Friday-Sunday Only - The Ember Mystery Box!

After purchasing some Mystery Boxes, you can find them in your microtransaction stash in-game, waiting to be unwrapped.

Each box costs 45 points and has an expected value of 118 points. You'll win something worth at least as much as you paid! Many of the prizes are ones that you could use multiple of, such as premium fire-themed pets and hideout decorations.

It's possible to win pieces of the unreleased Infernal Armour Set from these Mystery Boxes! There's a 10% chance of receiving one of those armour pieces in each box. If you don't manage to complete the set this weekend, that's okay - we will be releasing the Infernal Armour Set as regular purchasable microtransactions in approximately three weeks. Here are videos of the Complete Set, Body Armour, Helmet, Boots and Gloves.

Thanks again for your support!
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<3 Free Tibet <3
rng plz
IGN: Rngrofl
Infernal or Riot :P

THREE weeks!!

APPROXIMATELY?! Ahhhh, I need it yesterday
Last edited by ElGordo on Jul 16, 2015, 10:38:30 PM
This sounds pretty cool. I can't wait to check it out.
sweet, ill pick one up

edit: what about the necrotic set? some of us are biting at the bit to see it
Last edited by phaenx on Jul 16, 2015, 10:40:04 PM
Man is this dota?

fuck lol
I am the Alpha and Omega
so tempting, gonna hide my credit card and have my memory erased. ;p
Bought until I got a dupe. Didn't count the weapon since you need to dw anyways.

When I kill a man he stays dead.
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