Announcing the Five-week Darkshrine Events

I am also wondering what the "em" stands for as i can't figure it out if the league start am or pm so would also like to know if someone could tell us swedes :)
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odiecat99 wrote:
Looks like I'll be staying in hardcore again. Sick of these short term leagues. Pretty much underwhelmed.

Same here. At the 4-5 weeks, all of the maniacal rush, pumping masters rotas, setting up shops, scoring gear and basically no-lifing in game makes no sense to me. It can be the most fun league ever created, but 4-5 weeks lenght is just a big no-no for me. I'd rather play a voided race event like endless ledge or something. :)

Have fun! :)

Can't wait for the Random Map changes!
3:07 AM - Front Line Bait: hey
3:07 AM - Front Line Bait: what time does it say darkshrine starts for you
3:07 AM - Front Line Bait: 5 30 right?
3:12 AM - skeptic: dont know
3:13 AM - Front Line Bait:
3:13 AM - Front Line Bait: wondering if the forum sorcery works
3:13 AM - skeptic: says 11:30 am
3:13 AM - Front Line Bait: whut
3:14 AM - Front Line Bait:
3:13 AM - skeptic: Event Times: (displayed in your local timezone)
The events will start at: Nov 02, 2015 11:30 AM
The events will end at: Dec 07, 2015 11:30 AM
3:15 AM - Front Line Bait: does it think central means central eastern

So either his time in pacific is incorrect, or my time in central time is incorrect. His time should be 2 hours earlier than mine.
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Hey Guys,

just logg in and check, there's a line stating "Starts in XXX". Should be self-explanating.

4 hours remaining
Exiles Everywhere looks like the most interesting event (and, frankly, the only one I'm interested in).

Sadly, for me and others in the NZ local timezone, there is literally NO time to play it if you only play in the evenings from 5 to 11 on weekdays or all day on weekends. (I'm a working fellow.)

Oh well. Maybe the next league will have something for me.

Sorry to bitch; I wish those that can play it the best of luck! :D

I'll be hanging out in the two perm leagues as usual.
I make eggs.
If we are playing on HC league and our character dies at lvl 50 or any other lvl do we still get any rewards?
Are characters moved to standard or will they get deleted after challenge end?!
Chris wrote:
Enja_N wrote:
Will this be a void league? I think you had mentioned something about that in the State of Exile podcast a bit ago.

It's not a voided league.
@Totmau5 Translation: They will not be deleted.

(Not everyone knows what "voided league" means.)
I make eggs.

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