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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Jul 21, 2021, 9:57:25 PM
Scaling on support gems is supposed to be low - it's intentional that in general they give you most of the effect at level one, and increase it slowly as they level up, so that we can have them balanced without the mana cost increasing with level.
Legaroth wrote:
I read in the patch notes the support gem mana gain was lower (or in cases completely gone).. but for my skill it still puts a 23 mana cold snap up to a 32 cost with this linked. a 50% mana increase doesnt seem to go well with the stated mana decrease of supports
The patch notes say "Substantially reduced the mana cost multiplier of most support gems. Many of them do not increase the mana cost at all now." Not all, but most. The ones which are specifically about increasing damage were not in that "most", because those are the ones which need to cost more for balance reasons.
All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
Balance & Design
Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
DoctorWho wrote:
The effects of this gem aren't currently displayed in raise minion description when these two gems are linked. For the rest it seems to work fine. The spells avatar does show that the supportgem is linked to the miniongem, the raises require more mana to cast and I think I can see they do in fact add lightning damage to there attacks (but i just now realise that I also have a lightningaura up, so maybe I'm just seeing that).
Thanks for the report! This has now been fixed locally, and should make it to beta in a future patch.
For the record, it is working, it's just not displaying on the popup.
robproctor83 wrote:
i just tried adding this support gem to spark and nothing happens, wth! I know for a fact im doing it right. It will show for other spells, but why not spark? Is it because spark already provides this type of elemental damage? Does it work but just now show in the character sheet? Agh, so frustrating dealing with things like this. I really wish there was either better explanations in the tooltips about how these things work, or some type of documentation on the site or in game that explained which support gems work with which skills. For instance, I would have never guessed that this worked with minions (and im a summoner by the way) if it weren't for reading the forums.

Anyways, annoyed... Not to sound rude, but... C'mon, this is basic stuff, describing how things work to the player as to not be confusing and leave them trying to figure out simple basic mechanics. You can't even show damage numbers (unless I can't find it) to really even do testing. You just have to look at the enemies bar and try to guess as best as you can.

So ya, no work with spark??? And a bit off topic, why is the lightening witch (or lightening builds in general) bad? Lacking? and overall way behind other elemental builds? Cold > Fire > Lightening... And not sure where physical fits into that.

EDIT: In response to Vipermagi (though he wasn't speaking to me) on both the skill slot and the character sheet there is no visible display that the support gem is taking effect with spark. Spark's thumbnail does not display the linked modifier (L) and in the character sheet (with spark selected) there is no numerical difference between having it linked or not linked. I checked ever single tab just to be sure. No difference...
Spark works fine with added lightning damage for us. The "L" displays on the skill icon, and the damage changes from 1-5 to 1-10 (using level 1 gems), exactly as it should (given the damage effectiveness present on spark, which is likewise explicitly displayed on the gem).

The change in damage is visible both in the character screen and on the skill popup for Spark. There appears to be nothing wrong here.
Are you certain the sockets you were using for the gems were actually linked?

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