Divination Cards - The Cartographer, The Lich, The Hunter's Reward and More!

Nice cards, the chisel one is my favourite, 1/1, jsut like the 5c one. love that.

one question, why is the 6l bow ilvl 91? seems 83(84) or even 100 woulda made more sense, no?
djAMPnz wrote:
Arrowneous wrote:
djAMPnz wrote:
Do you know what a lich king is? It is a zombie (dead) necromancer. This zombie necromancer (i.e. lich king) is raising more of the dead to serve him. So the quote refers to the lich king (who is dead) raising some zombies (who are also dead) from their graves (i.e. the dead raising the dead). Oh, and he masters (rules over) them 'cause he is their king (and he is dead). Also, "when the dead rise and master their own..." makes no logistical sense. I think I've explained it enough (this explanation is now dead (i.e. a zombie)).

Since a Zombie is an undead creature it is technically not considered dead. But since according to Haitian French a zombie is a dead body animated by magic that means the creature first had died and then was re-animated back to non-dead. So the Lich King is a zombie necromancer. Then who or what creature re-animated the dead necromancer? One of those chicken and egg mind twisters.

Doesn't matter whether they are technically alive or dead, the people of Wraeclast see zombies et al as the dead reanimated (as outlined in the in-game lore). And since they (the people of Wraeclast), or at least one of them, will be making the quote, that is the context in which it is set. When analysing the meaning of quotes like this you have to do so from the point of view of the person saying the quoted text.

A lich is technically a mage that has placed his soul in a phylactery in order to prolong his life. The act creates a state of living death rather then undeath if that makes sense.
6link harbinger.. omg...GG
Where do the cards drop?
niceeee but drop rates are "İMPOSSİBLE"
Sick cards!
I love how the thread devolved into a debate over the flavor text of my card and what a lich is. Made my day.

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