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UristMcDwarfy wrote:
Oh, lightning damage can be increased by elemental damage passives while chaos cannot.
That's only an issue for physical attacks since casters rely on Spell Damage which DOES increase chaos damage.
There are ways of increasing chaos damage on melee attacks as well, just not quite to the same degree. Cleave and Flicker Strike both have the "+% more damage" modifier which should increase chaos damage.

I think you can also use crit/crit multiplier to increase the chaos damage on both spell and melee crits. You could probably get some pretty respectable chaos damage on a critical flicker strike build, if you really felt like it.
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This isn't lightning specific -- but I don't see a place to make a general comment.

Just discovered these support gems - I didn't know anything about them, and from the description in the game I had absolutely no idea what they would do for me (as a caster type). Yes, I know I could just try them, and eventually I would. But I definitely didn't want to choose it as my reward gem, because it seemed very unclear if it would work with my spells. The person I play with is a more casual player and definitely would never try them (shared the same confusion as I did).

I don't have a suggestion for a better description, though
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I've linked this with summon skeletons. On my character sheet, it shows:

Spell Total Combine Damage: 2-42
Spell Lightning Damage: 2-42

What does this actually do?

a) My skeletons now do lightning damage.
b) My act of summoning skeletons does damage.

If b, what does it do lightning damage to?

The main UI shows a L on the spell icon for summon skeletons, so it sees that it is actually linking correctly. But what is it actually doing?
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Your skeletons now do 2-42 lightning damage on attack.
i run a sparks witch and with the plus lightning dmg skils this is actuly very good
for example if i throw in my gear a lvl 6 fireball and a lvl 8 added lightning dmg 28.42 base fire and 3-51 mase lightning dmg i get
68-102 fire dmg and 10-173 lightnign dmg now try useing that with sparks which hits 3 times more with multi projectiles
how do u link the gems or items, as image on the forum?

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