Increased Critical Damage


Q version.

each +Q% = +1% on increased critical damage.

edit: updated previous post as well
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Not sure where to post this. But I'm posting it here and on Increased Critical Strikes as well, as they seem to be the confusing gems involved.

So I'm dual-wielding rapiers on a shadow using hatred and a bunch of cold damage passives. My Dual Strike is supported with Inc. Critical Strikes, Inc. Critical Damage, and Weapon Elemental Damage.

With just Weapon Elemental Damage, the DPS on Dual Strike reads as ~1700.

With Crit Strikes and Crit Damage, the DPS goes up to around 2600.

I can easily see why DPS actually is going up, if one were to take a sample of X attacks with the skill, the ones that crit then deal significantly more damage.Upping DPS.
But I feel as though crits (and crit multipliers) shouldn't be getting factored into the skill DPS display at all. It seems at least a bit misleading to me, considering the nature of critical strikes. Then again, by that same token, I wonder if the Additional Accuracy gem increases listed DPS at all.

I understand that all these different bits of randomness like chance to hit and critical strike chance do affect DPS in a tangible way. I just...for some reason feel as though that makes the DPS displays sketchy,and inaccurate in a way.

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Don't you think this gem paired up with flicker strike is a little too much for a shadow in pvp, i mean it hits hard, and if a critical succeds, it's a omg save yourselfs xD
if u are using this gem and then checking the char window for the linked skill u can see that instead of

crit chance + crit multiplier

it will show

crit multiplier 2 times and no crit chance at all

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Does it work

with that?

Cold Snap can crit, so yes.
The amount this gem increases the critmultiplier seems to be higher than stated in the gem description. I tested this with an level 3 (+60%) and a level 6(+70%) gem and the tooltipdiscription increased about 90% and 105%. This would be 1.5* the stated amount.
Is the tooltip wrong or am I missing something?
base crit damage is 1.5
Honestly think you should do to the Crit Multiplier stat what you did to the Quantity stat.

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