How the Chitus Letters Were Created

To create these letters, we first needed to find some suitable parchment paper. We scoured the internet trying to find somewhere local that stocked it. Finally, we came across this:

The only problem was that the local retailer only had 30 sheets available, so we ended up having to order more in from across the country. We cleared out the majority of New Zealand's parchment paper!

Next, we had the appropriate number of each letter version printed.

Letter 1:

Letter 2:

Letter 3:

Once the printing was complete, "arts-and-crafts day" commenced!

Each letter was carefully folded by hand in a specific way, displaying the recipient's name, "Cadiro Perandus", on the front. The wax seal would be positioned below his name.

To create the wax seal, we commissioned a custom-made House of Perandus stamp.

Getting the wax seal right was more difficult than we anticipated!

There were a few failed seals before Eben discovered that icing the stamp between attempts helped a lot.

Finally, the letters were finished and were ready to be sent out to our Highgate Supporters in sequential order.

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