flasks chemists. Charge generation is usually high enough so I prefer the double use in boss fights, especially for flasks like basalt.

Nice guide, pathfinder is definitely an interesting class to play =)

Thanks i appreciate the feedback. I can already use basalt twice though so i don't feel like it does much for me
Ding 100! #1 pathfinder (:
Congrats on hitting 100! This is definitely the build I'm going to run next time I die, I've been tossing around the idea of a BV pathfinder for a while and it's nice to see it can work in HC with a (relatively) small budget.
is the The Retch a good belt for this build?
Can i use this build when im using ES build,maybe i need alot of Regrets but is it ok with ES only.
Last edited by mikan293 on Mar 30, 2016, 5:20:06 AM
mikan293 wrote:
Can i use this build when im using ES build,maybe i need alot of Regrets but is it ok with ES only.

Yeah this can definitely be done as either CI or Lowlife
onlyxin wrote:
is the The Retch a good belt for this build?

I actually think that could be a very interesting choice - might do some testing with that

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