Ascendancy Changes to Zana's Maps


Now that zana his fixed, can we have also an other slot in hideout for every master that reach level 8, like Leo ;)
Can you please put Map Tiers in the tables, not the level of the zones. Aren't they the new official attribute for each map? Why is there so much confusion around maps?
Will we still get points in artic race boss even if we deleted the character (out of frustration/ragequit reasons)
While you're looking at Zana could you review her daily chisel purchase? At the current ratio it doesn't see much use in temp leagues and as the ratio isn't tied to normal vendors it wouldn't hurt that much to change it to a more appealing ratio would it?
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wicked mod update
This sounds really good!

Thx! :P
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I think that's fairly accurate. :')
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Zana still pointless then.
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