[2.4] Searing Bond - Reverse Shockwave Totem - Chieftan || Budget || The Original SB Atziri killer

a few pointers with this build that will enhance survivability/QOL

1) instead of using a staff, use a bow.
yes a bow with +1 gem +2 fire gem. a staff offers no additional tangible benefit (other than cast speed for the SWT which frankly is frivolous. unless the staff already comes with high %fire dmg...) as compared to a bow. with a bow you can add a quiver which gives more hp+res or you can use the block/spellblock quiver.

use a crude bow so its easy to roll socket colors

2) Less duration gem gives a nice dmg boost but cuts your totem uptime by literally half, forcing more constant recasting of totem during long boss fight which partially negates the extra dps boost of the gem. (in a 5L staff/bow with high level empower but no less duration trash mobs still die quickly anyway)

hence i suggest that when you have a 6L with empower, swap out less duration for blood magic GEM.

this will allow you to spec out of BM tree node and thus be able to use auras! nice auras to use will be blasphemy curses, vitality, purities, even artic armor, depending on situation.

3) The Empire's grasp gloves can be CORRUPTED with the vulnerability/ele weakness/tempchains curse on hit corruption, giving your SWT more utility and can negate the need to use a CoH spell for general mapping. less buttons to press

4) CI and hybrid variants are also very viable with SB/SWT totems, obviously going with other class+ascendencies. especially CI with the use of +3 bow+ soul strike quiver. of course life with kaom's/belly is good (and i believe that there will be a buff to life in the next patch)

overall i believe this is the most efficient SB build atm, due to the usage of SWT to draw+aggro mobs to the beam (immense safety!!) + apply EE. just some tweaks like the above points could make this build even more powerful :-)

PlayerXIII wrote:
Realm Ender, Searing Touch, +2 Fire +1 Socketed. Which is the best and which one is the worst? Running Searing Touch atm, should I still swap to either of the other ones?

start using realm ender when u hit lvl40

switch to searing touch when u hit lvl60, the 70% increased burning matters more than the additional +1 gem of the realm ender at lower levels of searing bond gem.

then start saving up for a +1 gem +2 fire gem CRUDE BOW. not staff. in the current essence league its actually more easy to craft a +3 bow than a staff

1)use +2 fire essence on white crude bow
2)have a bow with 2prefix (including the +2 fire) and 2suffix? yes then go to (3) if not scour and go back to (1). if you somehow get +3 you can obviously stop here.
3)put cata's cannot put attack mods metamod on the bow
4)exalt. you can only get +1 gem for that.

for endgame purposes, this is the best weapon. using a bow will allow you to use a quiver which adds hp and/or other defensive benefits. unless you dont care about the defense or you love the %fire damage of a staff then a staff is fine for now.
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Tamale wrote:

I'm still a bit confused on the ascendancy.. is Tukohama great because of the taunt? Because the enemies kill themselves with the reflected damage? I want to believe you but I can't shake the notion that the flat 40% more damage from slayer sounds amazing for this build and the life leech of chieftan doesn't work with searing bond. In short - what exactly makes chieftan the best?

you grab tukohoma for the taunt. without tukohoma, bosses (some of them immune to the reverse knockback) can most of the time completely ignore your totems and just go for the player.
the taunt not only basically turns the SWT into a form of decoy totem, it also makes them do 10% LESS dmg under the taunt duration. in addition with arohongui, its a powerful defense against bosses with strong AOE spam attacks

hinekora is useless for this build.
its effects like leech and penetration are only applied on HIT (which they originally always do) which is not applicable for SB (which is a DoT) anyway.
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Really nice guide overall but I'm blocking on something (probably stupid). You're having an elemental proliferation gem in your searing bond setup, which means you can't inflict status ailment and so ignite with searing bond. Thus, you use increased burning damage and searing touch which gives tons of burning damage.. So how do you burn the mobs?

Edit : Problem solved, you can burn without igniting, now i know it :p
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