[2.1] Voltaxic LA by ad1ce (Talisman Rank 3)

Class: Ranger
League: Talisman (HC)
Keystones: Acrobatics
Main Skill: Lightning Arrow - 38k DPS with charges and atziri flask.
Secondary Skill: Blast Rain - 54k DPS / Frenzy 86k DPS
Life From Tree: 202%
Life (flat): 8.2k
Jewel Slots: 6
Rank: 3

+ Very good AOE dps
+ Good single target dps
+ Nice survivability
+ Amazing clearspeed

- Lags when shooting into the big pack of mobs (like at shrines or strongboxes)
- Expensive




Gear was partially sold, but you can check in at the video version of the guide.
Sorry about that.

Belt: Should be with WED, good life, 20% increased flask effect duration and some resistances.
Rings: Flat lightning damage, WED and maybe accuracy or Intelligence.
Amulet: Crit Multiplier, WED, Flat lightning damage and Intelligence
Quiver: Spike-Point Quiver with Crit Chance, Crit Multiplier, Attack speed, Flat Lightning damage and Weapon Elemental Damage.
Boots: 30% movement speed, life and tripple resistance.
Helmet: Rare helmet with high Intelligence, 2 resistances and life.
Armour: Kaom's Heart
Gloves: Snakebite, Assassin's Mitts


I've choosed Lightning Arrow cause I think it has the most aoe damage from bow skills, tooltip says 38k but real dps is MUCH higher. Also it's very usefull for party, mobs are in permashock. For single target I've choosed frenzy/blast rain (on swap).

Lightning Arrow -> Chain -> GMP -> Weapon Elemental Damage -> Added Lightning Damage -> Void Manipulation

Frenzy -> Faster Attacks -> Weapon Elemental Damage -> Added Lightning damage

Increased Duration -> Blood Rage -> Blink Arrow -> Wrath

Herald of Thunder -> Curse on Hit -> Assassin's Mark -> Summon Ice Golem

(on swap)
Blast Rain -> Conc Effect -> Faster Attacks -> Weapon Elemental Damage -> Added Lightning Damage -> Void Manipulation


120 points:



Normal: Oak
Cruel: Kraityn
Merc: Kraityn (Alira)



Seething Hallowed Life Flask of Staunching - quickly recover charges, heal for 812 life, its enought for me. Removes bleeding.
Perpetual Ruby Flask of Heat - Immunity to Freeze. Increased charge recovery.
Taste of Hate - Our deffence flask. Extremely usefull against physical damage taken.
Atziri's Promise - Increases DPS and grants life leech.
Perpetual Quicksilver Flask of Warding - Increased charge recovery. Immunity to curses.



Static Electricity (for flat lightning damage boost)
Rare jewels with Lightning/Chaos/Projectile Damage, Life, Intelligence and Attack Speed/Accuracy/Resistances.



Maybe can't do "NO LEECH" maps. All another mods viable, but maybe some of them not so enjoyable.

I've successfully farmed:
- bloodmagic (drop auras = lose 40-50% of dps but its still insane)
- no regen (drop bloodrage, use frenzy to sustain frenzy charges)
- any reflect
- any curses (use quiver with resistances for ele weakness maps)

Maybe I forgot something, but right now that's all.
Feel free to ask questions ;)
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Nice guide... And yea i dont get why single target is so bad.. its fine for pure crit harbinger builds.. but any other type it really lacks. I did a lioneyes LA non crit build and i struggled alot with single target also :( frenzy on paper seems so strong too
POE 2 hype.
I believe someday GGG add new single target skill for archers :)
Voltaxic is such a cool bow i really like your build!
Could u post some leveling tips and how should i go for passives like 40 80 or something like this?
ok, but maybe tomorrow, i go sleep now its 1:52 in my time :(
I wonder if Lightning penetration will be better than Innervate
sure :D 0 lighning damage in this build but penetration should be much better ;D
Remember you deal chaos damage with Voltaxic, not lightning.
Do Corrupted Gems count as Corrupted Items for the sake of Hungry Abyss?
I don't know why but i expected to see GG gear but it's actually not. :D It's like a budget build(thats wants to get to 100) :D
How much did u invens in those items?

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