[2.2] How to LA -- 75k LA GMP, 327k frenzy, 87% dodge/evade chance -- featuring Darkray Vectors

At a Glance
Life: 4936
Frenzy dps: 326,581.0
GMP chain Lightning Arrow dps: 74,666.9
Chance to evade: 48%
Chance to dodge attacks: 75%
Chance to dodge spells: 40%
Movement Speed: +187%
Number of Mirrored items: 0

Hi! I'm Bed ^_^

So I've been playing bow characters almost exclusively since July 2013. I'd like to think that having levelled 6 different bow characters (that I remember) to level 85 or higher, I have a fairly decent grasp of how to make one efficiently by now. I've always played independently and have never followed a guide in making my characters, so it's interesting to me to compare what I've come up with over the years to other people's creations. I'm feeling slightly bored atm so figured I would share the latest iteration of my rangers, maybe it will help some of you or at least provide some food for thought :)

Build Concept
The basic idea powering the offensive side of the build isn't particularly original. Take some base physical damage and scale it, then convert a bunch of that damage into elemental damage and scale that again. Throw in a bunch of frenzy/power charges and crit. End result is lots of damage.

What differentiates my approach to the archer subtype is a particular focus on frenzy charges and the bonuses that can be exploited from them. Depending on the gear used, a character vaguely following this guide will have between 9 and 11 frenzy charges. On their own, each grants 4% increased attack speed and 4% MORE total damage. Which is pretty intense by itself and allows for massive damage values to be achieved.

But frenzy charges can be exploited defensively as well using the Darkray Vectors unique boots (you might have noticed them), which allow for 2% additional dodge chance per charge. The useful thing about dodge is that its values are additive, but its effects increase in effectiveness with each additional point invested. As an extreme example, consider a character with 0% base dodge, and a character with 99% base dodge (hypothetically). 1% additional dodge given to each character would have markedly different effects: it would be barely noticeable to the first character, but would eliminate 100% of all remaining attack damage directed at the second character.

This means that basically, the more dodge you stack, the more effective it becomes. Therefore by combining Darkray Vectors with Acrobatics, Hyrri's Ire, and the Quartz infusion passive, the dodge cap of 75% can be achieved for as long as frenzy charges are maintained. Combined with an evasion chance of ~50%, this means that only 12.5% of attacks on the player actually hit. Another way of thinking about this is that using all four dodge mechanisms of Acro, Darkrays, Hyrri's and Quartz infusion means that you'll take less than HALF the number of hits from attacks as using acrobatics alone. In other words, Darkrays + Hyrri's = 60% less damage taken from attacks compared to most nooby bow builds. This is at the cost of about 400 life compared to using a rare chest and boots. Sacrifice 7% of your life pool to more than halve incoming damage? I would take that. Darkrays OP.


Single target: Frenzy

Main Links:
Frenzy == Physical to Lightning == Weapon Elemental Damage == Added Fire Damage
5th link: Physical Projectile Attack Damage
6th link: Increased Critical Damage

Since you'll be needing several off-colour sockets for the single target skill, make sure you aim to have it in your chest, put your AOE skill in the bow. The lower dex requirement of chests will make it slightly easier to get the off-colours.

Alternative supports

Slower Projectiles

Slower projectiles does give a marginally higher tooltip dps than Increased Critical Damage as a 6th link (but only by about 2%). Personally I really dislike the slowing effect, and clear speed is affected if you happen to encounter any boss that enjoys walking about, so I don't use it. The 140% mana multiplier can result in borderline shortages depending on your gear too.

But it's definitely a viable alternative and has a very nice advantage over ICD in that it is a beautiful shade of green. This makes colouring your gear a little easier (3 off-colours instead of 4. 4 is absolutely doable though so don't give up hope just because of that), and lets you get away with stacking 41 less intelligence, which could be handy.

Faster Attacks

I know a lot of people use FA. I'm here to tell you not to. Unless your setup is radically different from mine you're never going to get maximum benefit with FA. The additive attack speed bonus from the gem isn't significant enough to overcome the huge increases we have already from the tree, frenzy charges, and the frenzy skill itself. Maybe you like shooting really quickly and if that's the case then good luck to you, but I don't use it myself.

Reduced mana

Seriously. Well partially seriously. People call Reduced mana useless nowadays, but it's functionally just like Blood Magic (without the life penalty), which some people actually do use. I genuinely used this in all my characters for over 2 years until the 2.1 patch made mana sustain a lot easier. Sure it takes up a valuable gem slot, but imo if the alternative is having to invest a bunch of passives getting more mana to sustain a single target skill that you hardly even use most of the time, I'd say reduced mana is worth the peace of mind. So maybe consider it if you're having problems.

AOE: Lightning arrow

Main links: Lightning Arrow == Greater Multiple Projectiles == Chain == Weapon Elemental Damage
5th link: Added Fire Damage
6th link: Physical Projectile Attack Damage

Alternative supports

Faster Attacks

FA is slightly better with your AOE skill compared to frenzy as it has fewer other additive attack speed modifiers to compete with. Usually though, your tooltip still isn't going to be higher and you'll be doing much less damage per hit. If you're now needing 2 shots instead of 1 to take down a pack then faster attacks isn't really helping you. Mana may become more of a problem as well. But it's a decent substitute if you're in to roleplaying machine guns.

Physical to Lightning

100% lightning conversion! I AM THOR, QUIVER BEFORE ME! Using PtL in place of Added Fire damage (not PPAD) will get you the highest six-link tooltip damage (it's about 4% higher than the regular setup for me). This leads to a few disadvantages though. Converting all your physical damage isn't catastrophic as of 2.1 thanks to the generic Vitality Void and Essence Sap leech nodes, but you'll still be missing out on a total of 1.6% physical life leech, and Vitality Void would be an essential rather than an optional node cluster. Not very much considering ~85% of your damage will be elemental anyway, but every little helps.

What I think is a bigger problem is monster resistances. With the regular setup, your damage output will be very roughly shared between the 3 elemental types, with a bit of physical thrown in as well. Using PtL means that you'll be doing a ton of lightning damage, but relatively little cold and no fire or physical. A lot of the time this is fine, but when you come across a 75% lightning resist pack, you could be stuck there longer than you'd generally like. I haven't actually played much with this setup myself though, might be worth investigating in more detail.

Life Gain on Hit

This thing is insane with GMP LA. Under optimal conditions, it can restore up to 10k hp per second. A more realistic figure might be ~1-2k, but that's still great considering it's on top of leech. The fact is though, that most of the time, you really aren't going to be needing that extra life. If you want to be safe then use it by all means, but in most situtions it's a waste and the mana cost is prohibitive - it would generally mean using Herald of Fire in place of Hatred to free up mana. I'd still recommend levelling one though, since a high level LGoH gem enables you to easily do reflect maps.

Alternative AoE skills

Split Arrow

I'd used Split Arrow as my main skill ever since anarchy until finally deciding that LA was superior in endgame during Warbands. But SA still has a lot going for it despite the number of arrows being nerfed in 2.1. The low mana cost is very nice. LA is generally sustainable so long as it isn't used wastefully on single mobs etc, but I am quite a wasteful person sometimes. SA pretty much never runs out. The links are almost the same as for the LA setup as well: GMP is simply replaced by PtL.

Mana Reservation

Hatred - helps you kill stuff!
Arctic Armour - helps you not get killed by stuff! Helps a little with reflected damage as well. And ice trails are cool. No pun intended.


Herald of Fire

Like Hatred for poor people. Feel free to use this in place of Arctic armour if you are feeling hungry for deeps, but survivability is good for your pixels' health. I keep one handy anyway, occasionally I use it for some maps (e.g. +80% cold resistance, when I'm using LGoH etc).


You should be able to cap your resists using just gear, but keep a Purity handy for those elemental weakness maps if you're not significantly overcapped.

Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark

A good way of sustaining power charges if you're not getting hit enough to proc CWDT (see utility skills). Use with AA + HoF (or Hatred if you want the deeps).

Utility skills

Blood Rage == Vaal Haste == Increased Duration

Hopefully this doesn't need too much explaining. Blood rage gives attack speed/frenzy charges/leech, vaal haste gives haste, and increased duration stretches time to your advantage. There is enough life regen in the tree to counteract the degen of Blood rage, so that shouldn't be a noticable problem except possibly in vulnerability or slow regen maps.

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1) == Assassin's mark (lvl 5) == Immortal Call (lvl 3)

If stuff touches you, the stuff gets killed more and you get killed less. A quality Assassin's Mark is great here, and gives a much better chance of getting a Power Charge on kill. The immortal call duration of 0.4 second's isn't really much but still, might as well put it in. Rhoas like to co-ordinate their headbutts.

Blink Arrow
Optional Link: Faster Projectiles

Because ledges and bars are annoying. Faster projectiles really isn't necessary but if you have space you might as well throw it in.

Summon Ice Golem

A furry little companion to keep you company. And make you deadlier.

Skill Tree

95 points

114 points

Additional attribute nodes can be taken as necessary.

For Ascendency passives, I would consider Raider to be the optimal class, with Way of the Poacher and Avatar of Slaughter to be the two core passives you need to get thanks to their frenzy synergy. For the third, I would suggest Quartz infusion so that you can maintain a dodge cap of 75% at max charges for super OP defences. If you want to focus on damage/clear speed OR if you have a +1 frenzy corruption on both your boots and amulet, then Rapid Assault is the obvious alternative.

I won't go into a detailed levelling process since that's not really my area of interest. If you're looking for a good levelling guide, Neversink has a good section in his guide.

Normal - Oak
Cruel - Kraityn or Skill Point (personally I got the skill point with my current character)
Merciless - Kraityn


My current gear


Recommended - Rare helmet

Look for:
+ max life
Increased Evasion
Increased Accuracy

Alternative - Rat's Nest unique helmet

Rat's Nest is brilliant: it combines decent evasion with a massive crit bonus, some hefty movement and attack speed, and some extra rarity. This is at the cost of a life roll however, which in the long run is too big a trade-off imo. And the lack of resists means that you might have to sacrifice offensive stats elsewhere to make up, somewhat cancelling the offensive bonuses. A very popular choice for good reason, but personally I prefer a good rare with life.


Recommended - Hyrri's Ire unique chest

A great defensive option with huge evasion. A life roll is sacrificed for +10% to both dodge and spell dodge. Combined with Phase Acrobatics, Acrobatics, and perhaps the Darkray Vectors boots, a huge dodge chance can be obtained that far outweights the lost life roll. Also, the 3D model is fucking badass.

Alternative - Rare chest

Look for:
+ max life
Increased Evasion

Alternative - Lightning Coil unique chest

If you can make up the resists, lightning coil is quite useful apparently. I've never actually used it myself but I know people who swear by it so might as well list it for completeness sake

Alternative - Daresso's Defiance unique chest

Again, I've never actually used it but it looks good on paper. Decent evasion, some life, some flat dodge chance, and endurance charges which synergise well will immortal call. The hybrid base could make getting colours on the chest easier as well.


Recommended - Rare gloves

Look for:
+ max life
Adds physical damage
Increased attack speed
Additional accuracy
Increased Evasion

Alternative - Maligaro's Virtuosity unique gloves

If you want to make everything explode with your fury, choose these! But be prepared to die a bit. No life or resists suck. On balance, Rat's Nest is probably a better option if you are to go with one offensive item.

Alternative - Atziri's Acuity unique gloves

This shit is op. Enough said. If you're using these you are either too good at this game to be reading build guides or are a dirty RMTer. Either way, get out.


Mandatory - Darkray Vectors unique boots

I find that my use of Darkrays is the biggest differentiator between me and other bow users - not many appear to have caught on to just how op these things are! Sure they have a charge duration reduction which is annoying, but once you get going and have a good character this is rarely much of a hinderance - you'll be sprinting between packs at the speed of light so your charges will almost always be up.

But the additional frenzy charge and charge-related bonuses are insane. You'll be running around with 45% movement speed and 18% extra dodge using them, even more if you manage to get a +1 frenzy corruption on the boots and/or amulet as well. Combined with Hyrri's, this gives an incredible defence that literally lets you tank almost anything you want (that won't 1shot you). And enough speed to leave anyone else in the dust.

Alternatives - There are none.
Rare boots, Atziri's Step and The Blood Dance are all good boots, but Darkray Vectors is the Lord of Master of the Universe.


Recommended - Rare ring

Look for:
+ max life
Increased weapon elemental damage
Adds physical damage
Increased attack speed
Additional accuracy
Increased strength
Increased intelligence

Diamond and resist base rings are best, try to get them if possible.


Recommended - Rare amulet

Look for:
+ max life
Adds physical damage
Increased Crit chance
Increased crit multi
Additional accuracy
Increased strength
Increased intelligence

Apart from the bow and quiver, the amulet is where you can get the largest amount of offensive power of any item - try to get an amulet with at least 3 decent rolls out life, crit chance, crit multi, and flat phys. If you're ridiculously rich and/or lucky, you can get a corrupted amulet with +1 frenzy charge as well.


Recommended - Rare Belt

Look for:
+ max life
Increased weapon elemental damage
Increased strength

A rustic sash is by far the best base for the build if you can find a good one. That implicit.


Recommended - Rare quiver

Look for:
+ max life
Increased weapon elemental damage
Increased Crit chance
Increased crit multi
Attack speed

Spike-point arrow quiver is the best base, followed by broadhead arrow quiver.


Recommended - Rare Harbinger bow

Look for:
300+ physical dps
8.5%+ critical strike chance


I would recommend using:
x2 Ample/Perpetual/legacy Surgeon's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
x1 Seething/Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching
x1 Seething/Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Heat
x1 Taste of Hate = Perpetual Diamond Flask of Reflexes >> Atziri's Promise

A legacy Surgeon's Divine/Eternal Life Flask of Staunching could be used instead of a Seething/Bubbling one if owned.

Diamond flasks got a huge buff in 2.2, consuming only a quarter of the charges that they did before and now storing 2 charges, meaning that you can essentially have one activated at all times and achieve an effective crit chance of ~88% (as well as buffed evasion for close to 90% dodge/evade chance). For offense it would definitely outdo ToH now, though I've kept them as equals because of ToH's considerable defensive capabilties as well. Use whichever you prefer/can afford.


If possible find a jewel with mana gained on hit as a mod. Although not by any means essential, it will make sustaining Lightning arrow slightly easier against smaller packs.

Other than that, look for increased life as a priority, followed by physical/projectile damage or attack speed mods.

Maps and Bosses

Most map mods are pretty trivial, I'll mention a few though:

-Reflect: both types can be dangerous. Physical reflect can be done by using Blackgleam quiver or by using PtL gem in the LA setup for full conversion (but don't use frenzy in the latter case).

Elemental reflect can kinda be done by turning off elemental auras and replacing WED and added fire with LGoH and some other filler gem, but damage is unsurprisingly nerfed hard and it's still quite dangerous so I often skip it. Don't worry about individual reflect rares though, single monsters won't kill you so long as you use LA rather than Frenzy to take them down.

-No leeching: Rare top tier mod so you won't come across it much but it is annoying. If you choose to run these you'll probably want to have an extra hybrid flask to be safe. You should be able to sustain LA mana with Spirit void, but single target could be an issue without a flask.

- -max resistances: dangerous for any build so be careful. You still won't 1shot yourself against ele reflect rares but obviously it's more dangerous so make sure you're not tanking packs at the same time. You can tank a large reflect hit or a large monster hit, but maybe not both simultaneously.

-Blood magic: Not a problem just turn off auras.

-No regen: annoying but perfectly doable. Just be careful not to get too low from blood rage degen.

-20/40/60% less mana/life recovery rate: similar to no regen, annoying but doable if you don't do anything stupid. For 60% and maybe 40% you might have mana problems for Frenzy, so you could bring a hybrid flask if you expect to use it much (high hp bosses etc)

Some of the harder bosses:

-Jungle Valley boss generally isn't difficult. You have a lot of AoE so can clear the room as soon as anything drops down.

-Terrace boss is dangerous without some chaos res so be careful. I would be wary of it with anything less than -15% or so.

-Torture chamber boss isn't hard if you know how she works. Just stay by a pillar. You may well kill her before she even uses the laser anyway.

-Orchard boss is dangerous but not difficult, its projectiles are easy to kite and you'll dodge/evade most of the non-explodey ones anyway. Damage is big though so depending on the map mods you might want to skip to be safe.

-Malformation boss is similar to Orchard: dangerous but not difficult if you know how she works. Game over if you get hit by the laser, otherwise pretty simple. Your call.

-Residence Dominus is fairly easy, just watch out for the ghost things and touch of god.

-Volcano boss can do some damage if you're not careful. Just run around a lot and you won't get hit. Run away and wait a few seconds if things start getting too congested and dangerous.

-Academy boss is easy if you stand behind one of the tables at the side of the room. You'll evade nearly all his books and the whirlwinds generally won't reach you.

-Crematorium boss is dangerous, probably wouldn't risk it at all with -max res. Trick is to run around a lot and never stay in the same place for more than 2 seconds. Offscreening her is a useful strategy as well.

-Village ruin boss is generally ok since you'll evade most of the chicken's projectiles and avoiding the dog isn't difficult. Just make sure you always kill the chicken first. Enraged dog is still completely avoidable, but enraged chicken's projectiles will 1shot you.

-Excavation boss is hard, I've still not worked out a consistent strategy to do them. I wouldn't attempt it if there are any serious damage mods on the map. The fire throwing guy is the most difficult and annoying of the 3.

-Wasteland boss is ok, just stay out of his way so he doesn't smash you. If you run away a lot he'll also keep moving and so won't be regenerated by his consecrated ground too much either.

-Conservatory boss is overrated, just stay out of vaal smash range and watch out for the laser. You'll generally be able to see it coming if you pay attention to his arms. It typically won't 1shot you anyway unless you're in a -max res map.

-Palace dominus is surprisingly easy so long as the mods aren't too difficult. First phase is the same as Residence, just don't try to tank him and you'll be fine. For the second form do the opposite: tank him. Unless the mods are horrific you'll be hit so infrequently that flasks and leech will be more than enough to cover any damage.

-Shrine piety is generally fine. Move around a lot when she's in human phase to avoid the lightning balls/storms. Her fire phase can generally be tanked easily enough, but just keeping moving will stop you getting hit if you want to be safe. Her ice phase can be tanked as well if the mods aren't scary, you generally won't even be hit by her arrows at all.

I haven't run any T15 maps with this character so can't comment with so much confidence on them. But if their merciless equivalents are anything to go by, Kaom is easy if you keep moving, same with Daresso. Doedre may be tankable, but I'm not sure how much damage she does in core. Maligaro is very dangerous without chaos res, Shavronne isn't too hard if you move. Malachai himself is dangerous, probably wouldn't want to do him on this character.


Note: all screenshots are from the 2.1 patch series. The new numbers are summarised at the top of this thread. I'll update the actual screenshots as well when I can be asked :P

Screenshots are taken in a typical fighting scenario using the gear listed above: 9 frenzy charges, 3 power charges, using the Hatred aura and with vaal haste, blood rage, and Taste of Hate activated.

Single Target DPS

GMP Chain Lightning arrow DPS


For fun: max damage (from 2.1)

For these screenshots, Rat's Nest, Maligaro's Virtuosity and Herald of Fire were used. Although not viable, it gives an interesting indication of what the build could is really capable of.


GMP chain Lightning Arrow

For fun 2: using a 200 pdps bow and a 5L

For these screenshots, a rubbish bow was used! The 6th link was also taken out of both gem setups. All other things remained the same. Hopefully this should give some idea of what the build is capable of even with relatively cheap gear.


GMP chain Lightning Arrow


(from 2.1 patch series. Should be even faster now)

2:13 Gorge speedrun (regular setup)
2:18 Gorge speedrun (regular setup)
2:20 Gorge speedrun (regular setup)
2:45 Gorge speedrun (Split Arrow setup) - This could have been slightly faster but I'm not optimised for Split Arrow atm
1:55 Gorge speedrun (racing setup) - using Haste, Herald of Fire, Rat's Nest, Maligaro's Virtuosity and a Diamond Flask in place of regular equipment. Not really viable for real usage, watch me almost 1shot myself to reflect!
1:56 Gorge speedrun (racing setup)

Questions, comments, criticism, rants against my love affair for Darkrays? Speak forth
For try for see and for know.
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Build seems nice. I like the unusual choice of unique items (another one that don't use rat's/maligaro/drillneck, yeah!).
I've never tried Darkray because of light radius reduction, which I guess I will find annoying in indoor maps. Aren't you bothered by it?
Ranger builds list: /917964
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Build seems nice. I like the unusual choice of unique items (another one that don't use rat's/maligaro/drillneck, yeah!).
I've never tried Darkray because of light radius reduction, which I guess I will find annoying in indoor maps. Aren't you bothered by it?

Thanks! In regard to the light reduction, it's one of those things that you really notice and hate when you start using the item, but completely forget about after a few minutes. 25% isn't huge anyway, you'll see the difference if you play different characters side by side, but otherwise you'll hardly notice it exists.
For try for see and for know.
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Nice build Bed, well done!
IGN Soultakerr
nice build but what is your tooltip dps in hideout just with hatred and golem?
Very interesting, Going to give this build a try. Looks pretty HC viable.
novol wrote:
nice build but what is your tooltip dps in hideout just with hatred and golem?

Using only hatred and golem:



The buffs are pretty significant ngl :p

I concur having all the buffs up all of the time is unrealistic, but having just frenzy charges and blood rage active (which IS realistic for about 95% of the time) makes a pretty big difference compared to hideout cus frenzy charges op.

Using hatred, golem, blood rage and 9 frenzy charges (no power charges/vaal haste/ToH):



Depending on how quickly you clear, you might expect to have additional buffs from Taste of Hate and Vaal haste about 50% of the time. Power charges can be less easy to maintain when relying on a cwdt setup since you basically don't get hit most of the time.. I'm considering swapping hatred for HoF + HoI + curse of hit + assassin's mark to curse more reliably at the cost of a bit of tooltip, might be something to try out.

Karisma91 wrote:
Very interesting, Going to give this build a try. Looks pretty HC viable.

Thanks, gl! With regards to HC viability, I think it should be viable in principle yes. I know people who have made successful hardcore characters less tanky than this. Personally I'd make a terrible HC player cus I like to do stupid things just to push myself, but this build is great because most of the time I can actually get away with it.

Reflect mobs aren't generally an issue thanks to the relatively low per-hit damage of Lightning arrow and our huge chance to dodge/evade. LA is such an effectively clearer because every mob in a pack gets hit several times from a single shot, but not more than one of these multiple "hits" will ever be reflected thanks to the avoid chance (unless you're ridiculously unlucky). This basically means that, you're rarely going to take more than about 1.5k reflect damage from a shot, and usually won't even get hit at all. You can see a more typical reflect scenario in the 2:13 gorge run, I take about 700 damage I think. Just don't use frenzy on reflect mobs. That actually can be dangerous lol

For try for see and for know.
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please help me, what have i done wrong, my dps on LA unbuffed is only 4k,i mean it still like 1 shots packs on t10 maps but like, i like seeing big dps numbers :C, fully buffed its around 30k

So you only depend on evasion entropy to avoid elemental reflect? And that works? The reason i say this is that i have had LA chain crit builds in the past and suffered very many off screen one shot instant deaths However due to evasion being almost completely use-less (IMHO) in most situations ive only ever specced armor.
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GetRekz wrote:
please help me, what have i done wrong, my dps on LA unbuffed is only 4k,i mean it still like 1 shots packs on t10 maps but like, i like seeing big dps numbers :C, fully buffed its around 30k

30k LA fully buffed is still pretty awesome :P

Once you're decently levelled, the most significant things to improve damage generally depend on buying expensive gear unfortunately. The biggest single-step improvements to damage that you'll get would be to
1) Upgrade your bow - 288 pdps will be perfectly fine for most things, but an upgrade to a 330+ bow with 8.5% crit chance will bring about BIG improvements to your damage. The crit chance is important too!
2) Get a 6L. a 6th gem will improve your damage by 25% or so.

Other damage improvements can come from stats on gear. Obviously there's a fine balancing act between defensive and offensive stats, and always prioritise the former, but if you can make room:

The amulet and quiver are the best DPS items other than the bow itself. Try to stack as much crit multi, WED, flat phys, crit chance and accuracy on them as possible, even if it means your other items having fewer offensive stats. Don't neglect life though.

Your rings both have flat phys and one has accuracy already, they're sufficiently offensive for now I think. Focus on improving them defensively before looking for more offensive stats, or swap one for a ring with purely life/high resists so you can get a more offensive amulet.

Your helmet is good defensively. I wouldn't prioritise this by any means, but if you can find a similar one with a high (300+) accuracy roll you'll see a not-insignificant tooltip improvement.

If you can, swap doryani's for a belt with decent life + resists, either on a rustic sash base or with a good WED roll. If you can get a rustic with a good WED roll you'll see a big damage increase.

Personally I'm not a fan of snakebite, at least in combination with darkrays... Surely your frenzy charges only last for like a second? xD If you can get a rare with decent flat phys and/or IAS and/or accuracy (and life + probably resists ofc) you should be able to make up for the damage lost in replacing them, and actually be able to keep charges up.

Lightning coil is good defensively but its absolutely rubbish resistances will hurt your dps in that you'll need to focus more on resists instead of damage on other gear. Personally I prefer Hyrri's in terms of defence, which is a small but existent improvements in terms of resists as well. Using a rare chest is also an option. LC is more of an end-endgame item once you've sorted the rest of your gear, I wouldn't use it if you think you're having problems elsewhere, but it's your call :p

Finally, level your gems to 20 and use the 20% quality recipe and level them all again! Quality on a single gem doesn't make a great deal of diffence. Quality on all of them does. I wouldn't buy them all though, that's effort :p

maxor wrote:
So you only depend on evasion entropy to avoid elemental reflect? And that works? The reason i say this is that i have had LA chain crit builds in the past and suffered very many off screen one shot instant deaths However due to evasion being almost completely use-less (IMHO) in most situations ive only ever specced armor.

I concur that in the past, reflect would have been completely infeasible for a physical-conversion LA build to deal with effectively. But now that reflect is an implicit monster trait rather than an aura, it's far less deadly than it once was.

This particular spec is also far more defensive than most other crit bow builds seeing as we have almost twice as much dodge (and also arctic armour), which essentially means we avoid almost twice as much reflected damage. The fragmented nature of LA hits means that a single reflected shot is basically never going to kill you in normal circumstances, and thanks to the huge evade/dodge chance, one reflected shot is the most you're generally going to be hit by. And in any case, I think ANY evade chance is going to help you more against elemental reflect than armour :P

Also worth bearing in mind that elemental reflect is mitigated by player resistances, so having a high elemental to physical damage ratio is advantageous in coping with both reflects: if you're doing 75% elemental damage, physical reflect is still going to be more of a problem. In my current setup, elemental damage accounts for approximately 85% of damage fully buffed.

From actually playing the game, I honestly don't worry about shooting into reflect packs with LA. At all. Unless it's a -max resist map and I'm standing on shocked ground and the mobs have been pentacursed and there's an aurabot or something, but there are always going to be extreme cases. Just don't be dumb and you'll be fine :P (For the record, I still do -max resist maps. I don't die.)

In terms of reflect maps, phys reflect is trivial using blackgleam to convert remaining damage to elemental. PtL on LA can be used instead, but you probably shouldn't use frenzy in that case, and you'll need to recolour.

Even ele reflect is ok with some modification. Use haste instead of hatred, take out PtL/maybe AF for single target (or just don't use it..), and also take out WED for LGOH in LA. Surprisingly, that's all it takes generally, don't even need to take out added fire (though you could to be safe, especially at higher damage). It does kinda confuse me cus even my calculations show me taking more damage than I actually notice, but best not to complain.

I probably wouldn't risk certain evil combinations though, and often I don't bother with reflect in the first place cus nerfing damage isn't fun xD And there is just the extra danger, I won't deny that I have died in reflect maps where I wouldn't have normally. But very rarely, and in unlucky (or experimental) circumstances.
For try for see and for know.
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