Nvidia Optimus Problem

mamaquipouta wrote:
I've tried all of these suggestions and still coudn't make the game detect my Nvidia graphics card :/

Is there any official statement on this, from POE staff?

No longer works for me either. They have locked it out as you have to press "Launch" after it redownloads the client.exe file again.
just got a new computer, same problem here :/
All the solutions listed here don't seem to work, even with NVIDIA inspector.

It still loads with the HD intel graphics card and lock it down on the options so I can't change it.

Devs please take a look
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Well, it worked for me. I have intel 3000/ NV 540m. I just renamed the client.exe, the launcher downloaded the original client.exe. But I just start *poe.exe* and with the appropriate settings in nvidia panel the game recognizes my videocard now.
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I also tried all of the solutions and it still is using my intell 4000 gpu even after right clicking the NVidia or renaming I have a 670mx and in game it still says intel 4000 and is not changeable

if anyone has a way to switch graphics cards in game would be nice I get like 3 fps when people use fire/lighning its getting annoying since my normal graphics card should be able to hangle this if I can use my graphics card for battlefield with max settings
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I double-checked the Path of Exile executable and the problem is pretty apparent: they're not building it with a Windows resource file (or it's not being included for some reason). Ever notice when you look at a file's details tab in Windows Explorer, it can have all kinds of crap in there? That's added by the resource file on compilation: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1022449/how-to-change-an-executables-properties-windows

The way Dynamic Switching normally works is that it detects when a process is launched, and then checks what StringFileInfo is returned by Windows. The file info returned by Windows for PoE only includes process name (generic "client.exe") and other information that can change upon any patch, like Checksum, because that's all the information that can be gathered from the file. The only thing that is unique about the information returned is the full path, which for whatever reason, Nvidia never seems to use.

Perhaps someone with Optimus can try the "Resource Hacker" linked in the StackOverflow post and see if adding something that SHOULD be static, like "InternalName" (maybe "poe.exe"), helps out the Nvidia Optimus software (you'll have to re-add it most likely after the change).

This can also affect a lot of other programs that can't look at a file's full path, such as DLL injectors that add overlays.
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What about windows 8 ?
No gpu selection possible at control centre
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xSleMMx wrote:
What about windows 8 ?
No gpu selection possible at control centre

I've confirmed this is still an option in Windows 8.

Just use the Nvidia Control Panel.

At worse, you can go into the laptop's BIOS and disable Dynamic Switching altogether. May require a BIOS update (check BIOS release notes).
There is a way to remove the default Phantasy Star Online 2 that loads if you try to add client.exe manually.

You have to get a program called nVidia Inspector (I downloaded it at http://www.majorgeeks.com/NVIDIA_Inspector_d6630.html)

Once you run it you can change the profiles by clicking on the button after Driver Version.

In the drop down menu look for Phantasy Star Online 2 and delete the profile.

Now add client.exe again in nVidia Control Panel and it should come up as Dragon: MMORPG. Select your preferred graphics processor (High performance nVidia).

I am sure there is probably an easier way to edit the profiles without having to install a program but I have not been able to google one.
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When I right-click on the PoE-Icon (either the client.exe in the explorer or my desktop icon), I get the submenu "run with graphics-processor" (or something like that, translation from German) and can choose either the Intel or the nVidia GPU. This works fine for me.

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