(3.2) [Lighty] Bladefall Totem's - Better Every League Since 2.1

What kind of jewels/abyss jewels should I be looking for this build? I'm kinda new to the game and not so sure about what would be the right comination.
controlled des with power charges? does that work?
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Hey, what jewels you use?
No PoB link?
I am starting this build currently . so far working ok . Is this still end game viable to do all content?
I don't get it. I have alot more dps with dual Shimmeron wands than Void Battery in BoP.
So can someone explain too me why i would want to even buy VB when i bought shimmerons for 1c each?
I thought I did a comparsion of this as well.

I beleive with full charges from the Void Batteries you will wield more DPS. It gives you the extra Power Charges. I do well with both of them.. There is that occasional lightning bolt to come down and wipe your totems.

My biggest hurdle is getting the last lab down. I have 15 more Points to apply but I'm just putting them where ever it think it will benefit me. Trying to hold out on getting Eternal Lab done and moving up the assassin tree. Getting all those done , is a pain for me.

I love this build. It is a cake walk.
I do notice that in my T4 - higher maps with in a group, I seem to be a weaker link. When I'm solo, It is a breeze :)

No explaination of Jewels to use on this build has made it interesting. Thats A Ok though.. I like to figure half of this $hit out . What I have been using- Spire of Stone, Anything with Spell Damage, Dex, Anything to assist my totem or Other damage. I'm only 79 and try to find most of everything myself. The wands I had to buy.

Great Build.
Ascendancy Changes for the Scion are pretty interesting. The +1 Totem from Hierophant is no longer stuck to Helmet...

Looks like some nice buffs for this build, given that means you could go to unique body with a support and get to 7-linked bladefall performance?

I'm excited to see what kind of new twists are suggested, particularly as I will be playing a version of this build in the new league with a friend. We play "duo self-found" where we share, but don't buy from the markets, so the ability to self-find almost everything for this build is great.

how to sustain power charges in 3.2?

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