[2.4] Searing Bond - Reverse Shockwave Totem - Chieftan || Budget || The Original SB Atziri killer

This build is very budget with a high currency cap for any level of player. Great for the start of a league, new players, dropping atziri, high tier mapping, uber lab, pale council, and now even uber atziri if you got the currency

This build revolves around one main mechanic to enhance clear speed and survivability, Reverse Shockwave Totems (RSWT). The totems draw everything around them into themselves allowing the mobs to be burned to death by searing bond all while we sit safely back cursing and apply EE to the enemy. The totems also debuff the enemy making them deal 18% less damage to everyone else and force the mobs to target the totem.

A huge new mechanic to the build is the addition of a massive amount of endurance charges and a pair of a new prophecy unique. In addition Prophecies has given us a new budget staff to use. Between these new uniques and chieftan's ability to gain endurance charge on killing a burning enemy, survivability has never been easier.

Passive Tree + Bandits + Ascendancy

Gem Links

Searing Bond (in your staff)
4L: Searing Bond + Elemental Focus + Rapid Decay + Less Duration
5L: + Inc. Burning Damage
6L: + Empower

Reverse Shockwave Totem (in Empire's Grasp)
Shockwave Totem + Added Lightning + Inc. Aoe
If you manage to eventually get 3 blues and 1 red in the gloves add in faster casting.

Ball Lightning + Curse on Hit + Flammability + Elemental Weakness

Depending on your chest piece you can add vulnerability to the CoH set up or if you are running a Koam's Heart (my recommendation) you will just have to manually cast vulnerability.

Enduring Cry + Rallying Cry + Inc. Duration

Ice Spear (maybe add GMP) to proc Elemental Overload

Other Options (Users Choice)
CWDT(max) + Inc. Duration + Immortal Call

Recommended Gear and Required (All Budget Items)

These Rings are an upgrade from Kaom's Sign. You can buy the ring and the prophecy for 1 alch to 1 chaos each. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Empires Grasp are REQUIRED have for the build. They are cheap, about 1 chaos. 4L the gloves and use Vorici to guarantee 2 blues. Ideally you want 3 but 2 is more then enough with the new totem taunts. (REQUIRED)

This is the upgrade of the Realmshaper staff. Again you can get the staff and the prophecy for about 1 chaos each. Ideally try to get one with as close to 50% increased elemental damage as possible, even if you have to pay a few extra chaos. This weapon will easily last you through Atziri and high tier maps(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

If you want to take your damage a little further pick up a Searing Touch at level 60.

BiS Gear

a +2 fire gem with +1 all gems 6L staff running a level 3 or 4 empower and a level 21 Searing Bond. This is your Uber Atziri set up.

Also since we really have the sockets to spare I highly recommend Kaom's Heart.

Offensive Mechanics

Searing Bond has always been a high potential killing machine but it has rather slow clear speed as one must zoom around trying to cross the beam over a mob. This method was boring, dull, and lead to the name Snoring Bond. Well this build changes all that and turns this machine into a mobile incinerating machine.

Two RSWT are dropped causing mobs to be pulled into the totem, this is achieved by Empire's Grasp.

Pulling the room to searing bond rather then chasing after everything great reduces clear time as well as increases safety. The added lightning gem in the link set up procs the elemental equilibrium.

Searing Bond generally follows as the links will connect to you and both of the RSWT giving you three points of devestation. As an alternative in easy areas where mobs die instantly you can just drop three searing bonds and run around like a mad man easily clearing everything in your path.

For harder mobs and bosses use the ball lightning + CoH set up to greatly reduced the monsters resistances and vastly increase the damage they take form searing bond.

Also our totems passively provide a very nice 16% multiplier to our increased damage sources. There is also some other hidden damage sources not seen by our tooltip. (sorry this is not for you tooltip warriors)

The build runs 3 curses to increase the overall damage of searing bond: Flammability, Elemental Weakness, and Vulnerability. We can run two easily from the +1 curse in the passive tree but the third curse is a bit tricky. You can either sacrifice a Kaom's Way for a Deodre's Damning or you can find yourself a +1 curse amulet.

Lastly we use ice spear with its extremely high base crit to proc elemental overload and grant us 40% more damage overally for 8 seconds. This is really only needed vs map bosses if needed at all.

Defensive Mechanics

First off the build has an insane amount of life regen. 1.5% of max life regen per second is gained between the use of Kaom's Way (2 x 0.4%), A chieftain ascendancy notable (0.5%), and a passive point selection in the tree(0.2%). This is further supported by a respectable permanent amount of life regen from the passive tree. It is extremely easy to achieve a minimum of 1000+ life regen per second with enduring cry active and 8 endurance charges. Endurance charges are easily gained as the build has a 20% chance on killing a burning mob to gain an endurance charge... No need for enduring cry except for solo bosses. This lets us run Rallying cry to greatly boost our damage.

Next is taunting and the flat damage mitigation from our totems. Our RSWT totems have a 20% chance to taunt all targets forcing them to attack the totem. Also this cause the mobs to deal 10% less damage to anyone other then the totems. In Addition the totems passively reduced the damage of the mobs around then by 8%. Overall this gives us 18% less damage being dealt to our main character, yay!

With 8 endurance charges our physical mitigation is very respectable. Combine this with very high life regen and the great passive mitigation provided by our totems and you have one very tanky searing bond character.

[2.3] Deathless Atziri - on a budget anyone can afford


Gear used in the video


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Update Log

6/10 - 2.3 Chieftan change and gearing update
Completely Revised and cleared up the guide. Much more tanky with only a small damage loss.

2.2 Log
*We are moving to the Marauder and will be taking the Berserker subclass.

This choice is made for many reasons. First off chieftan and the templar subclass just do not offer as much as berserker. With berserker we get a flat out 40% MORE damage. Since unlike every other SB build we do not rush into the mix we can take this node without the negative consequences. Also the run speed buff when you have not been hit will be on majority of the time and the addition of War Bringer is epic. We get both our damage buff and Enduring Cry now while maintaining some very very large amounts of life and mana regen.

*Full 6-Link Set up

SB -> Elemental Focus -> Rapid Decay -> Less Duration -> Empower is our primary 5 Link. Adding in Increased Burning Damage for our 6th slot. Again i can't stress enough the importance of getting a +2 fire +1 all gems staff.

*129% MORE damage (estimated)

Now this is assuming Elemental Focus and Less Duration both give 1% more damage per level. If so then we have Aspect of Carnage (40%) + Elemental Focus (50%) + Less Duration (39%) = 129% MORE... not increased, MORE. Are you worried about SB up time? Well since we have always taken the totem duration nodes even with a level 20 less duration we are sitting at just under 6s up time, plenty.

*More life and defenses!

War Bringer brings to the table the use of multiple war cries, allowing us to bring enduring cry now for those tasty endurance charges as well as that hefty flat life regen. On top of the phys mitigation and flat life regen we also get some very choice life and mana recovery every time we use a war cry. With all that we also are getting more % life from the passive tree and more base life regen % as well.

Overall this has been the greatest buff to this build in the almost two years of running it. The build has undergone some massive dynamic changes over the last two years. From Warping Searing Bonder w/ Mom AA, to Marauder BM, back to Templar w/ the new RSWT, to now again back to Marauder RWST. The build has always been a means to show how a simple "underpowered" skill with the right theory can overcome any obstacle and actually become a top tier build.

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Great can't wait for the new patch to come out! :)
Anyone have any decent ideas on how we can incorporate Elemental Overload into the build? I am thinking trap + Orb of storms may be ok. But I guess if I am to use a 2L already I am better off with Ice Spear GMP.

hitreza wrote:
Great can't wait for the new patch to come out! :)

This is the best patch ever for this build. I usually stop playing my guy between 80 and 85 as by then there really isn't much else to get. Atziri is easily done on 20/2 set up but now with the massive boost in damage and defenses its time to go for uber. So I will be taking him 90+ and getting a level 21/4 set up.
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How do you feel about the 10% increased damage taken from Berserker?

with 2h we have about 3-5k armour ...
I am not worried about it at all, not even slightly. SWT provides excellent coverage for us and unlike every other SB build we do not have to walk by a mob to deal damage. We hang in the back out of the thick of battle. That alone means the 10% increased damage taken is rarely even in effect. With War Bringer we also not have 2 warcries as well as regenerating 10% life and mana every time we use one. Rallying Cry for a nice damage boost and Enduring Cry for endurance charges (phys mitigation) and the flat life regen. You can easily take Oak from Merc for +1 endurance charges and there is the +1 endurance charge in the templar section that we are right next to as well.

We have more phys mitigation then before and elemental damage is, as always, easily managed by either auras, flasks, or both. With the re-introduction of endurance charges into the build we can also contemplate adding in a CWDT immortal call set up. There are also the increased duration clusters one can take instead of more damage later on.
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fixed the passive tree and added a leveling starting path along with some notes.

Overall the build is looking very strong currently.
Will you still go Berserker or choose Chieftain?

EE works with Chieftain too!
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Zerker, 40% more damage and the war crys.

for a small update: I downed Izaro normal at level 35 on my first blind play through. Enduring Cry really carried me through phase 3. Just hit 50, 3 more levels from equipping my Empire's Grasp. My damage is great and i have taken almost 0 damage nodes. Everything is really on the up and up with this build.
So far I have dropped normal and cruel Izaro without any problems. Cruel was actually even easier then normal was. These ascendancy changes have really made this build shine. Also sitting just under 11k dps at 61 without any real investment into damage nodes. Ill post a section in the guide to show my current gear and stats for those who are following along.

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