Increased Critical Strikes

This gem really seems pretty weak, especially in comparison to crit damage. The crit damage gem dramatically changes how much crit damage you have - it's worth a LOT of passive points in crit damage, especially as it's multiplicative.

This is a mediocre addition, not even comparable. I can easily gain 200% crit damage by using the crit damage gem, (worth a huge investment in crit damage passives), while this gives the worth of 4 good crit nods, maybe a little more.

It's simply not worth using most of the time as far as I can tell.

It would be more interesting maybe if it gave you a stacking buff that guaranteed a crit every so often, something like that. It is impossible to balance in its current state.
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Well, Increased Critical Damage is a 130% multiplier, whereas Increased Critical Strikes is a 115% multiplier, so right off the bat, you'd assume Critical Damage would be twice as effective.

It's fairly easy to get to 100% bonus on Critical Strikes, which is equivalent to 7 points in critical passives.
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The other thing that bothers me about this gem is that it cannot be balanced in a vacuum - it has dramatically different effects depending on the amount of crit damage the player has. Assuming you balance for the edge optimal cases, this makes it useless for anybody not using a crit damage based build.

But I struggle to come up with a design for this gem that does not have that problem :o
What does the quality version of this gem give?
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wxyjac wrote:
What does the quality version of this gem give?
More critical strikes. I believe it's 1% per quality, but not positive.
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More? or increased?
Sorry, more "increased" critical strikes.
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Instead of giving more increased critical strike multiplier for quality, how about giving additional base critical chance?

For example, ice spear has 7% base critical chance, getting a +20% gem would make it as 8% base critical chance; Omen wand, having 8.6% base critical chance, with a +20% gem would make it 9.6%. Each Q gives an additional of 0.05%.

This way, people who stacks critical chance would want Q gem rather than people who doesn't stack it at all; since a x% increased critical chance multiplier doesn't really matter for people who have 800%+ critical multiplier like myself, considering how much work you need to get it.

Reason for making it additional, instead of increased or more, is to prevent spells/weapons with higher base critical chance from having too much edge over other spell/weapons. This would also make bow crit build more viable as now they can have 6% critical chance, instead of 5% (equidistant to 20% increase).
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Flavour Build concept taken from Alice: Madness Returns
Not sure where to post this. But I'm posting it here and on Increased Critical Damage as well, as they seem to be the confusing gems involved.

So I'm dual-wielding rapiers on a shadow using hatred and a bunch of cold damage passives. My Dual Strike is supported with Inc. Critical Strikes, Inc. Critical Damage, and Weapon Elemental Damage.

With just Weapon Elemental Damage, the DPS on Dual Strike reads as ~1700.

With Crit Strikes and Crit Damage, the DPS goes up to around 2600.

I can easily see why DPS actually is going up, if one were to take a sample of X attacks with the skill, the ones that crit then deal significantly more damage.Upping DPS.
But I feel as though crits (and crit multipliers) shouldn't be getting factored into the skill DPS display at all. It seems at least a bit misleading to me, considering the nature of critical strikes. Then again, by that same token, I wonder if the Additional Accuracy gem increases listed DPS at all.

I understand that all these different bits of randomness like chance to hit and critical strike chance do affect DPS in a tangible way. I just...for some reason feel as though that makes the DPS displays sketchy,and inaccurate in a way.
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Used a gcp on the critical strikes gem and it did NOT increase the critical chance. Bug?

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