[2.4] Searing Bond - Reverse Shockwave Totem - Chieftan || Budget || The Original SB Atziri killer

Dropped Atziri at 76
30k dps
4.2k hp

Total cost in all my gear: maybe 10c.

Just to give an idea of how strong this build is with the new patch, my guy last league with a +3 staff and level 2 empower was doing 24k unbuffed damage. If I had that same set up this guy would be doing about 50k.
Do you think the totems sustain the damage of uber? :/

normal atziri is easy, but you think uber will be possible?
with a 6L +3 staff, 21 SB, 4 Empower, berserker, and elemental overload you are looking at 100k+ dps with this build potentially. Previously Uber wasted tested and a little weak at 30k dps. So yes we have above and beyond enough dps to kill uber.

As far as the totems surviving atziri's hits... probably wont. But we have a ton of placement speed thanks to our totem duration nodes that it really doesn't matter.
Fixed the passive tree, should be working again.
Completely re-made the build. The build is now a chieftan with vastly superior sustain and little damage lost. The build is even more budget now with the launch of 2.3 offering us two greatly welcomed uniques to the build.

we have massive life regen, very high base phys mitigation, auto generate endurance charges, taunting totems, high life pool, and more.

If I can scrounge the currency I will be dropping uber atziri with this character.
Added a 2.3 deathless Atziri kill with budget gear that anyone can afford... no level 20 gems either.


Gear used in the video

I just got a 20% Searing Bond totem to drop last night (from a prophecy, I think?), and was looking for a build. This looks fun! (I realize now the health buff probably matters more on the Shockwave totem, but oh well.)

I was curious, and had a couple of questions. What order do you take the Chieftain points in? I had to peep your character to see what 8 to take.

And also, do you level with Flame Totem, or are you able to use Searing Bond right away? Along the same lines, what skills do you go for first (ie, run up to get Ancestral Bond asap, or grab other stuff right away)?

Thanks, and if you explain this in the video, I apologize. At work currently, heh.
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It is definitely a build that can carry you through almost all the content currently for very cheap.

Searing bond is strong as soon as you can 3 Link it and slap it into a Realmshaper (eventually a Realm Ender). The problem is that it really is not worth it until you can run the Reverse Shockwave totems (level 53). So until then I would just use a supplementary skill.

You can go one of two ways.

1) Rush AB and roll with dual flame totems using Iron Will and other standard links.


2) Run down and grab Blood Magic first and running a self cast + 1 flame totem then set yourself up for AB once you hit 53. Again Iron Will will be a helpful link in your set ups.

For both options you want to have it so when you do hit 53 and can swap to the searing bond set up that you will have points to put into EE and AB.

As far as ascendancy points go for Tukohama first and then go for Ramako. I originally grabbed Ramako first when leveling and I can honestly say Tukohama is far and beyond the better choice to get first.

I have been farming atzri, pale council, and uber lab with this character very easily and deathless. I think, other then linking my Realmender, none of my gear costs more then a couple of chaos.
heyho, what about searing touch as weapon, is the 1 gem lvl better then the burning damage? :) impressed by the build so far ^^
Just noticed your toon. How's dominating blow working out?

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