(3.2) [Lighty] Bladefall Totem's - Better Every League Since 2.1

prayformercy wrote:
Was considering running this build as my league starter for 3.3. Anything i should know about it or is it still basically the same setup as what you have for 3.2 in the starting post?

i have the same question...didn't bladefall get buffed or was it a nerf i don't remember
Having a ton of fun with this build in incursion atm, but i just got to the trickster passive and i dont seem to be gaining any power or frenzy charges on kill. Did they change it so totems cant proc it?
They changed the Hierophant node of the Ascendant. They took away the"%50 chance to gain a power charge when you place a totem" and replaced it with "gain arcane surge when you or your totems hit an enemy with a spell". Which is nice, but the lack of power charges makes this build in need of a rework. The power charge nodes aren't necessary, the dual Shimmerons are superfluous. The fact that they took away the helmet restriction for the extra totem means that this build needs a complete re-work, It may be viable for high-end content, but it's hard to see it in theorycraft. Need to build this anew and gather up tons of Regret orbs to see what actually works.
This build is not viable anymore. it was completely and i mean completely built around the "GAIN POWER CHARGE" proc so yeah this build needs completely reworking. My advice, switch the void batteries for 2 poet pens, run Bladefall in one and Blade vortex in another, with frenzy in a shaper pair of gloves for faster attacks/or curse on hit and then just go to town. The damage output is insane and can facetank most content with watchers eye (vitality) and some good rings with +life gain per enemy hit by attacks, hope this helps.
A Poet's Pen build is a completely different build. This is, at its heart, a totem build. I agree, though, Bladefall/Blade Vortex in dual Poet's Pens would be insane. But that wouldn't be a rework, it would be a whole other build, IMHO.

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