StupidFatHobbit's Filter: From Racing to 100, RaizQT Approved, Abyss v3.1.3 (Updated: 1/15/18)

Sovereign GENERAL:

Sovereign STRICT:


Most Recent Update: 1/15/18 v3.1.3 (Abyss League Update III)

Patch Notes / Update History

Filterblast Preview - Best way to preview the current version of the filter!

List of Strict Filter Differences from General Version:
Nearly all junk currency is hidden besides baubles and chance orbs
Chrome items hidden
Nonquality gems hidden (Empower, etc still show)
Removed sounds from all maps below t10 except unique and shaped maps
Chisel recipe disabled
Hid nearly all non-bordered rares, only top two tiers (purple and blue) are shown
Adjusted pre-map armor basetypes so they don't show up in low level breach domains
Hid all white jewelery in maps and low level breach domains
Hid quality flasks (q20 still shows)

List of UberStrict Filter Differences from Strict Version:
Hid Regal/Chaos/Horizon Shards
Nearly all top tier basetypes are hidden except for highest demand (major change)
Hid all maps below purple (t9-10) tier
Hid lower quality gems (<10%)
Hid bad rare jewellery bases (paua/studded/etc)

Filterblast Preview - Best way to preview the current version of the filter!

This is a powerful, highly customizable filter capable of tackling all aspects of the game from racing to endgame mapping in a hardcore league. I started writing it when I became dissastisfied with the other filters I tried. Most did not filter well enough or were clearly not written by someone with racing in mind. I wanted something minimalistic, thorough, and very aggressive at hiding junk items. I originally never had any intention of making this filter public and am releasing it only due to demand.

The primary design goal of this filter is that you should never be reading anything, and should be able to instantly identify most items by highlighting alone. You should be able to play PoE in a foreign language with my filter and still know what 95%+ of items are. Too many other filters are merely "reskins" and do very little if any actual filtering.

Backgrounds and font size changes are only used for must-pick-up items. I use the full color spectrum in order to filter well as possible but gaudy eye-cancer colors are avoided. Sounds are only used for valuable items that you would want to turn around for. Anything you might want to pick is shown, nothing more, nothing less.

> What makes this filter so flexible?

The filter contains an "Options" block that allows you to change a few lines in order to completely change archetypes for racing. You can easily switch between Melee, Bow, Caster, toggle low level currency enlargement, etc. For those that want to take advantage of the flexibilty but don't want to edit the file themselves, I have made a number of presets available.

UPDATE: I am no longer making the class specific presets available separately, only the General and Strict presets. All the class-specific race options are still there and still work perfectly for those who want to use them and know how, but I just can't be fucked uploading five different filters to pastebin every time I update this. Considering how well-developed the class filtering is at this point, separate class filters seem more hassle than they're worth and I no longer use them myself.

Link to post on how to enable class-specific filtering

> What all do you hide?

Nothing at the start, with progressively more as the game goes on. Race levels have more leeway to account for worst case scenarios. No rares, gems, div cards, maps, jewels, top crafting basetypes, or uniques will ever be hidden. (edit: I lied and hid Carrion Crow because seriously wtf) In general you will find this filter hides more than your average one, especially at endgame.

> Can I use this filter nonstop from 1-100? Will it cover everything I need? What about the nonstandard races?

Yes. Many people including Raiz, Gucci, Yovu, BigE and myself already have. There are "phases" to the filter: racing, levelling, early mapping, and endgame, and the filter smoothly transitions between them. From Avian Slippers to Fishing Rods to Sacrifical Garbs, every weird item you can think of is accounted for. It's written to be able to tackle any and every aspect of the game.

Filterblast Preview - Best way to preview the current version of the filter!

Old Video of RaizQT talking about a VERY (5+ month) old beta version of the filter. It's been massively expanded since then with far more filtering, but for those of you curious as to what a race filter looks for he does a good job describing some of the early features.

note: these screenshots/videos/etc are ANCIENT and don't represent the current filter as well anymore - I'll be updating them and redoing this whole post someday. update: probably never going to update them just use the Filterblast preview

Screenshot Album (I'll get better ones later)
(wish I'd had a ss of the excavation with alt held down. also that one is from a slightly older version of the filter, there are more border types now (i.e. on spike-points))

Note on Filtration: This filter was not written with Filtration, merely Notepad++, which I'd recommend to everyone. I also know of at least one instance of a bug introduced directly by a Filtration edit that was not present in the original filter. UPDATE: Apparently Filtration is very out of date and has been causing issues with multiple peoples' filters, not just mine. Do not use! Just get Notepad++, it's simple enough.

I will always keep the most updated version of the filter at this forum thread. The filter is relatively future proof although with GGG consistently releasing new items/basetypes every league updating at the start of every new league is becoming mandatory for all filters.

I will also release mid-league updates during the league that adjust unique, div card, and t0 priority tier lists according to league demand, as long as I am playing that particular league.

Do not EVER message me with "hey" or "u there?" if you have a question about the filter, as I always ignore those messages. Get straight to the point, and keep in mind that if I'm streaming you will always be directed to the stream as I cannot type while playing.
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8/4/17 - v3.0.0 (Oriath/Harbinger/3.0 Release)


Due to the massive restructure of game content this is a very significant update. The filter is heavily tailored around zone levels to maximize efficiency and the Act restructure has necessitated updating a very large number of lines in the levelling phase.

Given the increased difficulty of levelling in Oriath, the majority of levelling ranges have been relaxed to account for as many worst case scenarios as possible. They will likely be tightened slightly once the playerbase is more familiar with the new content.

As usual with start of league updates, this is about as mandatory as they get. I will be releasing another update within the first week to further tailor the filter to Act 9 and 10 content once more is known. I may be reworking sounds entirely at some point now that we have a lot more to play with, but for now the basic new sounds have been put to good use.


- The "racing->levelling" transition now occurs at 47 instead of 43, to coincide with the end of Act 5 instead of Act 4 and the corresponding difficulty
- Adjusted link levelling ranges for Oriath accordingly.
- Loosened/changed a large number of levelling ranges in anticipation of the higher difficulty of levelling in Oriath
- Re-added sounds to 4L boots and chests during the racing phase.
- Refined 1h melee highlighting and cleaned up a few old and redudnant lines
- 2h melee highlighting now shows only axes during the mid levelling phase. Swords/Maces still shown before 30
- Number of flask ranges loosened, bismuth in particular now retains its highlighting and sound for an additional 20 levels
- Increased the highlighting on some armour 3L's that drop very early in the game (act 1)
- 3CL highlighting (dark green border) now has a faint background to more easily instantly distinguish from ranger levelling highlighting (lime green border)
- Reworked how the filter handles low level currency. There is now only one location and it is in the main currency block (Section 5). Having an easily editable line near the top is not necessary anymore due to the existence of the strict filter.
- Increased highlighting on chromes/alts/baubles/jewellers/chance to easily instantly distinguish from scrolls and scraps
- Moved Cartographer's Chisel up a highlighting tier (still has same sound)
- Fated capable unique bases now have a purple border. This only applies to low-priority bases that do not have sounds.
- Adjusted a number of volumes upwards in an attempt to normalize at a higher level. Let me know if things are still too quiet
- Added diamond flask to the list of flasks with sounds during levelling phase
- Levelling flask drops now have their own new unique sound
- Six Sockets now have their own new unique sound
- Quality gems and rare gem drops now have their own new unique sound
- Added a few more shit div cards to the hide tier
- Animate Weapon highlighting changed from green to red to avoid conflict with new chrome highlighting. Note: AW highlighting is always disabled by default and defaults to the hide layer when enabled.
- Adjusted filtering so top basetype levelling 2x2 rares retain best basetype brown border instead of defaulting to the pale yellow border for all lower basetype rare 2x2's
- Updated 2nd tier craft blocks for SSF, namely the ES and caster blocks (note: these blocks are disabled by default)
- Added support and highlighting for all 3.0 items. Will add/remove sounds to shards and orbs once rarities are known.

Note: The filter will only work with 3.0 launch, and will not work on 2.x or in the beta. (If you want to see the 3.0 version in the beta you need to disable the "Piece" block in Section 2).

4/27/17 - v2.6.3.1 (Mid-League Update III.1)


Quick little update that adds in 1h melee racing support now that it's actually becoming a thing. Only axes are highlighted so far, I will add maces in as well if necessary for the sunder meta but I just wanted to get something quick out for the races out there.

If 1h melee racing proves to be consistently superior to 2h then eventually I will make that the default for melee.

- Added borders for 1h melee levelling. Only axes are highlighted at the moment.
- Moved Orbs of Scouring up a currency tier.
- Added sound to Chisels and changed them from a border to a background.

4/13/17 - v2.6.3 (Mid-League Update III)


Mid-League Update III

This is a fairly significant update and likely the last one of Legacy league, as I have finished all my goals and will be taking a break before beta starts. There will almost definitely be an update not long after beta launches, as Oriath will likely change a lot of the levels of key farming zones and the filter will need to be updated accordingly.

I'm also moving to a more intuitive system of version numbers. In addition to release dates, versions will be numbered based on the current PoE version and then the update that league, starting with 0 being used for the version released alongside every new league. This being the 3rd mid-league update makes this version 2.6.3.

- Completely redid the divination and unique tier lists according to statistics for maximum accuracy. (HC stats will always be used).
- Atoll map added to Shaped map tiers given its frequent use as a levelling map.
- Added a bit of extra highlighting to corrupted amulets.
- Tightened a number of levelling ranges for highlighting, especially in regard to links. Worst case scenario ranges unchanged.
- Shrunk all hidden items and faded them out slightly. All filtering still applies to hidden items.
- Updated t0 basetypes according to league demand. Added a few eccentric ones.
- Adjusted rare highlighting and slightly increased the font size on certain purple border bases.
- Added some more 1h'ers to rare base highlighting and removed a few 2h'ers now that the EQ era has passed.
- Removed ilvl based 2x2 highlighting in favor of another layer of droplevel based highlighting. Blue borders on 2x2 rares now represent 2nd tier instead of 75+.
- Warbands support is now fully functional and enabled by default. Press ALT after killing a warbands pack and ID'd magic items will be bigger.
- Animate Weapon filtering now defaults to the hide layer instead of show. Disabled by default, found at end of filter.
- Cleaned up most of the alternate color comments now that colors are more or less finalized.
- Added a Table of Contents and numbered every section for easier navigation. Ctrl+F "Section #" to find a section.
- Updated most of the comments and cleaned up old/redundant ones for easier reading.
- Lots of various minor adjustments and improvements.

- Extended strict restrictions to all lower levels. This is insanely restrictive and hides nearly all gear including virtually all rares while levelling. The strict filter should only be used while levelling if full levelling gear is already prepared. Life and mana flasks are still shown, utility flasks are not.
- Vaal/Scour/Blessed/Fusing/Alch now have sounds in General but not in Strict
- Re-added blue border rares to the strict filter now that they've been reallocated to second tier bases

4/6/17 - Mid-League Update II.2


Minor Update

- Removed/added sounds on various uniques and div cards based on league demand (mainly a lot of removals). These changes comprise most of this update.
- Removed sounds from levelling stat amulets, it was too spammy
- Changed levelling flask sound to map sound so it's different from all other sounds at low level
- Enlarged high level jewellery
- Added sounds to Empower/Enlighten and a few other gems
- Various minor improvements

3/31/17 - Mid-League Update II.1


This is a minor update to the map filtering colors. The purple text + red border (t9-10) has been removed, and green text + border has been added at the second lowest set (t4-5), with all color sets in between shifting up by a set.

This means all map text+border colors are now the same with the one anomaly removed, and consistently progress across the color spectrum from green to red as the tiers get higher.

The end result is this:

Tier: New Color (Color Before)
GGG White
1-3: Black (Black)
4-5: Green (Blue)
GGG Yellow
6-8: Blue (Purple)
9-10: Purple (Purple w/Red Border)
11+: Red (Red)

In addition, Shaped maps of all tiers now show up as Teal text+border as well as having larger font size.

3/26/17 - Mid-League Update II, Strict Filter Debut



Legacy(2.6) STRICT:

This is the second mid-league update. There will probably be one last one in a week or so but I wanted to get the majority of the changes made in the past couple weeks out. This is also the official debut of the strict filter which is VERY strict and should only be used in shaped Shore/Strand endgame.

Quick and dirty changelog:
- Added a few more bases to top tier highlighting
- Adjusted the set of "high priority" t0 bases based on current league demand
- Increased font size on 15+ quality gems
- Removed sounds from levelling uniques in merc dried lake
- Removed sounds from flasks in merc dried lake
- Added sounds to some unique bases, removed others based on league demand
- Removed sounds from a number of way too common div cards
- Animate Weapon blocks added and can be found at the end of the filter (Disabled by default)
- Warbands blocks are now off by default, but still work and are found at end of filter
- Lots of minor improvements to visibility and highlighting, such as with essences
- Added a few more top 1h bases to rare melee weapon highlighting
- Added exception for shaped primordial pool to show up as top tier map
- Various other minor tweaks I can't remember at the moment

The following list only affects the STRICT version of the filter:
- Nearly all shit currency is hidden besides chance and baubles
- Nonquality gems are hidden (Empower, etc still show)
- All chrome items hidden
- Removed sounds from majority of lower level maps
- Chisel recipe disabled
- Hid ALL non-bordered rares, and hid all blue bordered 2x2 rares as well. Only top bases are shown. This is the most significant change and is VERY drastic compared to the main version
- Adjusted pre-map basetypes so they don't show up in low level breaches (69 limit). Main filter ranges are unchanged due to some basetypes not dropping until 70.

3/7/17 - Mid-League Update I


Filter Updated (Non-Critical Week 1 Update)

Rough patch notes
- Removed wisdom/portal scrolls from currency enlarger now that the start of league has passed
- Added/removed sounds on some updated unique bases according to now known rarity/value
- Fixed Leather Belt not showing up properly as a chance item at all higher levels
- Fixed a couple bugs associated with the Legacy release (none critical)
- Added support for Warbands mods by showing identified magic items
- A number of other small changes such as making all breach splinters big now, most of which I can't remember because I'm tired, I'll edit them in later if I remember

3/3/17 - Legacy 2.6


LEGACY (2.6)

This is a massive update which I've spent the better part of the last week working on. I've gone over the entire filter with a fine-toothed comb and rewritten about a third of it. Most of the changes are small but there are massive amounts of them, and there has also been a rather extensive color rework in the names of consistency and elegance.

This is about as mandatory as updates get. Not only is there a new league with the usual new items, but Legacy brings with it a huge amount of potential unique items, necessitating a massive expansion of the unique item filtering section of the filter.

- All colors are now very consistent and tend to consistently represent something. For example, brown is basetypes at low level, and brown backgrounds are top basetypes at high level (previously purple)
- A large number of colors have changed or been made significantly more diverse in the name of quick identification. The idea is you should be able to play the game in a foreign language and you'd still know what you were picking up thanks to the filter.
- Racing/Class colors have been changed. Colors are thematically appropriate with the game. Caster is now sky blue (previously teal) to distinguish it from link highlighting. Ranger/Bow is lime (previously tan). Melee is unchanged (maroon).
- Other Racing color changes: "All Class Race" (tan border) has been added and now includes Coral Ring, Leather Belt (both previously under phys jewellery) and magic/rare boots (previously blue on magic, faint yellow on rare same as all other 2x2) for quick and easy identification. Phys jewellery color (orange border) unchanged, but low level quivers moved to Ranger/Bow.
- Tons of smoothing out colors, some shades toned down to be easier on the eyes, some more gaudy colors that showed up too often relatlive to their value (i.e. old 5L) changed completely. See the (finally) updated color guide at the top of the filter for a full breakdown.
- Massively revamped the unique section in anticipation of Legacy league-specific uniques as well as known new and buffed uniques. The unique filtering section is roughly three times the previous size and currently set slightly liberal to be safe.
- Added a "levelling uniques" section in which low level and strong racing uniques have sounds when dropping at low levels, but not at endgame.
- Endgame filtering has been adjusted to be consistent with new levelling filtering. Bows/Ranger Weapons added, and "Non-melee weapons" broken up accordingly between that and Caster Weapons.
- Thew few race-oriented changes in RaizQT's Frankenfilter (his year-old version of my filter he refuses to update because stubborn lazy mule) are now incorporated into the main filter. Maybe now he'll finally update...
- Numerous sounds have been added to low level race and league-start oriented items, such as low ilvl stat amulets, 4 links before endgame, important utlity flasks. Previously there weren't a lot of sounds while levelling aside from currency, this is a fairly significant change.
- Lower level maps now make sounds, but only when you are in lower level zones, and this gradually phases out as you move up in map tiers. Middle (GGG Yellow) tier and higher maps will always make sounds.
- I've attemped to normalize filter sounds with the slider at 50%, as previously I'd been writing the filter with the slider at full. If you find overall things are a bit loud or quiet, then adjust the "Item Filter Alert Volume" slider in the sound options.

- Removed sounds from a few more div cards.
- Various Updates to endgame rare filtering.
- Refined both the levelling section and flask section.
- Lots of minor changes in the racing section aimed at smoothing out edge cases.
- Numerous code optimizations thanks to info provided by GGG, the filter should be faster and more lightweight than before despite another ~200 lines of additional filtering being added.
- With the addition of lime green to the filter, nearly every color in the wheel is now being used somewhere. We full rainbow now.
- Many minor sound removals and additions.
- Lots of minor accents have been added for edge cases and in some cases for clarity.
- Several minor adjustments to race filtering brackets, a few have been tightened and some have been loosened.
- Small adjustments made to flask filtering levels. i.e. Hallowed Life Flask now retains its red border for a few more levels.
- Smoothed out levelling armour chests for the few warriors out there who do in fact level melee.
- Slightly relaxed pre-Brutus items to further account for worst case scenarios, especially in Brutus kill races.
- Relaxed chrome and quality flask filtering slightly in endgame.
- Tightened a few worst case scenario insurance blocks. Loosened a couple others.
- Innumerous tiny adjuetments to level ranges in the levelling section.
- Map filtering color tiers adjusted to correspond to the tree Atlas tiers instead of the old 72 cutoff.
- Caster endgame highlighting sections updated to reflect the buffed implicits wands and sceptres.
- Caster levelling completely rewritten and vastly improved
- Refined 2L/3L/4L cutoffs, tightened some and loosened a few others.
- Finally updated the color guide at the top of the filter to be current.

Given the size of this update and the number of item-related changes coming in Legacy league, I'd recommend keeping an eye on this thread for a likely minor update within the first week of Legacy to fine-tune the unique list as information streams in.
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Finally a solid Race Filter for even Bow Characters! Really enjoy your work!
I think you made a mistake with the "Sovereign - Melee Race Preset."

Melee weapons aint shown and bows are being highlighted

Last edited by Warblades1337 on Apr 3, 2016 11:03:00 AM
I think you made a mistake with the "Sovereign - Melee Race Preset."

Melee weapons aint shown and bows are being highlighted

Just had a look at the filter in question and you appear to be correct but the fix is very easy:

1. Search for #Class Selection (line number 567 if you're looking at the filter on Pastebin)

2. Make the following changes:

# Class "Axe" "Sword" "Mace" "Claw" "Staves" "Shields"
# ItemLevel <= 70
# Rarity Normal

# Class "Axe" "Sword" "Mace" "Claw" "Staves" "Shields"
# ItemLevel > 42
# ItemLevel <= 70
# Rarity Magic

Class "Bow" "Quiver"
ItemLevel <= 70
Rarity Normal

Class "Bow" "Quiver"
ItemLevel > 42
ItemLevel <= 70
Rarity Magic

3. Remember to save the changes :-)

Now melee weapons will be shown and archer weapons hidden.

PS. A HUGE thank you to StupidFatHobbit for this filter. Your effort is appreciated.

updated for prophecy, added new league specific section where all these new items will now go. hopefully I didn't fuck anything up, glad to see people are finding it useful
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thx for updating for prophecy :)
Minor Update: Fixed the Prophecy Wand bug that caused them to show up highlighted like other Prophecy items.
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Is this going to be updated for 2.4? if not can someone please tell me how to do it myself? in love with this filter

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