StupidFatHobbit's Sovereign Filter

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Sovereign GENERAL: Racing/Leaguestarts, Low Gear Situations

Sovereign STRICT: Majority of Mapping and Mid-League Usage. Levelling with twink gear already prepared.

Sovereign UBERSTRICT: SPEED is priority - for pushing to 100 quickly when already geared and only picking up what's necessary. Originally written for maximum tier mapping. Not just for MF!

Custom Sound Information:

To use custom sounds you need to download the CS filters instead of the regular ones and place all your custom sounds in the PoE filter directory. You then need to rename all your custom sounds to the following:


Custom Sound Example:
Sonic 3 Sounds Preview
Sonic 3 Sounds Download
note: if your sounds are originally .wav, it seems you can rename them to .mp3 without any issues

You only need to this step once, it does not need to be repeated every filter update.

List of Strict Filter Differences from General Version:

Nearly all junk currency is hidden besides baubles and chance orbs
Chrome items hidden
Nonquality gems hidden (Empower, etc still show)
Removed sounds from all maps below t10 except unique and shaped maps
Chisel recipe disabled
Hid nearly all non-bordered rares, only top two tiers (purple and blue) are shown
Adjusted pre-map armor basetypes so they don't show up in low level breach domains
Hid all white jewelery in maps and low level breach domains
Hid quality flasks (q20 still shows)

List of UberStrict Filter Differences from Strict Version:
Hid Regal/Chaos/Horizon Shards
Nearly all top tier basetypes are hidden except for highest demand (major change)
Hid lower quality gems (<10%)
Hid bad rare jewellery bases (paua/studded/etc)

This is a powerful, highly customizable filter capable of tackling all aspects of the game from racing to endgame mapping in a hardcore league. I started writing it when I became dissastisfied with the other filters I tried. Most did not filter well enough or were clearly not written by someone with racing in mind. I wanted something minimalistic, thorough, and very aggressive at hiding junk items. I originally never had any intention of making this filter public and am releasing it only due to demand.

The primary design goal of this filter is that you should never be reading anything, and should be able to instantly identify most items by highlighting alone. You should be able to play PoE in a foreign language with my filter and still know what 95%+ of items are. Too many other filters are merely "reskins" and do very little if any actual filtering.

Backgrounds and font size changes are only used for must-pick-up items. I use the full color spectrum in order to filter well as possible but gaudy eye-cancer colors are avoided. Sounds are only used for valuable items that you would want to turn around for. Anything you might want to pick is shown, nothing more, nothing less.

> What all do you hide?

Nothing at the start, with progressively more as the game goes on. Race levels have more leeway to account for worst case scenarios. No rares, gems, div cards, maps, jewels, top crafting basetypes, or uniques will ever be hidden. (edit: I lied and hid Carrion Crow because seriously wtf) In general you will find this filter hides more than your average one, especially at endgame.

> Can I use this filter nonstop from 1-100? Will it cover everything I need? What about the nonstandard races?

Yes. Many people including Raiz, Gucci, Yovu, BigE and myself already have. There are "phases" to the filter: racing, levelling, early mapping, and endgame, and the filter smoothly transitions between them. From Avian Slippers to Fishing Rods to Sacrifical Garbs, every weird item you can think of is accounted for. It's written to be able to tackle any and every aspect of the game.

Note on Filtration: This filter was not written with Filtration, merely Notepad++, which I'd recommend to everyone. I also know of at least one instance (edit: now multiple instances) of bugs introduced directly by a Filtration edit that was not present in the original filter. UPDATE: Apparently Filtration is very out of date and has been causing issues with multiple peoples' filters, not just mine. Do not use! Just get Notepad++, it's simple enough.

You can always find the most updated version of the filter at this forum thread. The filter is relatively future proof although with GGG consistently releasing new items/basetypes every league updating at the start of every new league is becoming mandatory for all filters.

I will always release mid-league updates during the league that adjust unique, div card, and t0 priority tier lists according to league demand, as long as I am playing that particular league.

Do not EVER message me with "hey" or "u there?" if you have a question about the filter, as I always ignore those messages. Get straight to the point, and keep in mind that if I'm streaming you will always be directed to the stream as I cannot type while playing.
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<stopped maintaining this ages ago, this is currently just an unused placeholder>
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Finally a solid Race Filter for even Bow Characters! Really enjoy your work!
I think you made a mistake with the "Sovereign - Melee Race Preset."

Melee weapons aint shown and bows are being highlighted

Last edited by Warblades1337 on Apr 3, 2016, 11:03:00 AM
I think you made a mistake with the "Sovereign - Melee Race Preset."

Melee weapons aint shown and bows are being highlighted

Just had a look at the filter in question and you appear to be correct but the fix is very easy:

1. Search for #Class Selection (line number 567 if you're looking at the filter on Pastebin)

2. Make the following changes:

# Class "Axe" "Sword" "Mace" "Claw" "Staves" "Shields"
# ItemLevel <= 70
# Rarity Normal

# Class "Axe" "Sword" "Mace" "Claw" "Staves" "Shields"
# ItemLevel > 42
# ItemLevel <= 70
# Rarity Magic

Class "Bow" "Quiver"
ItemLevel <= 70
Rarity Normal

Class "Bow" "Quiver"
ItemLevel > 42
ItemLevel <= 70
Rarity Magic

3. Remember to save the changes :-)

Now melee weapons will be shown and archer weapons hidden.

PS. A HUGE thank you to StupidFatHobbit for this filter. Your effort is appreciated.

updated for prophecy, added new league specific section where all these new items will now go. hopefully I didn't fuck anything up, glad to see people are finding it useful
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thx for updating for prophecy :)
Minor Update: Fixed the Prophecy Wand bug that caused them to show up highlighted like other Prophecy items.
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Is this going to be updated for 2.4? if not can someone please tell me how to do it myself? in love with this filter

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