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I've spent the last few weeks working on ExileCraft, a new passive tree editor, to replace the abandoned PoEBuilder editor. ExileCraft has a lot of features right now with a few more to come. I've been using it to create builds for myself and figured that I'd release it a bit early so other people could use it too.

ExileCraft is also an open source project so that, if it becomes abandoned, someone else from the community can continue to maintain it. If you find bugs or want to request features then head over to http://www.github.com/jmis/ExileCraft and open an issue.

You can use ExileCraft now at http://exilecraft.org

Let me know what you guys think!
Last bumped on May 19, 2016, 2:23:09 AM
Checking it out. Runs pretty quick!

First thing I can see that people might like is the rings for the ranges of threshold jewels.

Great start, exile!
Does not work on my iPad :(
Yeah, sorry to iPad users, I plan to get it working iPads/iPhones and IE next!
Amazing work!
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Thanks for sharing this!

I have a minor display issue with the top bar.
Cropped the problem out so as to not have to link a full size screenshot.

(Res on my laptop is 1366x768 if that matters)

Aside from that, nicely done. :)
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Thanks for the heads up about the top bar. I opened up a bug on the project site. I'll be making several fixes in the next few days.
great site
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Silly question, but how do I "export" a tree?
Works very well - Very speedy.

Great job!

As mentioned about the only thing it really needs is jewel radius. The offline POESkillTree app has them and I cannot recall if the source is on github if you wanted to have a peek.

Beyond that, the only QOL thing I can think of is having the search field automatically query the skill tree without having to press enter.

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