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Build of the Week is back! Check out StrangeCloud's Sustainable Perpetual Auto-caster

This is the greatest build of all time!!!!!! I have some CRAZY builds I've made, but nothing, NOTHING has been this crazy. I congratulate StrnageCloud for this one! Brilliant, Brilliant!
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While it looks pretty cool and is an extremely clever use of otherwise useless jewels and uniques I have to agree with others when I say it looks fairly weak. Would love to see a video of an 80+ map.
IGN: Dundada
Amazing build. So many synergies.
IGN: Scordalia_
Major props to the build creator, absolutely brilliant planning!

GGG screwed up starting with this one, gonna be a tough act to follow for the rest of the season.
Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.

Current IGN: Don_Juan_de_la_Nooch
Awesome! :D
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Free Master Crafting Service (Essence): thread/1744527
Free Master Crafting Service (Legacy): thread/1857272
Free Master Crafting Service (Harbinger): thread/1952418
New and original build from StrangeCloud!

no he only copied Tommyvv
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Nice Build :)
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Hy there :)
This is my tornado shot ranger, feel free to try it out :))
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DjSall, the only one who can be poor on standard :))
So many es and low dps :(
IGN: HardyHard_FireFly

Big thx GGG for this great game :)
Botting is agaisnt the rules, but a build that you literally do NOTHING but press down one button is fine? lemme grab a wieght for my keyboard and queue up some anime...

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