Increased Critical Strikes

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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Jan 8, 2019, 11:12:28 AM
Adding directly wouldn't balance well, I think, but I will discuss with Carl about making it multiplicative, and how broken that might be.
Karakkonor wrote:
Why is this gem blue? Critical strikes seems like it would be the domain of dexterity users, not magic.
They're the realm of intelligence, not magic - the two are not the same.

Strength hits harder - dealing more damage
Dexterity hits more accurately and faster - more attack speed and accuracy
Intelligence hits smarter, targeting specific weak points - more critical strikes/critical damage.
All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
Balance & Design
Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
DAMMIT! Not that again... I thought that was fixed now.

I'll see what I can do.
Thanks for the report!
Guys, you can stop reporting that, I've posted to confirm we're aware it's still there.
It's on our UI guy's list to fix, but he's busy with more important tasks atm.
That's a known bug with any spell crit multiplier changes in the character panel.

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