Community Build Guide Highlights!

This showcase is a little different to our Build of the Week series which typically demonstrates unusual and niche builds. We plan to continue with this series in future. In the meantime, this news piece will highlight builds suitable for players who just want to get stuck into the game.

This is also a good way for us to promote players who are creating solid and easy to follow build guides. With this in mind, let's begin!

Marauder - Ice Crash Crit Staff AKA "The Shattering Karui" by ComradeSerge
Ice Crash is a Strength + Intelligence skill that was introduced with The Awakening. This build guide provides options for both Standard and Hardcore league players. For this build you'll need a physical based staff or mace. It's a great example of a build guide that is comprehensive yet easy to follow.

Templar - PoE Beginners Build: Dual Flame Totem, Blood Magic by LiftingNerdBro
This build can be used on the Witch, Templar and Marauder character classes. It's accessible to players who don't have a lot of currency to invest and also viable on both Standard and Hardcore leagues. To enable the possibility of using dual totems, you'll first need to head to the Ancestral Bond keystone. This will disable your ability to deal damage yourself. LiftingNerdBro has also included comprehensive video guide with his written guide!

Shadow - Life Crit Ele Kinetic Blaster - Cheap, Easy, Effective by Mathil
This build is described as suitable for beginners and won't cost too much to get into! To get the most damage out of the build, it's recommended to maximise your DPS by using pierce and Frost Wall. It's best to cast at least 2 Frost Walls on top of or directly behind the target before firing volleys of Kinetic Blast into the mob. The build doesn't rely on unique items and is best suited to using a decent rare wand.

Ranger - Indepth Tornado & Split Guide - Beginner Friendly - Rapid Clear by NeverSink
This is build fast, aggressive and accessible to new players. It can also be used with Tornado Shot, Split Arrow, Lightning Arrow and Ice Shot. It's a flexible build that doesn't require specific uniques and aspects of it can be easily interchanged. For defence it uses high evasion, dodge, flasks, life, a Cast When Damage Taken set up and freezing attacks. There are different skill tree options for an aggressive or defensive version of the build as well as a skill trees to follow during level progression.

Let us know what you think or if you have any recommendations for tips and gameplay insight throughout the weeks.
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Looks nice.
the last build seems redundant.
Yes, some awesome builds. I've done a few of these and love them. Well done OP's and nice choices Bex.
Hideout of the Week: Joe Schmoe VS. The Volcano

Still available in Standard.
You are welcome to see it for yourself anytime.
which ones are HC viable?
No offense, but the first two are generic and the other two aren't really viable on Tempest. Appreciate this post though Bex :)
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
Looks good, I'll check them out.
Can I pass up an opportunity to be first page even though I have nothing to add?

Thanks for the build suggestions though :)
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