Item Development - Threshold Jewels

You guys are nifty
Interesting thought, incredibly underwhelming impact. For instance, spectral throw:

4% increased damage per enemy hit, or...

15% phys damage + 15% weapon phys damage = 30% increased damage, no threshold at all, only two mods, no need to hit 5-7 times...

Burning arrow is the most interesting.

As it stands now, I'd never use any of these threshold jewels. They are far too underwhelming.
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need more pierce and proj speed for EK ggg !!!!!! :D
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Qarl wrote:
DaTz_ wrote:

We'll show off the Summon Skeleton one later!

LOL I love Qarl
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I have a longing to go back to a fireball build so maybe now is the time?
RedxFrost wrote:
My only question for the tarred ground is why would anyone use that over ice shot? Do they not essentially do the same thing?
They do similar but distinct things. Chilled ground applies Chill, which is a 30% slow on the enemy (affects all actions, is effectively multiplicative with cast/attack/movement/etc speeds since it's affecting the enemy's animations themselves at a lower level).

Ground Tar is a 50% reduction to movement speed. This is a higher value, is additive with other modifiers to movement speed, and, unlike chilled ground, stacks with actually chilling the monster via cold damage. However, it doesn't affect the speed the monsters perform actions at, only their movement.

So which is better depends on what you're trying to do, and what you want to stack it with, but in terms of keeping melee monsters from moving closer to you, Tar will usually be the better option.
Hey Qarl/GGG,

I feel the new Spectral throw jewel is really quite underwhelming for a jewel slot. Other Threshold jewels provide unique modifiers to the skill, whereas this just provides additional damage, which could easily be substituted and eclipsed by a rare jewel.

Let's say that the projectile hits through 5 enemies and then hits them on the way back. The first enemy that gets hit takes no increased damage and 32% increased damage on the way back. The second takes 4% increased damage on the first hit and 28% increased damage on the way back. This is 32% damage too.

This requires you to hit 5 monsters with each projectile and for it to hit them on the way back. A lot of players are constantly moving around to dodge things so to get this 32% increased damage takes a lot of effort in positioning which could leave you in an unfavourable position. Furthermore hitting at least 5 enemies in a row with each projectile is highly unlikely for every hit.

Therefore this 32% increased damage is not certain. Assuming you can pull this off 70% of the time, this damage becomes 22% which is fairly insignificant (30% including the 8% from the jewel).

Comparatively a rare jewel provides potentially more damage than 30%. With just 3 affixes on a rare jewel you could easily get 24% increased damage and 5-7% attack speed, which would be a lot better than the threshold jewel and a lot more reliable too against single target or lesser enemies.

So yeah, these are my thoughts on the new ST jewel.

Edit: I think the best modifier for a jewel like this would be 1 additional projectile. I know it seems OP, but gate-locking it behind a condition like 'if 3 or more notables are allocated in the radius' would make it a far better potential option (along with a 5-10% less damage).
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I'd love to see a jewel for each skill
Supreme_Pizza wrote:
Hey Qarl/GGG,

I feel the new Spectral throw jewel is really quite underwhelming

I really wish you wouldn't succumb to releasing a garbage threshold jewel to compensate for the poor state of Spectral Throw.

Same (page 3)
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Skivverus wrote:
_Amaranth_ wrote:
NickK's statement about the jewel's function ("with one or two of these, the ability to overlap explosions from a safe distance makes Fireball a much more interesting choice.") makes it sound like you're re-enabling the ability to "shotgun" for fireball so long as this jewel is active. So GMP + this jewel + point-blank range = most damage? regardless of the intent to increase blast radius with distance.

My understanding of the current mechanics is that shotgunning is still out, but if two AoE-creating projectiles hit adjacent monsters, the AoEs will deal their damage separately (so multi-projectile Fireballs get much nastier against large packs, same way Lightning Arrow does).

Correct. It's not shotgunning, it's simply multi-hitting/overlapping AoE fields, and Fireball already does this even without the threshold Jewel. Each Fireball still has to hit its own target (pro tip: walls also work, anything up against a wall is so doomed, and Knockback is pretty decent).

Pitch Darkness is a very clever name.

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