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Coil1 wrote:
What is the difference between Volley and GMP for Syndicate Operatives? I see a lot of people using Volley over GMP and I'm not sure why?

I guess this is because volley shoots projectiles parallel to each other, this making it very easy to shotgun enemies ( although with greater volley I'm not sure how big of a gap there is between every projectile, it's possible only middle 3 hit and other 2 are only good for "big" size bosses), while GMP shoots in a cone, making you have to position your spectres in a certain distance to the boss for maximum DPS.

I'd assume it's just the convenience of not having to position your spectres.
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Volley is supposed to change the behaviour of the projectiles as described for the SOs but it doesn't. Instead there is a very small angle difference on how they differ between GMP vs Volley which means that the dmg difference in terms of "less dmg" modifier has very little impact as it comes down to being dependant on how far away your spectres are from the boss to hit more projectiles with GMP or Volley.
10-20 Ex AG of a friend poofed at uAtziri. Is this a thing?

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elusive420 wrote:
10-20 Ex AG of a friend poofed at uAtziri. Is this a thing?

Yeah if you read the AG guide u know that u can take him to ATziri or HOGM and a few more places are risky . i lost him a fexw times even in Sirus fight because he bugged out and didnt follow properly even after convocation

All my guides have moved to to make sure I can have a much better quality of my guides!

I will be answering ALL questions on that forum thread and keep all guides on icy-veins website ( updated consistently every league as per usual.

All my build guides as well as other written guides can be found here:
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thanks for the guide Ghazzy. Im following this on SSF standard. Slowly upgrading my gear.

Currently easily doing T16s and all guardians.

I do however struggle with Sirus. My spectres die in that fight quite often and its a struggle to resummon them.

Id appreciate if someone could check out my PoB and give me some suggestions what to work on next. Im currently trying to get the +3 helmet, but that will take a while.

I do have a 6l shavs and prism guardian lying around and Im thinking of making a pure bossing char that can take care of sirus while my spectres do all the remaining content.

Thanks in advance!

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