[2.4] Lioneye's Avalanche - All Map Mods - 800k SingleTarget DPS

Lioneye's Avalanche - Barrage/BlastRain triggered Physical CoC - Destroy the Whole Screen !!!

2.4 Edit: See my post in page 53. Additionally, now the deal is:

Don't invest in more than 2 attacks per second.
Use BR CoC BF GC ControlledD AddedChaos/Conc or
Use BR CoC BF IncCritDmg/Conc ControlledD AddedChaos as 6link.
Deal approximately 800k damage per second on bosses. Invest in critical strike multiplier and chance (global). Invest in physical damage in jewels.
Other stuff is the same, the build is nerfed but should still be viable.

Greetings Exiles, I present to you a very good build that you'll have fun with and do almost any content you like to!

Rest of the guide is a bit outdated, don't have the time to sort it all out, but the build is nerfed, so some of the claims below were working in patch 2.3 but they are a bit worse for patch 2.4. After I do extensive testing on the standard character, I will update them.

If you have started to do this build, don't despair, with good jewels, it still should do TONS of damage, 1-shot packs of mobs. You really would need the Belly of the Beast armour and jewels that contain a 5%+ increased life roll. If you cannot make it work, remember, this is a physical bow build, so you can swap to a physical crit bow setup (tornado shot/puncture) and still do very well in the endgame.

Before reading content, you might want to check out this video:
1:36 Gorge Speedrun, proving This build is one of the fastest out there!

The Damage (Atziri split phase) - Dies with the second volley of spells triggered (2.67 APS, so dies under 1 second) - (For videos, check the videos section!):

2.3 Guide:

A little bit about me:
Been playing PoE since launch (Domination League). I am a softcore player
due to the fact that I don't like losing a character due to relaxed play or internet/server problems. I played most kinds of builds (Melee/Ranged/Spellcaster/Totem/Armour-Based/Evasion-Based/Hybrid etc. list goes on).

However, starting with DANMAKU EK (Cyclone-Cast on Critical Strike-Ethereal Knives x3-Life Leech in Domination league (Yes CoC gem didn't have a spell based trigger limit back in those days, so you could trigger x3 EK at once and mow your way through maps), I always played a cast on critical strike character in one way or another.

I simply enjoy CoC and the sheer destruction you can bring within your computer screen.

My Cast on Critical Strike History and some thanks shoutout to inspirations for the build:


Cyclone CoC EK - DANMAKU build
Barrage Wonder Wanderer - Barrage Chain CoC EK EK
Shatter Chuck - Lowlife Barrage GMP CoC ArcticBreath Fireball
Kinetic Blast GMP Pierce CoC ArcticBreath Fireball
Fakener - Cyclone CoC Discharge
MoreRain - Hybrid (Life + ES based) CoC Discharge with BladeVortex

For the inspiration/viability thanks to:

Mathil (A Twitch Streamer and long time PoE player) for the CoCSlam Physical Spell based GroundSlam Multistrike CoC build in Talisman League. Since he likes to try new builds all the time, perhaps he can run Uber with this build some day (I'm too casual these days to afford and run sets).

Grinding Gear Games for launching the Assassin class and making a 5% critical strike base chance hits can't be evaded bow viable for CoC builds.

And of course for expanding my PoE understanding:
DonaldF (Danmaku EK)
Tom94 (ShatterChuck)
WayneTrain (Expensive CoC Cyclone)
Ground Slam Based CoC guy (Gonna find his link sometime)
MatrixFactor (Hybrid CoC Cyclone and the strength of Bladefall)
Havoc (Power of Evasion and High Life builds in terms of return on investment)
Alihandro (This guy knows his things!)

Special Thanks to:
All my guild mates for making the game more enjoyable.

Naming; why Lioneye's Avalanche?

The build revolves around two simple facts.
1.) The "Hits can't be evaded" mod on the Lioneye's Glare bow, which is very good and in my opinion almost mandatory for reliable Cast On Critical Strike builds.
2.) The build uses Glacial Cascade and Bladefall as spells and a chest with extra gore, destroying packs with an avalanche like effect, knocking them back and killing at the same time. So the ice spikes and the blades avalanche outwards, drowning and obliterating enemies.
Is the build budget, is it scalable and what can it achieve within budget?

Build is extremely cheap to start (can run up to t12 maps and normal atiri with only 4-link, crap gear and around 20 chaos, maybe less budget) Build is scalable and achieves INSANE single target dps even with a 5-link. Blast Rain can reliably proc Cast on Critical Strike 9-10 times per second along with the help from Hits Can't Be Evaded mod from Lioneye's Glare and physical damage is not resisted much like elemental damage, achieving very high numbers.

Think of it like this, if you have a 10k bladefall damage per cast, since it hits the same mob with at least 2 volleys, at 10 casts per second you get 194k DPS just from bladefall with absolutely dirt cheap gear. Now scale that to 30k, more volleys via conc effect gem, you get the idea...
Pros and Cons:

Budget, so can be started in a new league with ease at level 65-70 or so.
Explodes and buries the whole screen in its created avalanche!
Has extremely high HP potential when compared to other CoC builds. (7k+ with a Kaom's Heart)
Has room for improvement, but improvements are only a luxury for carrying 6-man parties.
Not easy to die with.
ALL map mods viable.
95% Crit Chance with Attacks.
Over 500 Crit Multiplier with Spells!!!
8+ jewels (9 jewels by level 93) to customize the build as you like (1 will be used for lioneye's fall).
Tested against hard map mods and mobs like Abaxoth, no problems!

Blast Rain has a slight delay before the avalanches begin, so you have to hit-and-run in high tier maps. (Issue can be evaded by using barrage instead on packs and blast rain on bosses)
If you go a bit more offensive by taking arrow speed / projectile speed nodes, this issue becomes almost non-existent.

Map Mode Notes:

Physical Reflect:
Swap in physical to lightning gem instead of increased critical damage. This converts 50% of physical damage.
For the remaining 50%, use the "Blackgleam" unique quiver.
With prophecy league, you can also use the "Signal Fire" unique quiver, which is an updated version of Blackgleam.

Elemental Reflect:
Don't use elemental spells and open grace aura instead of hatred. Easy.

Temporal Chains:
Press your onslaught flask (silver flask) on every pack to offset the negative effect of temporal chains. Move around with quicksilver flask to run at good speed.

If you have a quill rain, this will affect you, but if you have a lioneye's, you'll do the map just as easily :)

Elemental Weakness:
I have my resists over-cap by 34%+ (meaning 109%+ resists on merciless).
However you can run purity of elements instead of hatred or swap in a rare glove with 34% all resistance (or whatever is needed to sum up to 34%) for red maps' elemental weakness.

Rest of the map mods don't need guidance I think, judging from reading the forum feedback.

Offensive and Defensive Stats (From Patch 2.2, 2.3 screens coming soon):

Imgur album containing all different variations for my build

Some highlights:
General mapping with atziri's promise Bladefall dps: 21796
- Don't forget that Bladefall can hit the same target 2-4 times with the second to fourth time each having 6% less damage.

General mapping with atziri's promise Glacial Cascade dps: 12599
- Don't forget that Glacial Cascade can hit the same target 2-3 times without any penalty.

Bladefall Dps with all buffs, conc effect and unholy might from Shadows and Dust: 37921

And lastly Atziri boss setup Bladefall Stats (hint: 34k!!!):

Rough dps calculation gives at 5 procs per second and hitting atziri 4 times with bladefall and 3 times with glacial cascade: 620k DPS with bladefall and 300k with Glacial Cascade for a whopping total of 920k DPS without stretching things too far.

My last dried lake proc tests have shown that with only the onslaught flask up, it is possible to reach 46-50 blades to spin with blade vortex. Let's reduce that to 45 to account for lags/times stunned/something going wrong, this means a WHOPPING 9 procs per second. The total DPS then becomes 1.65 MILLION!

What (items) do you need for running this build:

Assassin class of Shadow due to 0.5% increased base critical strike chance per power charge or Ascendant(Scion) by sacrificing a gem slot for increased critical strikes
(You need more money to run Scion)

1 x "Lioneye's Glare" Bow as weapon.

1 x "Lioneye's Fall" jewel to convert staff crit/global crit nodes into bow crit/global crit nodes.

Lioneye's Fall Placement Screenshot (imgur link full size)

1 x "Facebreaker" Glove (optional) for boosting your dps. You can use a rare glove or maligaro's virtuosity or shadows and dust if those suit you better.

1 x "Belly of the Beast" Body Armour (optional) for removing the need of giving life nodes everywhere. You can use a rare chest with close to 50 strength and 100 life combined for the same effect, or a carcass jack for monster area of effect, or a cheaper rare chest for a bit less life.

You can also use a tabula rasa and play the game with 4.9k life since the build is already incredibly tanky.

Why not quill rain and Lioneye's Glare?

First of all, in an early league or with small budget with which you cannot buy jewels like 5% life 8% attack speed with bows and 10% damage, quill rain is better. You can use it until t12 maps easily. However Lioneye's shines in the true endgame and reliability (one-shotting packs).

To summarize:
1.) APS is more than enough, check the screenshot (3.64 with vaal haste and unbuffed onslaught flask)
2.) Hit's Can't be Evaded mod is crucial on CoC builds

That's it :)

What do you need for optimizing this build:

Achieving +1 to Maximum Power Charges corruption from a Lioneye's Glare bow. I did this by buying 1 chaos to 2 chaos Lioneye's Glare bows from the market (about 25-30 of them). Then using Vaal Orb on them most probably will get the corruption you need.

Don't forget to quality the bow first to 20% because if you are bored from Cast On Critical Strike, you can play a physical bow build with the exact same gear&tree.

Since you have high base critical strike chance and 100% accuracy, you can pretty much reach the clearspeed of a 450+ DPS harbinger bow which cost 5-6EX unlinked.

Finding highest possible critical strike chance and multiplier items (spike-point arrow quivers, diamond rings, amulets etc.)

Replacing the gloves for atziri's acuity to remove vaal pact, shadows and dust perhaps for rampage effect and unholy might or maligaro's virtuosity for slightly higher crit chance and attack speed but a bit lower dps.

+1 to maximum endurance charges belt for longer immortal calls.

90+ Levels to be able to get enough jewel slots.

My latest proc tests show that to get the highest amount of procs, you have to have a combination of projectile speed and attack speed. Currently not sure of the exact values, but getting around 2.6-2.74 APS and around 50-70 projectile speed seems the way to go to get 9 procs per second on single, 12-13 procs per second on multiple targets

This is due to the fact that Cast on Critical strike casts with 69% chance. Multiple enemies mean that this is rolled for each enemy and hence it becomes closer to 100% chance. 100% chance = 13 procs, 69% chance = 9 procs. In-game tests and numbers align.

(Quill Rain can only get a maximum of 8 procs per second on single target, but reaches 11-12 on multiple targets).


Cast on Critical Strike Setup (On bow or chest) (5-link)
2.3 Note: Don't use controlled destruction, use increased critical damage OR empower level 3+

Blast Rain - Cast on Critical Strike - Bladefall - Glacial Cascade - Increased Critical Damage
For 4-link, drop crit dmg
For 6-link, you can add Ethereal Knives, Conc Effect, Increased AoE, Arc or Faster Attacks/Faster Projectiles (faster paced mapping). My favorite is Conc effect for bosses and Arc for mapping.

Aura setup: Hatred and Blasphemy-Warlord's Mark

CWDT setup: Level 1 cwdt - Level 3 immortal call - Increased duration - Level 20 Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace depending on situation (self cast)

Mobility and power charge setup: Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Orb of Storms - Power Charge on Critical Strike

Normally, I use blink arrow - faster attacks - mirror arrow - faster projectiles 4 link on my bow.
That leaves the 2 sockets in the glove and 1 socket in the boots open.

For these three sockets, only 1 gem is mandatory and that is Ice Golem.
For the 2 remaining, you decide whatever you want to put.

If you are poor and don't have 4link +1 power charge lioneye's glare, then you can use mobility setup I mentioned above.


Hit and run style of play is the #1 defense of Path of Exile and this build in general.
To support this, the build provides:
5.4k+ HP
Evasion, Dodge, Spell Dodge via Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics keystones.
Vaal Pact for instant life leech
Blasphemy supported Warlord's Mark and Atziri's Promise flask for leeching to full.
Surgeon Mod flasks to refill them fast.

Leveling Tips:

Since this is a Physical damage and AOE based spell damage build, you can level with any physical gem.

I like to level as a spellcaster in PathOfExile since you can reach mapping levels (70) in 14-15 hours as a non-racer and in around 8 hours as a racer. That's just me and if you like a slower relaxed-pace leveling you can also level as a physical bow build or even as 2H mace earthquake since the gem is strong in current meta.

For spells, I like to use frost bomb + ice trap combined with self-cast freezing pulse/ethereal-knives until level 28, where we switch to Bladefall, which we generally use up to mapping as self-cast.

Also I should mention, blade vortex is awesome for leveling too, especialy for taking down bosses.

I like to use shockwave totem as a helper skill for both distracting mobs and dpsing bosses. If you can rush to ancestral bond keystone west of templar for double totem possibility, you can play bladefall - trap - cluster trap - concentrated effect 4link along with shockwave totem - increased aoe - controlled destruction - faster casting and ABSOLUTELY wreck anything until maps.

Otherwise, just use bladefall trap and blade vortex with shockwave totem used only on tough situations to distract+dps mobs from afar and for bosses as dps help.

Throw 1 trap to a pack of monsters, erect a totem on the next pack, continue running and use the trap again etc. Just mix and match what you like best, rest comes with experience. There are tons of guides out there for leveling.

You can find leveling tree suggestions by me on pages 2 and 8 of this thread.

Uber Atziri Notes for the ones interested to do her with the build:

This build, as you can see in the normal atziri kill video, can definitely do Uber Atziri.
Since its life based and is evasion based, careful play is required to down her deathless.

Trio fight is simple, open up with vaal grace, mirror arrow and then blink arrow near the titty bitch. Nuke her, kill her, press a basalt flask.

Then the order doesn't matter.

For atziri:
I recommend taking 3xVaal Grace gems to use against her split phases. If you have a 4link bow like in my level 92 gear, you should have 3 green sockets empty in your gear and you won't need to charge them and then remove them from your setup.

Since only 1 will be linked to increased duration, you need to swap them after each split phase.

With vaal grace up, you won't get hit by atziri spears and the tactic at split phases will be:

Mirror arrow behind one of the clones before they appear.
As soon as the images of the copies clarify, press vaal grace and start walking.
Choose a clone which doesn't hold the mirror and blink arrow to it.
Start blasting at that clone.

Normal atziri phases won't be an issue with 6k HP and tons of leech.
Be sure to have an eternal life flask with 50% increased recovery speed or a bubbling divine life flask.

Use a surgeon's basalt flask instead of the silver flask in the regular setup.

Dodge lightning, they explode slowly anyway.

Old 2.2 Ideas (damage is insane with 2.3 buffs, dont need this...)
However, this build is based on physical damage and chaos damage, and the CI bladefall miner is pretty damn good at killing atziri, so we can make use of a bit of mines in killing her.

By utilizing a tremor rod (only 5-link is enough) you can clear Uber deathless with ease.

Atziri split phase is almost a gift for trappers and miners, whereas it is a bit hard for Cast on Crit builds since if you don't crit within the first 1 second of your attacks, you die pretty fast to her.

That's where the tremor rod linked with bladefall - poison - trap and mine damage - minefield and concentrated effect comes into play.

While atziri is at her split phase, just before the clones appear, you lay down the mines and detonate them when the clones solidify. It should die in 1 or 2 detonations.

This tactic can also be used to start the double vaal fight since we won't have power charges to start the fight and the ramp up requires a bit of time.

These quirks can make the uber run smooth as silk.

Additionally, getting an +1 curse amulet and running temp chains + enfeeble, plus getting that node that requires 4 points investment for instant detonation of mines can be used.

I will put up a video of this soon, showing how it works. Or you can just do uber with the regular setup, play better, put up a mirror and blink arrow clone to 2 separate places in each split phase, charge up 3xvaal grace gems for the split phases and finish her off. Deathless always comes down to good play and a good internet connection.

My Level 92 Tree with socketed gems (optimized to the teeth):

Level 92 Tree, I hope you will be able to see socketed jewels too.

Special thanks to Tyrex, I have discovered that the poeplanner links aren't working in chrome 64-bit version. For those who can't open the links, this one should have done the trick.

Alternative skill tree (5.5k HP) @Level 92 (Updated, optimized according to jewel slotting):

Ascendancy Keystones (In Leveling Order):
Unstable Infusion (Power Charge Sustain),
Deadly Infusion (Build Enabler),
Noxious Strike (Poison boost, maim defensive help),
Toxic Delivery (DPS + Leech Boost + Defensive Help against DoT)

Normal: Help Oak (+40 Life),
Cruel: Kill All (passive point),
Merciless: Help Alira (+1 Power Charge)

Skill tree for complete build - Softcore and Hardcore Separately (Level 100):

My Gear:

At Level 87 and when this build was posted (first weeks of the league)

At Level 92 when things got improved a bit (Ignore the setup on boots, use blasphemy - warlord's mark - hatred - summon ice golem instead):

And the jewels (They change from time to time, but will give the basic idea):

Don't forget that when mapping, adding only arc as 6th link is just a minor improvement. It doesn't tire the eye, shocks enemies from time to time, and chains to some unkilled targets. If you want to try out different combinations, buy a tabula rasa for 12-14 chaos and try things out, or even play with it with 750 reduced Life (Around 4.7-4.8k).

Videos of the build:

Ordered from most recent to oldest:

Atziri run by me, 6k HP, no regard for mechanics. First run :)

1:36 Gorge Speedrun, proving This build is one of the fastest out there!

Gorge run with tree #2, played a little faster, ele weakness, 21% more monster life (2:04)

Atziri Run By purept with Tabula Rasa, 4.7k life and absolutely budget gear. Special thanks to him on recording a vid with this build since I had not much time to play and record lately.

Physical Reflect Tier 8 Orchard, Cursed with Ele Weakness, No Facebreaker Gloves
Gem setup in the video above: BR - CoC - Bladefall - GCascade - Physical to Lightning

3:20 Casual Gorge Run

MORE VIDEOS COMING SOON (T12+ maps etc.)...

I will update the build when I have time. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a build that uses my Lioneye's Fall and Glare bow setup, nor my gem choices.
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Reserved for future updates/expansions.
Just a question, how do you maintain your power charges? I briefly skimmed over the guide and watched the video looking for a description on how you maintained them, but I didn't see anything other than OoS linked with PCoC.
jsdhootlmao wrote:
Just a question, how do you maintain your power charges? I briefly skimmed over the guide and watched the video looking for a description on how you maintained them, but I didn't see anything other than OoS linked with PCoC.

I'm running a sort-of-similar character (CoC Bladefall/Cascade, though with Barrage and a wand). Even with 95% crit chance on hit and ~75% crit chance with spells, Unstable Infusion is still letting me maintain power charges really easily, even against a single target. It sometimes take a while to ramp up to full charges if it's a small pack/single target, but the combination of many hits and a very long duration power charge makes it easy to keep up 'em up.
jsdhootlmao wrote:
Just a question, how do you maintain your power charges? I briefly skimmed over the guide and watched the video looking for a description on how you maintained them, but I didn't see anything other than OoS linked with PCoC.

I will add the Unstable Infusion ascendancy choice into the guide. With 18 seconds power charge duration, its more than enough to generate power charges quickly and maintaining them. If somehow the charges don't get maintained, I drop an orb of storms when the power charge duration is running off.

I get started with orb of storms generally, but firing 4-5 blast rains to the first pack generally gets you to 6-7 charges which then becomes 8 in the next pack.
Question. I see you got Heartseeker in the tree (45% crit multiplyer).... but you use the support gem controlled destruction which reduces crit chance by 100%, thus not critting and therefor not benefiting from crit multi. Is there another reason for this keystone?
nvm deleted

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Savorrow wrote:
Question. I see you got Heartseeker in the tree (45% crit multiplyer).... but you use the support gem controlled destruction which reduces crit chance by 100%, thus not critting and therefor not benefiting from crit multi. Is there another reason for this keystone?

Hi mate.

Controlled destruction gives 100% "reduced" critical strike chance.

In pathofexile reduced/increased and less/more keywords are different from each other.

For example, let's say I have 800% increased critical strike chance in my build and 9% base critical strike chance with all power charges up:

If I get 100% reduced critical strike chance from the controlled destruction gem, now I have 700% increased critical strike chance.

So I have 72% (9*8) chance to critically strike instead of 81% (9*9).

If it was worded as "less" however, that would apply multiplicatively instead of additively and would have reduced my critical strike chance to 0%.

Edit: Some numbers fixed.
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Oooooooh right. Ok.... That makes sense then. Man, been playing since open beta and still learn things about mechanics... That might just mean I am stupid :P
What's the reason for getting the stave crit cluster (north from templar)
it seems completely useless to me..

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