Vipermagi wrote:
tomatopotato wrote:
Does the "more damage" bonus apply to an initial chill-causing hit?

You need to Hit and deal Damage before you can apply Chill.

Thank you!
⚡ Lightning Golems:
⛄ Ice Golems:
New Hypothermia (3.3) states

Supported skills deal XX% more Cold Damage Over Time

And from Damage Over Time Changes - Part 2, May 2017

How will Damage over Time work with Damage Conversion?
Much the same as it does now. Damage over Time cannot be converted, but damage conversion effects will apply to base hit damage for Bleeding, Ignite and Poison before that damage is scaled by applicable modifiers. This means a skill like Molten Strike will still be able to ignite with Fire Damage that was converted from Physical Damage, but converting Fire Damage to Chaos Damage won't change the type of damage over time dealt by an Ignite.

In addition, cases where base damage of one type can cause a damaging ailment that deals a different type of damage will be treated similarly to conversion with regard to damage modifiers.

This means that if you have the unique item "The Three Dragons", so that you Ignite with Cold Damage, rather than Fire Damage, when hitting an enemy with Cold Damage, the hit will be affected by Cold Damage modifiers, while the resulting Ignite will be affected by modifiers to Cold or Fire Damage, because it's dealing Fire Damage from base Cold Damage - this is pretty much the same as converting damage from Cold to Fire, such as with the support gem.

emphasis mine.

Will DoTs created by cold damage via items such as Hrimbur, 3 Dragons, or Vulkuurs be affected by the "Cold Damage Over Time" Modifier?
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