How the Chitus Letters Were Created

when can we expect more info on 2.2 content??
I was shocked when I got mine but then thought what a KOOL game reality out of fiction you all at GGG work hard at keeping us amused an entertained Thanks for all your hard work
widardd wrote:
I wonder what people at that time have used. They surely didn't have ice. Maybe the stamp being made of metal was the problem here?

I believe they used Ice-witches back in the days.
The amount of effort that was put into making those letters is amazing. Had I know (or been paying attention) that I would have gotten something like this I should have gotten one.

Good work guys!
I want one. :(

I'm fascinated by old world stuff, wish I could see things like this in person.. things that aren't extremely valuable and fragile at any rate.
I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't help the way people interpret my words.
These are the kind of things no other game company goes out of their way to do for those who support their game(s), and that is what sets GGG apart from all the rest in that respect.

Very well down letters. Keep up your good work!
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So were ALL the Highgate Supporters getting one, if so i haven't gotten one.
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That is so bad ass! A really cool idea and a nice way to thank the supporters.
If there are any two or three people out there that would like to part with letters #1 and #3 please PM me. I would like to create a display of all three letters. Ideally I would like to get Letters #1, #3 and then one more of any of them (I already have #2) so that I can create a display that shows the content of each letter as well as one that at least looks unopened. Obviously no in-game trading as that would be P2W, but if you are willing to part with it, we can work something out I am sure.

"Bullshit, you get the game for free."
Seems like a lot of work for a fake letter.

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