[2.5] Berserker Marauder - Slamaroni Pepperoni Earthquake [Not Updated]

Welcome to my first build guide ever! This has been updated for the new breach league as it works great for a starter build.

Passive Tree:

Leveling Tree:

Go Berserker - Crave the Slaughter - Aspect of Carnage - Pain Reaver - Cloaked in Savagery

My Gear:

For non unique item slots you want to look for items to cap your resists and lots of life.
Flask Setup:

The taste of hate can be quite expensive for a new player you can just replace it with a quicksilver flask. The lion's roar can also be replaced by a basic granite flask.

Gem Setup:

6L: Earthquake - Melee Physical Damage - Less Duration - Added Fire Damage - Concentrated Effect - Weapon Elemental Damage

CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Summon Flame Golem

Hatred - Herald of Ash

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

Blood Rage

Bandits: Oak - Oak - Oak or Kill

In my opinion the most important item to this build is your Marohi Erqi Karui Maul, this allows us to technically have a 7L due to 'Socketed Gems are supported by level 15 Increased area of effect'. Daresso's Defiance and Devoto's Devotion make the build even better.
Something that would be good for this build would be 25-40% increased earthquake damage helmet enchant or 20-30% reduced earthquake duration

Here are my defenses:

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shameless bump
Looks great! Think I'll run it in a bit.
Hey, the build looks fun and I'm down to try it (first char this league, late start) is there any skill you would recommend leveling this build with? Totems/sparks seems to be the big thing, just curiosity :)
I Start using Ground Slam then change to Sunden>
Do you think this build can do UBER Lab farming?
i'll try to run this one, since my ice crash atempt went down hill... Lets Do IT!!!

Thx! =]
Hey, gonna try this.

What I would appreciate, is if you could post a couple of more skill trees, broken down by levels.
Like one for 20, one for 40 and so on. :)
Ddg wrote:
Do you think this build can do UBER Lab farming?

I haven't played this build in quite some time but I believe so.

I have updated the build to include new leveling skill trees as well as some new flasks.
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