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I'm wondering how those "Added X Damage" support gems work.

When you link them to a skill, it will scale with all the corresponding passives/stats you have. Thus, it will increase the skill's damage by more than the gem's raw added damage. Am I right?

If premise above is correct, I have another question. Say I want to benefit from the shock bonus of "Added Lightning Damage". The duration of the shock is around 0,276ms per 1% of the mob's max health. Whenever I cast a skill with this support gem linked to it, does it do the lightning damage (Raw Lightning Damage of Support gem * (1 + Elemental/Spell/Lightning Damage))
or does it scale higher?

Because I keep wondering how does an average 50Lightning damage gems (At level 20) with (let's say) 100% Total Damage increase to it, which will be an average of 100Light damage, can inflict any shock on a mob?

Thank you

added lightning is lightning damage and if linked to a spell, then also spell damage. lightning damage is elemental. if it is on an AoE skill, then AoE damage boosts it too.

so you are correct in what boosts it. not sure how to answer the other question though, sorry.
If I attach added lightning damage to freeze pulse, then I crit. Does it mean that the frozen mob also is shocked? I don't see the shocked animation on the frozen mob most of the time.
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IGN: EnemaBojio
League: Standard
Guild: JoeyBestDog
All Boss Kills Video:
don't expect an instant response (although 3 hour difference in posting sounds reasonable =p so i'm a hypocrite).

pretty surprised how a crit didn't apply a shock status. are you sure it was a crit? maxium shock duration is roughly 3 times longer than freeze, so less damage actually needed to apply a tiny length of shock (min status duration is 300 ms). pulse has a chance to freeze (and full damage) at point blank range. shock only happens on crit or with shock chance passives or mods.
FP does have damage drop-off, so Added Lightning isn't working at full strength.
Yeah, my character is definitely critting. I have crit up to 32% on my freeze pulse.

I don't understand what you mean by damage drop-off. :/
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Guild: JoeyBestDog
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it is specific to freezing pulse spell, it deals listed damage to a monster on your face and much less damage at the very tip of the projectile. there's also being really unlucky with lightning damage as it's a wide range after all too.
I started this idea on a another thread but after two bumps ther is stil no answer. the idea might belong here though

ok so i wondered why the added lightning damage did not work with curses

as you guys know,the added lighting damage gem also works with spells like firestorm for example, not only with melee atacks. For each fireball that lands there is a fixed damage added(ex: 2–34 lighting dmg at level 10, this is mostly for creating shocked debuff, the damage is quite low. remember that you need to be lvl 41 to use a lvl 10 added lighting damage, a 2-34 increase in dps is frankly useless)

So, when the curse *lands* it could deal low damage(2-34 when supported by added lighting damage lvl 10)

the description of the passive gem on this website is:
Added Lightning Damage
Adds lightning damage to a skill.

curse is a skill gem not a passive skill gem afaik

however, it would not work with added fire damage since its in % ;
0 x 1.2=0...
So the the following theory crafting only works if the curse could deal low dmg idea was implemented:

If the curse now deals damage when supported with a added lighting damage support gem THEN it can hit/kill(good luck) stuff.

this hit,and only this hit, could(should?) also trigger other passives like :

wait, IMPORTANT NOTE: These passives only apply to the added lighting dmg, they will NOT put a debuff on the monster so the following hits will not benefit from these passives

life leech(3% of 2-34,hmm ok)
penetration passives (like i said so low dmg)
blind(now thats intersesting)
life on hit(gimme gimme)

ok i will treat the iir/q separetely
like i said above the other supports only apply to the addedlighting damage dealt , and the iir/q only works for the killing blow. so u will only get increased loot if u somehow manage to kill a monster with the added lingting damage of the curse

what do you guys think?
I don't want to link damage to a curse. The restrictions in linking gems are absolute ok for me. In addition, this could cause some balance issues. Like your Blind example. Blind on all targets within the curse area? Mh, then would everyone link curses to blind. I want to keep on using my curses for cursedebuffs, not for anything else.
In my opinion its illogical to make this work. Curses don't hit the target, they're just... hexing. :D

life on hit(gimme gimme)

Life Gain on Hit doesn't work with Spells.
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