Increased Critical Damage

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Balance & Design
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All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
Balance & Design
It's a very potent and useful passive for my high crit build. Very nice for the builds that need it.
Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
I played over the Stress Test Weekend.
When I got my first support gem it wasn't apparent that I had to go to the Character screen, click on the skill, and find out if it had applied to the linked gem. I would prefer if the added stats could be shown by hovering over the gems on the item screen.
This + Strong AOE + Diamond Flask = 1 hit 20 mobs
Best thing.
Could we see the actual gem and a quality version of it ? Thanks.
"This is too good for you, very powerful ! You want - You take"

each +Q% = +1% on increased critical damage.
Alice_of_Wraeclast - Dagger CI Witch
Alice_MadnessReturns - Molten Strike AoF witch
Flavour Build concept taken from Alice: Madness Returns
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When Increased Critical Damage is linked to an appropriate skill, the corresponding skill data on the character sheet, removes the "Spell Critical Strike Chance" and replaces it with a duplicate "Spell Critical Strike Damage Multiplier"

I've tested this at 0% gem xp and with the gem leveled to 12 & 13. I've tested it on different base skills(all were spells). I've only tested with the witch.

Disregard, found it in the known issue thread
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