[IN DEPTH] 2.2 Crit LA/Blastrain Voltaxic - Hardcore/SC Viable


First things first, I need to give credit to ad1ce, a lot of the build is derived from his original build. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1396515. I really overlooked the use of the Static Electricity Jewel, so I appreciate that, it really helps this build.

Voltaxic has been a strong item since it's release, and with the changes to Lightning Arrow, the addition of Blast Rain, and the changes in the passive tree in 2.1 it has become even stronger. EDIT: Ascendancy sky rocketed this build even further!!!

I am using the updated version of this build in Perandus HC and I can tell you at Level 69 it already feels stronger than when I was at 86 in Talisman.

-Reflect immune.
-Fast clear speed. Strong AoE and Single Target DPS. Movement speed buffs.
-No blood magic needed (passive tree or gems).
-Free chain without the negative damage modifier! (2.2)
-Amazing sustain without needing leech on gear.
-Good defensive mechanics with acrobatics + auto endurance charges from Daresso's or Phys Reduction from Lightning Coil
-Borderline permanently shocking enemies
-4-6 Frenzy charges, 3 Power Charges, 3 Endurance Charges at all times. #FullChristmasTree
-Scales very well with more investment
-Can start right at level 64
-Only requires a single 5 Link to be effective, but scales ridiculously with a 6L or an additional 5L
-Chaos Damage Purple AF

-Not the cheapest build.
-Can be hard to get proper colors for certain set ups (curse on hit)
-Intelligence is needed on gear
-Not considered tanky, but hey... we should know this. We still have very respectable mitigation
-Physical damage bursts are still deadly, but manageable as long as it's not a 1 shot
-Can be slow to level compared to spell casters.

Required Gear:

The bread and butter. Getting a 5L (maybe 6 if you're a lot luckier than me) on this is your priority for currency investment.

Previously I was using 2 of these in Talisman, I think with the changes to the tree only 1 is viable.

Not required but HIGHLY recommended:

This is a cheap chest piece, and you only really NEED a 4L on it, which isn't too expensive. I bought this without 6 sockets for about 4 chaos at the beginning of Talisman HC. Daresso's Defiance can be a deceptively good defensive option. #1 The quality of life from auto generating endurance charges is fantastic and it saves you a gem socket for Enduring Cry. This makes your Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call setup completely auto-pilot. #2 Reasonable amount of evasion and life. #3 The cost (1C in Hardcore Perandus for non-socketed.)

If you can afford to get a Lightning Coil eventually it is best in slot for this build IMO. 30% Physical damage taken as lightning... flat lightning damage... life. All good things.

Also a taste of hate is a great defensive flask, albeit pricey, but certainly a great option.

Other items to consider
Alpha's Howl - is an option for this build as well, ad1ce used one in his build to run an additional aura (arctic armor i believe) I'm not sure how necessary it would be in this version because we ARE using mana for our attacks.

Drillneck - also an option for this build if you have a 6L. Pick up Piercing Shots in the passive tree and/or Powerful Precision in the Deadeye tree (you would need to respec out of 5 passive nodes to do so, I'm not sure what would be best at that point... potentially some crit nodes because of the Powerful Precision Ascendancy, or maybe Forces of Nature and a few lower % life nodes.) Not sure it's worth the hassle.

Snakebite - If you choose to use this gloves you will be speccing into the poison nodes in the tree. They are viable for sure, ad1ce is using them in his build, so obviously it's worth taking a look at. I prefer to use rare gloves.



Lightning Arrow vs. Shrapnel Shot
Lightning Arrow is just superior in almost every way. Shrapnel Shot does not chain, and the AoE from the 'blasts' are not nearly as substantial as those from Lightning Arrow. Maybe with a Drillneck Shrapnel Shot may be worth taking another look at, but even then I think Lightning Arrow with Pierce is better. EDIT: It's not worth the look

Blast Rain vs. Frenzy/Puncture/any other single target
Blast Rain causes 4 explosions which "always overlap". This leads to VERY consistent damage output that is good for not only single target damage but also reliable damage in tight spaces. The nature of the ability is that it's a 'vertical' projectile. This lets you target monsters/totems that are behind a large group of enemies that lightning arrow may not reach. This makes it superior to any 'horizontal' projectile like frenzy or puncture, and the range is much better than a trap would be, also far less cumbersome. The elemental damage you do all gets added to blast rain anyway so don't worry about the fire conversion.

Links and Gem Setups
AoE + Main attack 5L/6L:
Lightning Arrow -> Greater Multiple Projectiles/LMP -> Weapon Ele Damage -> *Added Lightning Damage*/Innvervate -> Void Manipulation -> Increased Critical Damage/Power Charge on Critical/Pierce
The 5 link is set in order of importance. Innervate is amazing... flat shock chance increase on TOP of Voltaxic's 10%, Onslaught on killing a shocked enemy, and it will proc your Herald of Thunder for cursing on hit. I am using Added Lightning Damage currently. You could also bypass Innervate, go straight to Added Lightning Damage and use a Silver Flask for onslaught if you wanted. For a six-link I think either increased critical damage or power charge on crit are viable. If you choose PCoC, you can change your curse on hit from Assasin's Mark to whatever you want (Poacher's Mark, Projectile Weakness, Temp Chains are all viable options). I would choose pierce as my 6th link if I was attempting to use a Drillneck setup.

Single Target/Boss Wrecker 4L/5L/6L:

Blast Rain -> Weapon Ele Damage -> Concentrated Effect -> Void Manipulation -> Added Lightning Damage -> Poison
Yep... that's all you need. For a 5th link I would get Added Lightning Damage and for a 6th Link Poison. You could also run Culling Strike + Item Rairty as 5th and 6th link if you wanted to on lower tier maps, but consider hot swapping to a culling strike/item rarity setup in your off hand as well.

Curse On Hit Setup 3L
Herald Of Thunder -> Curse on Hit -> Assassin's Mark
Assassin's mark is what we are going to be generating power charges from. The flat %crit chance on cursed mobs is nice, as well as the mana + life per kill. Keep in mind that in group play if you are not cursing, you are NOT generating power charges. Like I stated earlier, this can be swapped with any other curse you prefer if you are A. Running power charge on crit as a 6th link or B. Not concerned with power charges at all. Diamond flasks do help with DPS a lot in that case. If you are running in a group where you won't be cursing, I recommend running Arctic Armor instead of a Curse On Hit setup.

Defensive Setup 4L + Utility
Cast When Damage Taken Lvl 5 -> Immortal Call Lvl 7 -> Increased Duration -> Vaal Haste
You keep these low level so that they activate frequently, you will be generating endurance charges rapidly as long as you are killing mobs so don't be afraid of your CWDT setup going off, that's what it's there for. Keep in mind IF you are using a Lightning Coil, you will want to level these up a bit more, i feel like a level 15 Immortal Call and level 13 CWDT will be good. Vaal Haste is in here simply to have it linked with increased duration. You should be able to maintain close to a 100% uptime with this linked to duration if you're moving fast (which you should, and you can)

Other Utilities/Aura
Blood Rage - Vaal Summon Skeletons - Wrath - Summon Ice Golem - Blink Arrow - Vaal Grace

Blood Rage - Increased attack speed + frenzy charge generation. You will degen slightly from this because we are only getting 3.6% Life per second in the passive tree, this can make slower regen maps difficult unless you are moving very quickly. For no regen maps I would remove blood rage and manually cast poacher's mark unless your auto curse set-up has colors that allow you to trade out assassin's mark for poacher's. Link this to increased duration if possible.

Vaal Summon Skeletons (solo) - #MeatPuppets are awesome for flicker bosses, chaos bosses, any bosses really. Just drop this on a boss fight, pop Vaal Haste, sit back and rain hot fire flame. DO NOT DO THIS ON A CHAIN MAP!. Link this to increased duration if possible along with Blood Rage.

Vaal Grace (solo/group) - A great defensive "Oh Sh#!" button, and nice for your party as well. Link this to increased duration if possible along with Blood Rage.

Wrath - Hello flat lightning damage, this accounts for a giant portion of your DPS - No link needed.

Summon Ice Golem - #MiniMeatPuppet - 30% Increased Crit chance at level 20 - No link needed.

Blink Arrow - Great for tapping boxes (phrasing) and being gone. Good for moving through maps, navigating obstacles/ledges. No link needed.


Passive Tree Progression + Bandits

Normal: Help Oak +40 Life

Cruel: Help Kraityn +8% Attack Speed/Kill All - I took the passive point but either is fine. Mostly because I would rather have a Jewel Socket, and this makes that 1 point easier to do.

Merciless: Help Kraityn +1 Frenzy Charge / You could get the power charge from Alira if you wanted to but I do not recommend it

Ascendancy Points:
Fast And Deadly -> Ricochet -> Far Shot / Powerful Precision if you went with the Drillneck route

25 Points - Essence Sap + Life

40 Points - Art of the Gladiator + Master of the Arena (feel free to grab golem's blood here if you want)

59 Points - Acrobatics/Phase Acro/Arrow Dancing

78 Points - Life Nodes / Pathing towards dps nodes

87 Points - Crit Nodes + Lethality + King of the Hill + Jewel Socket for Static Elecricity. Start using Voltaxic here, you should be 64.

100 Points - Last crit nodes, more life, start pathing toward scion life nodes

121 Points (Level 100, congratulations, you did it!) - Chaos Nodes, get Scion life. Force Of Nature if you want, or more crit, extra frenzy charge or jewel socket.

*** Spec out of Essence Sap as soon as you can, no later than when you switch to Voltaxic, but probably earlier ***


Stat Priority

Offensive Stats:

Weapon Elemental Damage - this can be found on your rings, amulets, belt, and quiver. WED scales very well, grab it where you can. Its usually very easy to get it on your belt and quiver, but starts getting a little trickier (as far as the cost goes) when getting well rolled jewelry with this stat.

Flat lightning damage is a priority on every piece that you can get it on. The more you have, the more efficient your WED scaling is. (Gloves/Rings/Amulet/Quiver)

Increased Critical Strike Chance can be found on rings (master crafted), amulets, and quiver (implicit and explicit =D).

Increased Critical Strike Multiplier - We don't have to worry about reflect so this is a great stat to get. You can find this on amulets and quivers.

Increased Lightning Damage - Try to get this on your rings and amulet if possible.

Defensive Stats:

Pretty self explanatory here. Life, resists, evasion (flat and local % increase on gear). Try to avoid ES if possible because you will not benefit at all from it with Blood Rage running. Armor is also halved because of Acrobatics so pure evasion is always the best bet.

If you plan on obtaining a lightning coil, be aware of the loss of lightning resists (60% is a lot). Using a Daresso's Defiance will make your gearing decisions all that much easier when transitioning to a Lightning Coil because you're already geared with the loss of resists from your body armor.


My Stats
************** NOT CURRENT FOR 2.2 ************************
OLD 2.1 DATA - I have already passed these numbers at level 69, without onslaught, and only using 4 frenzy charges.
This is without any quality on gems (except blast rain which only increases AOE)

DPS 5L LA w/ 7 Frenzy, Blood Rage, Onslaught, 4 Power

29% Chance to shock with level 19 Innervate non-quality LA (not including crit)

DPS 4L Blast Rain w/ 7 Frenzy, Blood Rage, Onslaught, 4 Power

Defense without flasks



Keep in mind that I will be showing what stats each slot can give us that are beneficial. You may not be able to get ALL of them on the same item so be dynamic with your gear selection. We need a total of 155 intelligence and either 115 strength with Daresso's Defiance or 111 without it.

Helm - Life/Resists/Intelligence/Accuracy/Evasion
This slot is a good place to get accuracy and intelligence. A pure evasion helm can still roll 40+ int which will ease some of the requirements on your jewelry where you should be focusing more on DPS stats. If you can get some accuracy as well then you wont need to worry a bout it anywhere else. Also keep in mind a well rolled evasion helm can net you about 800 evasion. This slot is very dynamic, so just be aware that you will not be getting an 800 evasion helm with accuracy and intelligence... decisions will have to be made on this piece. Personally I opted for the intelligence, but it is a dynamic piece of gear, maybe later I will change it

Gloves - Life/Resists/Flat Lightning Damage/Attack Speed/Intelligence/Evasion
This is a great DPS slot that can also get intelligence (master crafted on pure evasion) or inherently rolled on evasion/es. You do not need to prioritize attack speed on this slot, it should be considered a luxury. Trust me, we attack fast without it. Thanks frenzybros. Also keep in mind you are able to master craft a t1 attack speed roll on gloves so finding a pair with an open suffix may be cheaper than buying gloves with attack speed.

Boots - Life/Resists/Movement Speed (20+)/Evasion/Intelligence
This should be one of the easier pieces to find, they are pretty standard. You can find a ES/Evasion with intelligence rolled or master craft it on pure evasion boots. You don't NEED the intelligence here if you have a high roll on the helm, but if you can get it on the helm and boots then you probably wont need any on your amulet, which lets you go for better implicit mods there instead of Agate base.

Belt - Life/Resists/Weapon Elemental Damage/Strength/Flask Duration
One of your BEST defensive slots by far. This is a good slot to snag some strength you'll need (we need a total of 115 with Daresso's or 135 with Lightning Coil and a level 15 Immortal Call. Flask duration is a nice bonus stat as well.

Quiver - Life/Resists/Flat Lightning Damage/Critical Strike Chance/Critical Strike Multiplier/Weapon Elemental Damage
A fantastic defensive/offensive hybrid slot. Try to get High life with a nice high resist (lightning preferably if you plan on going for a Lightning Coil). Next you want Weapon Elemental Damage, which you can master craft 8-22% so it may be easy to find one without it and craft it on after. After that you are looking for flat lightning damage (this is not 100% needed, but its a slot that can have fairly high flat lightning damage rolls). Next we are looking for global critical strike chance... luckily this can roll an implicit and explicit stat for 60+ crit chance (combined). Global critical strike multiplier is next and is one of 2 slots we can get this stat on, try to get this if you can, if not don't worry a bout it.

Chest (If you are not using Daresso's Defiance or Lightning Coil) - Life/Resists/High Evasion
I don't see any reason not to use a Daresso's Defiance as an interim chest until you obtain a Lightning Coil unless you get lucky with a nice 5/6L evasion chest piece. For the currency investment I think the Daresso's is still the best bang for your buck option.

Rings - Life/Resists/Flat Lightning Damage/Critical Strike Chance/Increased Lightning Damage/Weapon Elemental Damage/Intelligence
Jewelry should be your #1 dps slot, but it is still necessary to have the defensive stats because rings are some of the easiest pieces to get resistance on. Focus on capping resistance, then look for additional damage stats. Weapon elemental damage should be on your rings as well as flat lightnig damage. Critical strike chance on rings is EXPENSIVE. 1 divine orb for the master craft of only 12% increase max. I consider this extreme luxury especially when you can get other stats for less investment of currency. Increased Lightning Damage % is great for obvious reasons and one of the few places you can get this stat, I would probably prioritize this over crit for this slot. Intelligence can be a placeholder here until you gear properly in other places. The goal is to be able to use rings without needing intelligence on them.

Amulet - Life/WED/Flat Lightning Damage/Critical Strike Chance/Increased Lightning Damage/Global Crit Multiplier/Resistance/Intelligence
Pretty much the same here as for rings. The goal is to not need intelligence here if possible. Agate amulets are a good base for this build. Flat lightning damage can roll pretty high in this slot so try to find that if you can. Keep in mind you can master craft up to 32% increased critical strike chance here. Snagging a single res isn't bad (looking at you again Lightning resistance).
Do not get suckered into believing that 20% increased evasion on an amulet is an AMAZINGASJDFJASD stat... it isn't. We are getting close to 200% increased evasion from the passive tree. 220% increased evasion is not that big of a difference, you're better of looking for offensive stats on an amulet. It's a decent stat, consider it fluff, do not overpay for it.


My Gear
2.1 -

2.2 -


I like running 2 Life flasks. a quicksilver, an ironskin, and 1 elemental depending on the map/map boss/mods.

Life flasks - Seething Divine Life Flask of Heat and a Bubbling Divine/Hallowed Life Flask of Staunching. Divine flasks are 15/45 charges, bubbling is 10/30, so you will charge the bleed flask faster if it is hallowed. Personal preference here.

Surgeon's Quicksilver Flask of Warding

Surgeon's Jade Flask of Reflexes

Surgeon's XXXX flask of XXXX - For your last flask use either a Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire with their respective status ailment removal Dousing/Grounding/Heat. The burn removal may not be 100% necessary so on the ruby flask put whatever you want/can get there.

Sometimes the ele resist flask isnt needed so you can run a Diamond flask here. Atziri's Promise is fantastic for chaos damage bosses, its cheap, and it synergizes well with this build.



Honestly the leveling process wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Just start with fire trap and shrapnel shot. I was able to get a 4L Storm Cloud (2 Chaos) which literally got me up to almost level 50 before I needed to upgrade it. I focused on elemental damage and used Lightning Arrow + LMP + WED + Faster Attacks until I got chain, at which point I replaced faster attacks. I kept frenzy charges up with a single socket frenzy to make up for the attack speed loss. For single target you can use the same setup, Blast Rain -> Faster Attacks -> WED -> Concentrated Effect. I was using a 3L single target up until dried lake merciless. As soon as you pick up essence sap (mana leech nodes we get very early) you should be able to sustain Wrath + Herald of Thunder. The hardest part of leveling was meeting the intelligence requirements for Wrath and HoT. Do what you can, if you have to keep them low level, do that for now until you can get the intelligence, or grab a 30 int node. Implement your end-game gem setups as you go, when you can, but don't waste a lot of currency trying to do it too early. You can get by just fine with a 4L Lightning Arrow and 3L Blast rain if you run wrath and herald of thunder (or at least one of them).

If you wan't to level up with a physical bow then all you need to change is run hatred instead of wrath, and replace weapon elemental damage with physical projectile damage. It's pretty much the same thing, I just found it cheaper to find decent ele bows while leveling and not worry about physical damage, and I was leveling the gems I would be using at end game anyway. I'm lazy, this was the easier route..

I will be uploading some 2.2 videos here shortly. I'd like to do an overall build video with a lot of this information consolidated into it and some map run videos as well, but that will take me some time, I don't know how to use video editing software yet.


2.1 - Quick Shore Map Run - https://youtu.be/ojEELJSuLeA

2.1 - My rip at 86 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEtppR1Y_yE
What I think happened here is a combination of vaal skeletons and the knockback effect from King of the Hill desync'd the map boss. If you watch closely you will see him offscreen, and then all of the sudden he teleports right in the middle, and then he drops hes ground slam. Tough luck, probably should have been more attentive or just skipped him.

Feel free to hit me up in game, in this thread, or on my twitch stream if you have any suggestions or questions. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you have as much fun with it as I am!


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So I died at 86 to Colonnade boss. It was avoidable of course I just wasn't paying enough attention and got one shot. CWDT does not trigger if the total damage is your life pool =)

I wish I could have got to 90+ because I wanted to test some more things out, but I am not a huge fan of playing in Standard.

I will be leveling another one, so I will keep this build up to date.

Currently playing this in 2.2, at the time of updating the guide I am only level 69, so more to come.
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As of December 23, 2015
Revised the skill tree to remove power charge nodes, and chaos damage nodes, in favor of Phase Acrobatics (especially for hardcore), and additional gem socket (very late game), and the last two life leech nodes (also very late game).

Revised 5/6L gem priorities for Lightning Arrow and Blast Rain.

As of April 5, 2016
Revised the skill tree for 2.2 Ascendancy. Adding more life, taking less frenzy nodes, getting more WED, only utilizing 1 Static Elecricity and other various optimizations.

Revised 5/6L gem priorities for LA and Blast Rain again.
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Nice guide!
nice guide, but i have a few questions.
1) How to sustain your mana pool? mana potion?
2) What about alpha's howl for this build?
3) Your current gear? Tooltip dps with LA and Blast Rain?
Last edited by m00gl3_games on Dec 19, 2015, 4:18:30 AM
m00gl3_games wrote:
nice guide, but i have a few questions.
1) How to sustain your mana pool? mana potion?
2) What about alpha's howl for this build?
3) Your current gear? Tooltip dps with LA and Blast Rain?

Mana is sustained with Essence Sap, because it now leeches from "attack damage" not physical attack damage. Also, 2 mana per enemy hit. I have absolutely NO mana issues so a mana pot is not needed at all

Alpha's howl is certainly an option for this build, personally for the cost, i don't really need it.

You can see my gear in my profile but I will go ahead and add a section for my current gear tab. I will also add a section about other gearing possibilities.
Ayyy it's complete!
I just want to start off by saying that you are amazing for making this thread!!

Just a few questions

1) Using innervate, how come? Wouldn't faster attacks be better for 5link?
2) I can't see the pictures of your dps stats and defensive stats, is that just me?
3) How come you go for passive instead of 8% attackspeed?
First: nice guide.
Well put together.

I play Talisman myself atm. and came back to PoE after a few month of being burned out of it.
Leveled a arc witch first but casters suck bad atm. so I decided to try a char that'll safely sail me to 90.
Playing SC and decided to go Voltaxic.

Okay now my gear atm. :

Got unlucky with the 5 links (both costed me around 400fuse in the end -.-)
Anyways, I think the most important part about the gemslots is WED.
I'd never take Innervate over WED in a 5L.
The buff is nice, but aside from that its not really good, the chance to shock is okay, but enemys are almost always permashocked, so it makes no real difference.
For a 6L I'd consider Innervate;Poison;Inc. crit or maybe something different.

Second: I think powercharges in the tree are waste of points.
The low basecrit of voltaxic makes crit alot less desirable, so I'd always only take the super efficient crit clusters.
Plus they are annoying to sustain, even with a dual herald setup I sometimes run out of charges.
The best way to scale your damage is WED; Flat Lightning (or Ele generally) and Frenzycharges.
Sadly I'm on phone so I can't type everything I want right now.
Basically: Only get efficient crit nodes, get WED and Light. Ele and AS.
I'll post my tree and answer a bit more detailed tomorrow, as I used around 40 regrets so far to test different pathings and nodes.

Tree: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAwIA2sGHduOfwzqE2UQNyPAWv49gbycj05pqveY-z-0_N9TUI3Tteu8FLdNvLlNbrw-rGYqNv7e2jX7qYnXLlwY2PTnUoJ8x-nb3R35lTb02TP_uDqOKYeImlVVL73oNjQHRWhrDMxmO7YMAXm1sTio6QiSLIXaGzsEzMHyly52qYqxsjFWFTZKNfSP2jDa1SH11u-P-umJaJJ2v68Ubm42MC-ywuXzEoiT951T_3n8rXfIILpu1hMW-p_ba-wkaj-ZYkx-J4EkTS3gwcd2oQzFwUonTKgtRR_zF034AAAAA

Keep in mind that this tree is fit for my gear atm. (explains certain nodes for example the crit/acc. cluster) and its a tree made for softcore.
I jave 4,9k HP atm. and with better gear it'll go easly over 5-5.3k (which is enough tbh).
DPS is @15.2k atm. (3p and 7f charges) and alot of room to improve, since the gear isn't super opieop and gems are not qualed/leveld/21ed.
This is 5he most fun char I played so far and I love it.
I'll be back later when I'm on my PC to explain a few tree decisions and so on.

cheers o/
Awalin wrote:
I just want to start off by saying that you are amazing for making this thread!!

Just a few questions

1) Using innervate, how come? Wouldn't faster attacks be better for 5link?
2) I can't see the pictures of your dps stats and defensive stats, is that just me?
3) How come you go for passive instead of 8% attackspeed?

1. Innervate is superior to Faster Attacks because of the flat increase shock chance (30% chance to shock combined with Voltaxic even when you don't crit) and when you kill a shocked enemy you gain the Onslaught buff for 20% movement speed + 20% attack speed. Shock should not be undervalued as a DPS stat, although your tooltip will LOOK better with faster attacks, your effective dps will be lower. As I wrote up in the section for your AoE skill, faster attacks is a possibility for a 6th link, and will be a personal preference at that point. I have not been able to test a 6 link yet.

2. I will need to resize and reload them because I took screenshots of them on a 4K monitor so they are ridiculously large.

3. My thought process here was that I would rather invest that point toward another jewel socket that could net me more DPS and some life instead of only attack speed. Attack speed is nice, but we are buffing attack speed so much with frenzy charges and onslaught that I don't feel like I need it there.

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