[2.5] Berserker Marauder - Slamaroni Pepperoni Earthquake [Not Updated]

What do you recommend for ascendancy?
CaptainDune wrote:
What do you recommend for ascendancy?

ditto, bumpin
I have updated the build with ascendancys
Use WArchief Totem on chest. big dmg boost even without linkin it much,

link like this: Warchief / conc effect / faster attacks / meele phys dmg / fire dmg / ele dmg

I'm having mana problems using Herald of Ash and Hatred. Any solutions so I can get rid of mana flasks?
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To the one above me: get ascendancy Pain Reaver: no mana flask needed, unless you hit nothing for tooo long.

Regarding the Skill tree, I suggest some optimization, the damage should be the same with less points, additional lfie can be skilled with the 13 left points in comparison (106 now, 119 your tree)

I know you need some dex/int with non optimized gear, but you can easily take the 30 dex/int nodes on the way for just 1 point each, if needed.
The lower mace damage points give 14% instead of those taken before.

Attack speed shouldn be an issue if you run: blood rage + vaal haste + inc duration :)
Wouldnt invest Skillpoints into that, since your using the mace, which doesn't benefit that much as a faster attacking axe, still above mentioned skills should help big time.

also you could run daressos if youre tanky enough and benefit from the onslaught while farming, any other armour (or belly ofc) makes it more deff.

Ofc you already stated that with the gem setup, I would just add vaal haste and inc duration if your killspeed is high enough.

Tree Mace optimized (imho) here

Alternative Axe Tree (for Hezmenas 5L, spares 1 bloodmagic, no mana shortness ever)

There are nodes near startarea which give 48%axe dmg and 16% evasion instead of the ones bottom which five 52% dmg and some lifeleech. Since you've taken refelxes and run evasion armour, that might be considered.



OFC this lacks the +1 Link from Marohi with INC AREA Effect, if your dmg is high enough you can swap out conc for inc effect and still farm good with axe. Also Hezmenas got BM for attacks which equals a not-needed +1 Link for Earthquake and Leapslam.
It's up to you, I'm also a fan of marohi! :)

My Gear Breach (rares bought 1c, uniques poe.trade prices)

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Sorry for my poor english.Nice build :)

My marohi erqi has only 5 sockets so i can't use all of the support gems.Which one is more unnecessary?
I notice you pick up endurance charge nodes, but how do you generate them?
what jewels should i be using ? thank you badass build im loving it!!!!
Love the build, at least so far. It was super fast to clear to early endgame, requiring essentially 0 currency investment, so I can get stuff to trade for other builds.

I think your order for ascendancy is a little backwards- Pain Reaver before Aspect of Carnage worked really well for me, as you get Mahori Erqi around the same time you unlock the ascendancy.

Once you get the maul you 1 shot everything through merciless anyways, so you might as well have all the leech to make it nice and mindless IMO.

I guess if you are at the very start of the season and its overpriced that may be different though.
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