How the Chitus Letters Were Created

I wonder if next supporter packs could include real life living kiwi pets...
A man can dream :(
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That looks really awesome!
That's really cool. Looks like you guys and gals had some fun figuring out how to make these. :)
I have never seen a game company go to the lengths and creative measures to invovle and reward thier players and supporters. You guys rock GGG!
Shame about the typos in the letters. Pretty awesome stuff otherwise.
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Pretty nice ;) however i wonder about any chance new ascendancy class (even part of paths only would be nice) reveal in very near future? new year for example ;) personally i would like to know if there is totem related ascendancy class
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nice! love it when game companies take care of their fans like this :) GG GGG
In this day and age, i'm really surprised that GGG will go all out and commission a custom stamp and actually use wax to seal the letter.

You guys will have my continued support!
Looks amazing.
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I wonder what people at that time have used. They surely didn't have ice. Maybe the stamp being made of metal was the problem here?
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