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Remove the "Class Currency" line from the Allflame block to fix the highlight

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4/4/24 - v3.24.1

Necropolis League Update I - Economy & General Filter Improvements

This is mainly an update to the General filter's levelling sections. There's also an economy update but that only consisted of about 3 items changing and is pretty much irrelevant since they're all uber drops. This update is very skippable if you're not planning on fresh starting a league anytime soon.

The General filter will be much more strict with a lot less magic and rare items showing during the campaign. I'm usually hesitant to tighten it too much because I don't want to fuck over low-rng runs but here I turned the screws as tight as I possibly could. Did two separate test runs to A10 and A5 and was fine so it should be good, just very lean.

Noteworthy Changes:
- Section 11B (Rare Armour highlighting) has been removed. 11A, the archetype focused section, is now the only armour section. A severely condensed version of the old 11B has been added to the Mixed Blocks section at the top of 11A and are the only blocks enabled by default. The filter is meant to be edited and it is ridiculously suboptimal to not set your desired armour in 11A.
- Section 22 (Chaos Recipe & Other Niche Options) has been removed. Note that most of these blocks were disabled by default, but the few catchall blocks remaining being deleted means a lot less random rares will be showing in the General filter. The few necessary blocks have been moved to Section 21 and remaining sections renumbered accordingly. All shown rares for 68-83 zones are now in Section 11 only.
- All caster shields with spelldamage implicits are now shown by default in Rare Weapons (previously 11C, now 11B) due to the rarity of rolling high spell or elemental damage. Previously only the 10-15% bases were shown, this means three times as many bases will show than before.
- Moved rare Bone Ring to the summoner weapons in 11B, even though it's not a weapon it made more editing sense to put it in the one section that's used to toggle summoner drops on and off all at once.

General Levelling Changes:
- Caster levelling has been updated. Flat wands now have a faint colored background indicating their damage type and a number of other blocks have been tightened or removed. Will be a bit stricter than before.
- Adjusted a number of levelling flask icons. Quicksilver/silver from purple to cyan, quartz from cyan to pink, diamond/sulphur from yellow to white, added purple for amethyst, basalt from orange to grey
- Amethyst rings in the levelling range now have icons (purple). Two-stone ring icon changed from purple to cyan.
- Increased the level threshold at which a number of utility flasks show, up to 77 from 72.
- Increased the limit of the 2L priority block from A1 to A2
- Increased the limit of the 3L priority block from A2 to A3
- Added minimap icons to portal scrolls dropping up through A3
- Added minimap icons to wisdom scrolls dropping in A1
- Drastically increased Orb of Binding highlight in the levelling range (<67)
- Drastically increased highlight, added sound to life flasks in levelling range
- The all rare catchall has been reduced from A5 to A2 and font size has shrunk slightly. This will severely reduce the number of random rares showing in A3 through A5, making it similar to the current Part 2 acts. Removed the faint yellow border on 2x2 rares after A2 as it's redundant with the remaining rares being hidden sooner
- Added a catchall for all 3L 4S armour items to show through 67
- Drastically reduced the level range of the magic jewellery catchalls in Section 21, with some blocks being reduced as far as from A9 to A3. This will be a huge reduction to the number of magic items showing. Note that this does not affect top basetypes which are caught in Global Levelling (Section 10). There will now be a significant tightening of magic items showing after A2 with a final culling after A3.
- Reduced the font size of a large number of catchall blocks
- Adjusted and condensed the priority link catchalls (the lower level ones with icons and bg color change in Section 1), most notable change was the 3L catchall being extended to A3 from A2
- Added a 2L safety block in Section 21 that goes through A3
- Caster levelling: 3L wand highlight blocks now only go to 47 (A5) instead of 60
- Increased highlight Blacksmith's Whetstone (now has green background, sound, icon)
- Racing whetstone recipe highlight now only flags 10+ qual and stops at 30 instead of 46
- Numerous numerical adjustments and tweaks to a very large number of blocks

Minor Changes:
- AR/EV rare border in Section 11A is now yellow instead of yellow-green now that the catchall 2x2 rare yellow border has been removed
- Anointed ring drops now have icons and permanent light instead of temporary (yellow for gold potential, grey for silver)
- Re-enabled anointed amulet blocks but with drastically reduced highlight
- Made non-Atziri fragment lights permanent
- Removed Filterblast mention from the description

- Fixed Allflame Embers showing up with the unknown item highlight
- Fixed Section 3 somehow not being labelled in the General filter

Unique/Div Changes:
- Goliath Gauntlets, Zealot Helmet from uber hide to boss bases
- Tiered the new uniques that weren't dogshit (what the fuck are Veruso's Ambition and Hand of Phrecia, seriously)

The best way to stay up to date is to make sure you follow the filter on the forum item filter page. If you have questions either catch me while streaming at or post them in the forum thread. Since I keep getting asked I have also finally set up a donation link for those who want to support the filter. Many thanks to all those who have donated so far.
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ty for updates. One thing I noticed with the new way you set up ilvl 84-86 filtering for armours, bases that are highlighted in the ilvl85 block, but not ilvl86 block, will be hidden if they are ilvl 86 or higher. I guess a simple way to fix that would be to change "ItemLevel = 85" to "ItemLevel >= 85" in line 4712
Patys wrote:
ty for updates. One thing I noticed with the new way you set up ilvl 84-86 filtering for armours, bases that are highlighted in the ilvl85 block, but not ilvl86 block, will be hidden if they are ilvl 86 or higher. I guess a simple way to fix that would be to change "ItemLevel = 85" to "ItemLevel >= 85" in line 4712

This was more or less intended. General used to be 84, Strict 85, Uber 86 but as I've tightened things up I started having Uber only show the 86 bases where there's an actual difference from the 85 ones.

There's an argument for having the top 85 bases showing in Uber but I also feel that if you're still in need of regular 85/86 bases then that's when you should probably still be running Strict. With the way things have been evolving the last few leagues I'm somewhat loathe to make changes that make Uber show more items. If anything there's a stronger argument to remove 86 bases from Uber entirely.

I'll definitely think about it, but as I'm skipping this league if I do change it then it won't be until the 3.25.0 update.
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