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Can do ALL content.
Lowlife Srs magicfind videoguide, Read description

[2.6] Legacy phys/ele/Poison/TheBaron srs

https://youtu.be/67ZOMkeBlks Casual core map, little visual for u guys untill i make some real boss kill videos. this video is from start april, and i did a few major changes since then.


Few stats and info
9400 Life
345% minion dmg + 40% helm enchant + 840 Str /5 = 170% melee dmg
3.6 cast (without vhaste and flesh offering)
56/17 block with rumi 75/51 with bone offering

With the release of The baron, i couldnt help looking into the "your strenght apply to your minions"

that means, everytime i get 5 strenght, my Raging spirits, get the effect, = +1% melee dmg and x life, this is HUGE. atm i sit on 700 Str = 140% melee dmg, wich then is converted to fire/cold, and massivly boost the poison. And the x Life The srs gets from the strenght bonus, massivly boost the poison cloud from beacon of corr, and the minion instability explosion.

I claim, that this version, might be stronger than the +2 skin of loyal with united in dreams SrS i made last league, wich was at that time, the strongest srs i have ever made. only downside is 9400 life vs 15000 energy shield

Best thing about this version so far, is that there is still huge min/max potential and dmg to harvest,

Best upgrades for me atm :

Legacy kaom

Gear + Links

Put efficient training on the left side of WITCH start, and to the right of quickrecovery, this will provide you with 114 str (if the jewel is perfect)


[2.5] Breach Ci phys/ele/Poison srs
NOTE : We dont use the envy aura from the sword, it is simply not worth it imo!!


Bandits : Kill all
Ascendency : mistress, spirit, commander and beacon

Few stats
15400 Energyshield
375% min dmg(+40% from helmet)
3.82 cast pr sec without vhaste and flesh offering
860 life regen pr sec, 11-1200 when hit(enchant) 1700ish with consecrated ground(flask)
31 block - 50/10 with rumi

2.4 Bloodmagic Srs (Final touch, works for 2.5)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Faag2Yojfh8&feature=youtu.be Phoenix kill
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dWMtLRVS-o&feature=youtu.be Minotaur kill
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoBhVAzC9Hs&feature=youtu.be Chimera kill
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjQJw3QiG7E&feature=youtu.be Hydra kill
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXBSoyr0QYw&feature=youtu.be Uber atziri

Haste is optional for 2.5, i prefer it. But you can allways add anger within the gen+hatred links instead.
This build could easily be retouched a bit to be a high life maxblock +3fire bow srs.

[2.4] Essence League Bloodmagic




Minimum = minion dmg + cast speed
best in slot = minion dmg + cast speed + life
4th mod that is great = attributes/resist if needed or more cast speed


28 points + normal lab(note : if you find useable jewels, use em!) - http://poeplanner.com/AAMAAFxBQU1EQXdBQUh0LXdrc0dPdmhFdExKenNpbXZiZklQcjdwcmdSWjFUVWh6Y3VKTW8tb0xISGI0emh3UHUtZWhCaDdjLV9ncll2VXl6QkFlRDIxWEdtNHEtVHc9PQAIQUFBQUFRQUEAAA==

61 points + cruel lab(Note : if you find useable jewels, use em!

This should be enough to get you startet, after the 61 point tree, you just start to fill in rest of the main tree. we go with Haste + clarity untill we can get bloodmagic, can also be hatred+generosity + clarity, depends what you feel like!

9410 life
180% all res (in hideout)
365% minion dmg + 40% srs dmg from helm enchant
58% minion life
6.9 cast pr set
7546 block with rumi + cwdt bone offering (7575 if you use stone of lazhwar)
Lvl 28 srs


[2.1 - 2.2] 75/75 Dodge SrS (uber atziri deathless)

Current stats

NOTE : this build has not been upgraded since 2.2 - i am 100% sure it still works like a dream.
6350 life pictures only show 5400, i upgraded jewels since i took the pictures!
356 minion dmg modifier
7.8 cast pr sec ( without vaal haste and flesh offering )
40/30 dodge / 75/73 with vaal grace





Normal : Oak
Cruel/merc : skill point

Current Gear/gems/links

Portal gem in armour is just for mapping, the blue socket makes u able to add, vaal skelli´s, vaal clarity

Spelltotem/arc = to shock
Shock is an elemental status ailment associated with lightning that causes the affected target to take 50% increased damage from all sources.
and to activate EE)
You will have desecrated in off hand



Superfast clear
Mega safe
Can run all maps and most map-mods
Can do uber 2.1 deathless.


Cannot deal with no mana regen and blood magic maps

Volatile Flame/Ice/Storm blood is my nemesis they will sneak up on you, and blow you the fuck away.


Regular atziri - super easy facetanking everything cuz of the insane dodge with vaal grace

Uber atziri
Trash : here u have to be smart and fast, u need to charge up as many vaal haste and vaal grace as possible and stack em up in your inventory, so u can swap out when atziri goes to shield mode, or you accidently die.

Boss fights : Swap out meele splash with : multistrike, melee dmg on full life or added fire
if you die at trio, take in splash again, so u can easily and fast kill all the spawned craps.

Vaal oversouls : stick to one side untill u see nr 2 vaal is activated with the delay from sticking to one side, stand in middle spam spirits pop totem + flesh offering and watch em melt

Trio : can be a pain in the ass, but with right start and dodging around its piece of cake (expect deaths here from time to time)
Start : vaal skellis in bottom left corner, get into position where ever u like u will most likely pick a spot where u can see the tittiebitch, because she is our goal nr 1, pop ur desecrate, spirits, totem + fleshoffering and go balls deep.

Atziri fight : If you stand directly on top of the clone when they spawn, most of the casted spirits will aim that clone. tip, spam in middle first as soon as u see the mirror clone go to another one and cast rest of the spirits there, in most cases they will burn in seconds, but from time to time, they will flameblast ur spirits away and this is where the high dodge comes into play, ur allmost unhitable with vaal grace up, so just kite around and kill the clone.
another tip, to avoid ur spirits gettin rekt from flameblast before clone die, put down ur totem as far away as u can, then there should be high chance that they will aim that totem first. wich gives u the needed time to melt down the clone before they start aim you.

Hardcore ?
100% viable, just lose a gem or 2 and get that bigger life pool


Colusseum Boss fight https://youtu.be/ZTT5s3qAAxo
Abyss Boss fight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TnGCf6Df7o
Deathless Uber 2.1https://youtu.be/CWkHF-tH4oA

Tips on how i can improve this guide, with more info and such (that i might have forgotten to add), is much appriciated.

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Colusseum + abyss boss fights added under video´s.

Core and Uber comming soon!!
UBER video added !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy build guysNgirls

As i just leveled to 97. i put that node into the sovereignty cluster, and gained 6% effect of non curse auras.
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Pretty awesome!!! Definitely gonna be my next build, WTG Tim!!
IGN RighteousRom LvL-100 Juggernaut
Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
Nice build made me want to get my blood magic srs going again since i got legacy kaoms, looks great on the uber run. I still miss the kinda crunch it used to make when taking down mobs but this seems like the next best thing.
What are your thoughts on ascendancy , looks like a good build for the next league.
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Completed 8 ChallengesFhark wrote:
Nice build made me want to get my blood magic srs going again since i got legacy kaoms, looks great on the uber run. I still miss the kinda crunch it used to make when taking down mobs but this seems like the next best thing.
What are your thoughts on ascendancy , looks like a good build for the next league.

never understood the kaom blood magic srs thingy. i wouldnt sacrifice any of my links/gems for a little extra life.. but thats me.

about ascendency. i am rly hyped about the ascendency. if they do not further nerf srs(why should they, it is not even that op anymore compared to discharge/poison/bladefall/vortex etcetc), ascendency it self is a huge upgraade even with the crappy ai(wich i have shown can be worked around, with few tipsNtactics) the summoner ascendency nodes looks so sexy.

must be said i have played srs for like 15 months now. and i allmost gave up on srs after 2.1 and the ai change. didnt mind the dps nerf, it is only visuel in 6 man partys anyway.
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Well im all specced into it and the builds get up to 9k+ without legacy even though i was more like 7k. But anyway im no expert looks really solid gl.
You went a different route than I did!

I am almost 99, 5k life

I have 10 jewels

All the reduced mana reserve wheels/increased buff effect from top of tree

210% cast speed mod

275 mana regen

275% minion dmg mod, working on corrupting an alpha's howl for more. Already went though about 6 of them, even the lowest roll would put me at 290%

I run haste, hatred, anger, and clarity...haste, hatred, and anger are on alpha's howl for +2, working on successful corruptions to get them all +3 with the exception of hatred I don't believe it gains anymore with another level, already got my generosity done!

Also have my flesh offering successful corrupted, increased duration, and animate guardian! Which I have 4 linked, 19k life and uses Dying Breath and Leer Cast for 33% increased dmg for my SRS!

I use PoH, with all 21/20 gems, still working on the level 4 empower, got 6 leveling up right now, hope one is successful!...my gem setup is same as yours except my echo is built in and I pick up culling strike instead, can't seam to reduce my mana cost enough for multistrike! My cost is 63, but switching out culling for multistrike puts me at 100!!! Still working on fitting it in, I believe it would be a dps step up from culling!

My Tree!
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Dont go multistrike man, there is a bug with it, so spirits hit air if mobs is moving. just swap it in instead of splash for boss´s.

Dont go multistrike man, there is a bug with it, so spirits hit air if mobs is moving. just swap it in instead of splash for boss´s.

Roger that!

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