[2.5] Berserker Marauder - Slamaroni Pepperoni Earthquake [Not Updated]

I 6 linked daresso defiance. What would be the best setup for it ? Currently im using ancestral protector with dps gems on it
Hi everyone,
I'm new to this so I need help :)
I leveled using this template on 2.6 (i am @ lvl 38 - Step 2 of passive tree building from this guide).
I really like this build (I am using EQ and Ground Slam ATM, switched from Heavy Strike) waiting for my golem but I need guidance :
- Is Ice Crash viable dor EG ?
- Do you recommend me to switch to another build (link if you have one) ?
- I think this build need more single target DPS ...
Thank you !
This build was a beast and I wanted to see if it could be bumped up and rebuilt for 3.2?

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